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Clickck2Cliniic's Clinicopedia Hospital information Management system HIMS modules


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Clickck2Cliniic's Clinicopedia Hospital information Management system HIMS modules

  1. 1.       ClinicopediaTM HIMS “Manage Healthcare with Precision” Smart  Hospital  Informa0on  Management  Ecosystem   Mobile  and  Web   HIPAA  &  HL7  Compliant  
  2. 2. Care  Modules     1.  Pa0ent   administra0on   2.  Doctors     3.  Nursing     4.  Ward     5.  Opera0on  Theatre   Management     6.  Laboratory     7.  Radiology   Informa0on  System   8.  Analy0cs   Management  
  3. 3. Suppor0ng  Modules     1.  Blood  Bank     2.  Physiotherapy     3.  Diet   4.  Dialysis   5.  Biomedical  Waste   Management   6.  Central  Sterile  Supply   Department(CSSD)         7.  House  Keeping     8.  Billing     9.  Preven0ve  Maintenance  of   Medical  Equipment   10.  Pharmacy     11.  Purchase   12.   General  Stores    
  4. 4. Enterprise  Enabling  Modules     1.  Fixed  Assets     2.  Finance     3.  HR    
  5. 5. –  Pa$ent  Admissions  –OP  and  IP   –  Appointment  management   –  Appointment  Queue  management   –  Electronic  Health  records  from  Labs  ,   Radiology   –  Discharge  Summary    archive   –  Mobile  App  with  Pa$ent  interface   –  Update  Personal  Health  Records   –  Unique  Pa$ent  ID  or  MRN       1)  Pa0ent  administra0on   •  Pa$ent  Share  Health  Records  to   various  Healthcare  facili$es  across   ecosystem  in  secure  HIPAA  Compliant   plaorm   •  Instant  messenger  chat  with  Doctors,   Nurses,  Lab,  Physiotherapists   •  Send  Pa0ent  Reported  Outcomes   (PROs)  to  clinicians   •  Pill  reminders   •  Consulta$on  visit  reminders   •  In-­‐app  Video  Consulta0ons   •  Pa0ent  Refer  Pa0ents  to  Hospital   Care  Modules     •  Second  Medical  Opinion •  Medical  Tourist  Pa$ent  
  6. 6. –  Doctor  Profile   –  Appointment  management   –  Prescrip0on  management   –  Tele  Consulta0ons  management   –  Doctor  Fee  Management       Care  Modules     2)  Doctors     •  Hospital  Share  of  Fee   •  Cash  amount  and  Credit  amount     •  Pa$ent  Reported  Outcomes  (PRO)   •  Doctor  Refer  pa$ent  to  other   Doctor  (D2D)   •  Second  Medical  Opinion   •  Medical  Camp  Management   Bluetooth,Wi-­‐Fi  enabled  Digital   medical  devices  Data  inflow   management  for  Remote  clinical   monitoring    
  7. 7. •  Maintaining  Duty  roster   •  Ordering  inves$ga$ons     •  Managing  lab  orders   •  Admission  and  nursing   assessments     •  Nursing  notes     •  Drug  administra0on     •  Recording  post  discharge  details   •  Preparing  case  management   reports   •  Enabling  room  transfers   •  Preparing  pa0ents  for   Procedures  like  OT,  Biopsy  etc   •  Inden$ng  medicines  from   pharmacy     Care  Modules     3)Nursing  
  8. 8. •  Medicine  requisi0on  request   by  indent   •  Medicine  requisi$on  receive   op$on  by  indent   •  Medica$on  with  color  coding   of  normal/IV/an0bio0c   •  Pa$ent  medicine  requisi$on   management   •  Doctor  visit  and  notes  entry   op$on   •  Measuring  BP,  CVP,   respiratory,  heart  rate,   temperature  and  Spo2   op$on   •  Intake  and  oucake  recording   op$on   •  Diabe0c  chart   •  Diet  plan   •  Different  type  notes  recording  op$on   •  Equipment  recording  op$on   •  Oxygen  recording  op$on   •  Procedure  treatment  recording  op$on   •  Effec$ve  and  progress  Report  entry   op$on   •  Pa$ent  history  printout   Nursing  
