Si Consulting Group<br />Robert Kayhour  	Ph: (510) 552- 8201<br />MunirHaq 		Ph: (408) 250- 6257<br />1<br />(Si Consulti...
INTRODUCTION<br />We Provide Consultancy Services in the area of:<br />Quality & Reliability Engineering<br /><ul><li>Qual...
New Product  Foundry & Package Sub Contractor Selection
New Product Qualification
Customer /Supplier Audits
RoHS /REACH Compliance
Certificate of Compliance</li></ul>(Si Consulting Group Confidential)<br />2<br />
ICs Development<br />Product Concept and Definition  <br />Marketing Requirement Document <br />(MRD) <br />Functional Blo...
Process Technology & Foundry Selection<br /><ul><li>Conduct a comparative analysis of the available technology nodes and p...
Gate density
Transistor attributes
Library availability
Assessment of new process features and tools
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Quality & Reliability Consultant


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Quality & Reliability Consultant

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Quality & Reliability Consultant

  1. 1. Si Consulting Group<br />Robert Kayhour Ph: (510) 552- 8201<br />MunirHaq Ph: (408) 250- 6257<br />1<br />(Si Consulting Group Confidential)<br />
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION<br />We Provide Consultancy Services in the area of:<br />Quality & Reliability Engineering<br /><ul><li>Quality Management System
  3. 3. New Product Foundry & Package Sub Contractor Selection
  4. 4. New Product Qualification
  5. 5. Customer /Supplier Audits
  6. 6. RoHS /REACH Compliance
  7. 7. Certificate of Compliance</li></ul>(Si Consulting Group Confidential)<br />2<br />
  8. 8. ICs Development<br />Product Concept and Definition <br />Marketing Requirement Document <br />(MRD) <br />Functional Block Diagram<br />Architecture Design Review<br />Data sheet <br />Preliminary Packaging and Assembly House Selection <br />Preliminary Process Technology and <br />Foundry Selection<br />Design<br />DFT/DFM<br />PLC Check Lists and<br />Documented Procedures<br />IP Evaluation<br />Supply Base Strategic Partnership<br />Final Process Technology and <br />Foundry Selection<br />Final Packaging and Assembly House Selection <br />First Silicon<br />3<br />(Si Consulting Group Confidential)<br />
  9. 9. Process Technology & Foundry Selection<br /><ul><li>Conduct a comparative analysis of the available technology nodes and propose the most suitable one based upon the technology node attributes for the targeted design
  10. 10. Cost
  11. 11. Gate density
  12. 12. Transistor attributes
  13. 13. Library availability
  14. 14. Assessment of new process features and tools
  15. 15. Select the foundry that is most appropriate </li></ul>(Si Consulting Group Confidential)<br />4<br />
  16. 16. Packaging and Assembly House Selection<br /><ul><li>Propose packaging based upon critical attributes:
  17. 17. Pin Count
  18. 18. Power dissipation
  19. 19. Material
  20. 20. Cost
  21. 21. Recommend Assembly House
  22. 22. Manufacturing Capabilities
  23. 23. Track Record
  24. 24. Engineering capabilities
  25. 25. Roadmap</li></ul>(Si Consulting Group Confidential)<br />5<br />
  26. 26. Post-Silicon/ NPI<br />First Silicon<br />Debug Efforts<br />Electrical and Physical <br />analysis<br />Power Measurements and Power Dissipation Analysis<br />PLC Check Lists and<br />Documented Procedures<br />Electrical Characterization<br />Qualification<br />Environmental Regulations<br />New Product Introduction <br />6<br />(Si Consulting Group Confidential)<br />
  27. 27. Supplier Technical Management<br /><ul><li>To guarantee that products have the highest quality, functionality performance, and reliability. Our team can help with the technical management of