  9. 9. 4)  Ward     •  Ward  wise  permission  to  nurse   •  Quick  view  of  occupied  and   vacant  bed  as  a  whole  and   ward  wise   •  Color  Coded  Room  Availability   Map   •  Bed  lock  /  unlock  op0on  by   user   •  Automa0c  bed  lock  op0on   when  pa$ent  discharge  with   configura$on   •  Nursing  occupancy  with   advance  view  and  filter   •  Transfer  the  pa0ent  with   special  Note  for  other  ward   •  Discharge  in0ma0on  op$on  to   billing   •  Category  wise  pa$ent  color   coding   •  Quick  view  of  ward  occupied   pa$ent     •  OT  schedule  op$on   •  Laboratory  test  request  crea$on   •  Radiology  test  request  crea$on   •  Op$on  to  view  the  lab  and  all  inves0ga0on   result  for  a  pa$ent   •  Graphical  representa0on  of  pathology  lab   test  result   •  Discharge  summary  with  all  test  performed   and  medicine   •  Diet  request  op0on   •  Cradle  op0on  for  new  born  baby  with   mother  bed  
  10. 10. •  Consent  form   •  PAC  request   •  PAC  report   •  OT  list  prepara$on   •  Wheeled  In  $me/ Wheeled  out  $me     •  Anesthesia  record   •  Surgeon  Notes   •  Sterilisa$on   Schedules  ,checks,audits   •  Wifi  ,Bluetooth  based   interface  with  monitoring   devices   •  Alerts  of  abnormal   readings     •  Inventory  and  Stock   management  of  OT   •  OT  Consumables  pos$ng   5)  Opera0on  Theatre  Management  
  11. 11. •  Check  List  before/Aeer  opera0on   –  right  pa$ent,  the  right  site  for  the   opera$on,  right  resources   –  minimum  expected  steps  in  complex   surgical  processes   •  Intraopera0ve    Pa0ent  Monitoring   U0lity   •  Vital  Monitoring  :  BP,  Temperature,   Pulse  etc.   •  Intake  Monitoring:  Pa$ent  intake  details   like  blood  transfused,  drug  etc  given   •    during  the  opera$on     •  Oucake  Monitoring:  Pa$ent  ouZake   details  like  blood  loss,  drainage  etc  during   the  opera$on     •  Dossier  Inventory  DSS   •  Surgeon  Notes  
  12. 12. Care  Modules      6.  Laboratory   •  Lab  sample  tracking     •  Billing  tracking   •  Lab  report  upload     •  Alert  Clinician  with  trigger  values     •  Refer  to  other  Labs  in   Clinicopedia  ecosystem   •  Lab  reagent  inventory   management   •  Lab  instruments  inventory   management  
  13. 13.      7)  Radiology  Informa$on  System   •  Radiology  Order  acceptance  and  billing     •  Integrated  to  OP  Billing  and  IP  Billing   modules   •  Tracks  the  inves0ga0on  status   •  Records  reports     •  Integra$on  of  digital  images   •  Remote  access  on  Web  and  Mobile  by   Radiologists,  Clinicians   •  Reports  and  radiology  images  viewed  in   Electronic  Medical  Record     •  Store  and  distribute  pa$ent  radiological   data  and  imagery   •  X-­‐ray,  Ultrasound,  CT  Scan,MRI  ,PET  Scan   •  Track  the  pa$ents   •  Schedule,  result  repor$ng   •  Image  tracking      
  14. 14. •  Reports  and  radiology  images  stored  in   Pa0ent  Medical  Records     •  Radiologists  e-­‐signature  on  reports   •  Integrated  Picture  Archiving  and   Communica0on  System     •  Mobile  and  Desktop  DICOM  Image  viewer     •  AZach  images  and  radiology  reports  to  the   pa$ent's  medical  records     •  Simultaneous  viewing  of  both  
  15. 15. •  Reports  on  Hourly,Daily,   Monthly  Basis   •  Daily  Pending  Collec$on   Report   •  Monthly  Expenses   Report   •  Cost  –Effec$veness   report   •  Cost  Audit   •  Ar0ficial  intelligence   and  Machine  Learning     •  Predic0ve  Health   Analy$cs   •  Personalised  Medicine   Data  Points     •  Search  and  Market  to  Pa$ents  eligible  to  receive   Value  Added  Services  like  Home  Care,Drug   delivery  and  Sample  pick  up  at  Home  .   •  Popula0on  Studies     •  Academic  research  paper  data  for  Retrospec0ve   studies   •  Target  popula0on  analysis  for  Chronic  Disease   Management     8)  Analy0cs  Management  
  16. 16. •  Sta$s$cs  on  IP,  OP,  Emergency   pa0ents.   •  Monitor  Occupancy  Ra0os.   •  Performance  Analysis  of   various  departments  in  the   hospital.   •  Sta$s$cs  of  Surgery,   Discharges,  Birth  and  Death.   •  Sta$s$cs  on  Lab,  Radiology,   Cardiology,  and  Pharmacy.   •  Generate  reports  on   Employee  and  Doctor   performance.   •  Monitor  Income  generated    
  17. 17. •  List  of  Pa$ents  Registered  OPD/  IPD  daily,  across  date  range,  Monthly   •  List  of  Pa$ents  consul$ng  Doctor  wise   •    Inves$ga$ons  Report  -­‐List  of  Tests  Carried  out  Daily,  across  date  range   •  List  of  Emergency  cases  Treated  in  Casualty  –  Monthly  or  across  date  range   •  Incidence  of  diseases-­‐  ICD  coded,  Age  wise   •  Department  wise/  Unit  wise   Billing  Report   •  Consolidated  Hospital  incomes   from  various  Departments/  Unit   Report   •  Inquiry  on  Billing  rates  for   various  Services   •  Purchases  &  Return  Statement   •  Stock  Statement   •  Material  Requisi0ons   •  Material  Issues  Report     •  Most  popular  and  profitable   procedures  report   •  Top  referring  physicians  report   •  Outstanding  accounts  receivable   report  
  18. 18. Suppor0ng  Modules         •  Donor  Registra$on   •  Donor/Receiver  informa$on   matching   •  Recording  blood  test  results   •  Blood  orders   •  Blood/Component  Stock   management   •  Monitoring  expiry  date  of  Blood  with   alerts   •  Tes0ng  and  cross  matching  of  blood   units     •  Recording  transfusion   •  Blood  retuns   •  Blood  Bank  inventory  management   1)  Blood  Bank  
  19. 19. 2)  Physiotherapy     •  Upload  digital  files  of  hand-­‐wriZen  notes   •  Integrated  exercise  flow  sheets  for   exercise  rou$nes   •  Create  treatment  protocols  for   standardized  care       •  Flexible  char$ng  styles   •  Outcome  measurement  tools   •  Pa$ent  Referral  management   with  Clinicians   •  Progress  note  reminders  
  20. 20. •  For  each  day,  based  on  the  bed  occupancy  and   the  type  of  meal  scheduled,  a  list  of  items  to  be   prepared  will  be  generated  to  be  handed  over  to   the  hospital  kitchen   •  Create  Food  Item  Groups  and  Food  items   available  in  Hospital  Kitchen   •  Calorie  count  and  Nutri$onal  informa$on  on  all   food  items   •  Capture  recipes  that  are  made  up  of  food  items     •  Steps  of  prepara0on  of   recipes   •  Create  Meal  plan  for  kitchen   by  the  die$cian  in  the  system   for  breakfast,  lunch  and   dinner  customized  to  every   pa0ent     •  Generate  Invoice,  Order  to   Kitchen  according  to  Meal  Plan           3)  Diet  and  Nutri0on  Management  
  21. 21. •  Pa$ent  registra$on  for   dialysis  workflow  as  an   out-­‐pa$ent  procedure   •  Pre-­‐dialysis  vitals  and   related  clinical  details   capture   •  Consulta$ons,   inves$ga$ons,   observa$ons,   treatments,  medical   records,  lab  results,   diagnosis  and  follow   up  plans   •  Billing  and  Claims   •  Inventory  ,Asset  MIS   •  Mul0ple  dialysis   monitoring  cycles   capture  on  a  case-­‐by-­‐ case  basis   •  Onflow  pa0ent   monitoring  and  related   clinical  details  capture   4)  Dialysis  
  22. 22. •  Catogerisa0on  of  waste  into  different  types   •  Track  genera0on  of  waste   •  Schedule  and  Iden0fy  the  collec$on  of  Wastes   •  Track  and  record  transporta$on  of  waste             •  Acknowledge  the  safe  dosposal  of   Waste   •  Radioac0ve  waste  disposal   •  Color  code  different  types  of  waste   5)  Biomedical  Waste  Management.  
  23. 23. •  Ability  to  define  CSSD  Packages  with  set   items.   •  Track  Batches  and  Lots  of  stock  by  expiry   dates.   •  Track  sterile  stock  and  non  sterile  stock.   •  Define  Store  and  Sub  Stores.   •  Control  stock  movement  between  stores.   •  Generate  reports  to  analyze  Steriliza0on   0me,  Stock  movement  and  Usage.   •  Monitor  reusable  Linen  and  Instruments  in  a   hospital.   •  Improve  Revenue  by  maximizing  throughput   and  stock  u0liza0on.       6)  Central  Sterile  Supply  Department(CSSD)  
  24. 24. 7)  House  Keeping     Schedule  of  various  housekeeping  tasks  in  all  areas  of  the  hospital  including  wards,   outpa$ent  department,  opera$on  theatre  etc    •  Genera$on  of   housekeeping  checklist   •  Alloca0on  of  housekeeping   tasks  to  individuals   •  Pa$ent  room  prepara$on,   sweeping/mopping  floors,   dus$ng  furniture,  cleaning   fixtures/  walls  /  windows  /   ceilings  /  bathrooms,     •  Recording  of  the   comple0on  of  the   housekeeping  tasks   •  Tracking  and  repor0ng  of   ac$vi$es  that  are  pending     Maintain  the  Employee  Roster   customizable  work  check  list  for  each   and  every  employee  of  housekeeping   department  
  25. 25. 8)  Billing   –  OP  -­‐  Cash  Billing   –  IP  –  Cash  Billing   –  IP  –  Insurance  Billing   –  TPA  &  Aarogyasri  details  of  the  pa$ent   –  Each  pa$ent  is  iden$fied  with  a  tariff   code  based  on  payment  class  (direct   payment/insurance/company)     •  Maintain  corporate,  TPA,  Services   pricing  data  (Easy  Upload  &   Modifica$on  )   •  Secure  access  for  authorized  users   to  edit  pa$ent  &  billing  details.   •  Billing  for  na$onal  health  insurance   systems     •  Setup  charges  for  various  services   based  on  tariff  code.                         Generate  invoices/lecers  as  required  to  no0fy/pursue  receivables  
  26. 26. 9  .Preven0ve  Maintenance  of  Medical  Equipment   •  Maintains  list  of  Equipment   •  Details  Of  Manufacturer   •  Details  of  Insurance   •  Details  of  Installa$on   •  Warranty  Informa$on   •  Repairs   •  Equipment  Repair  Request   •  Job  Order  Form   •  Entry  of  details  of  repairs,  including  cost   •  Planned  and  Unplanned  maintenance:   Planned  Preven$ve  Maintenance  Schedule   •  Issues  to  Department  &  Returns   •  AMC  Par$culars  –  fresh,  renewals,  failures   and  ac$on  taken   •  Spares  price  list   •  Vendors  and  Service  Providers  list      
  27. 27. 10)  Pharmacy   •  Product  Master  –  45000  Brand  list,  Company,MRP,  Formula$on  of  1500  Generic   Drugs   •  Drug  discount  management   •  Online  Drug  store  management   •  Home  Drug  delivery  Logis$cs  management   •  Expiry  List   •  ReOrder  level   •  Product  Flow   Analysis   •  Sales  Return   •  Purchase  Return   •  Sales  report  (Tax,   Bill,  Product,  Sales   return)   •  Scheduled  Register   •  Product  Import      
  28. 28. •  Management  of  procurement  and   inventory  of     –  Drugs   –  medical  and  surgical  supplies   –  laboratory  items   –  General  supplies   •  Record  receipts,  requisi$ons,  issues,   returns,  transfers  and  adjustments     •  Maintain  re-­‐order  levels     •  Entry  of  Supplier  Quota0ons     •  Entry  of  Supplier  invoices  against   purchase  orders     •  Genera$on  of  Purchase  Orders  with   delivery  date  from  purchase   requisi$ons     •  Supports  Direct  purchases     •  Receipt  of  Material  (Direct/  Indirect)     •  Material  Received  Note   •  Reports  :     •  Consump$on   •  Movement  analysis   •  Vendor  Performance  and  Cos$ng     11.  Purchase   •  Automa$c  genera$on   of  requisi$ons     •  Issues  to  various   departments  in  the   hospital  like   pharmacies  /   counters  /  pa$ents.     •  Receipts  of  indents   from  various   departments      
  29. 29. •  Ini$al  stock  template     •  User  mapping  –  Users  are  mapped   according  to  their  special  roles  and   groups  permigng  limited  and   specific  and  safe  access  to   informa$on.   •  Comprehensive  product,   Inventory  and  store  management   •  Mul0-­‐Level  hierarchical  inventory   management  system   •  Templates  for  purchase  orders  and  product   requisi0ons  that  facilitate  purchasing  new   products  for  a  store  and  also  smooth   transi$on  of  products  from  one  store  to   another.   •  Vendor  linked  consignment  store   management   •  High  cost  items  can  be  ordered,  stored   and  used  for  pa$ent  care  without  the   Hospital  in  reality  having  to  pay  and   hold  stock.           •  Templates  for   Indents  and  issues   for  pa$ent  use   •  MIS  Reports  such   as  Inventory,   Indent  and  Stock   Carrying  Reports   12)  General  Stores  
  30. 30. Enterprise  Enabling  Modules      1)  Fixed  Assets   •   Records  and  track  all  types  of  physical  assets  and  components.   •  Tracks  the  current  custodians  of  physical  assets  &  Loca0on  of  those   assets.   •  Records  Equipment  maintenance  and  repair  history.   •  Details  Annual  Maintenance  contracts  of  the  assets.   •  Provides  Alerts  on  Insurance  payments  and  Maintenance.   •  Appor$on  cost   accurately  to  cost   centers  and   departments.   •  Encourages   purchasing  to  be   made  based  on  up   to  date  informa$on      
  31. 31. 2)  Finance   •   Comprehensive  General   Accoun$ng  with  General  Ledger   (GL),  Accounts  Receivable  (AR),   and  Accounts  Payable  (AP)     •  Creates  a  Trial  Balance  for  the   ins$tu$on.   •  Track  Profit  &  Loss  Account.   •  Monitor  the  Balance  Sheet.   •  Understand  the  use  of  funds  in     ins$tu$on.   •  Monitor  the  use  of  Capital  and   Equipment.      
  32. 32. 3)  HR  Management     •  With  Knowledge  and  skills  analysis,   Employee  Personal  Informa$on   •  Recrui$ng  &  Applicant  tracking   •  Calculate  Staffing  needs     •  CV  Resume  Database  management   •  Performance  evalua$on   •  Manage  Employee  Transfers/   Promo0ons  /  Demo0ons  /  Salary   revisions     •  Creates  Comprehensive  Duty  Rosters.   •  Time  tracking  &  AZendance   management   •  Mul0-­‐level  leave  approval  and   authoriza$on     •  Control  panels  to  encompass   various  categories  of  company   standards     •  Learning  management  -­‐ Knowledge  Warehouse     •  Monitor  Career  Development   Training  needs     •  Training  Details  &  Induc$on     •  Payroll  management   •  PF,ESI,Labour  Law  and  Tax   Calcula0on  /  Insurance  and  Loan   Details     •  Employee  interface  and  Portal   with  Community  Chagng  and   Discussion  Forum  
  33. 33. •  Maintenance  of  employee  bio-­‐data  :  name,  address,   age,  sex,  qualifica$ons  (academic  and  professional),   license  registra$on  numbers  if  applicable,   experience,  post  held,  employment  history   •  Leave  records  :  nature  of  leave,  dura$on   •  Support  an  appraisal  and  evalua0on  system  that  is   flexible  and  is  defined  by  with  $me  recording   machines  or  other  methods  of  recording  aZendance   at  work   •  Absentee  Percentage  and  report  genera$on   •  Holidays  &  Leave  informa$on   •  Setup  fixed  and  variable  allowances  and   deduc0ons  each  grade   •  Setup  salary  for  each  employee  based  on   grade   •  Genera$on  of  Payroll  based  on  days  worked for  each  employee,  calcula$on  of  OT  &   Night  Duty  allowance   Pay  slips  
  34. 34. ClinicopediaTM HIMS “Manage Healthcare with Precision”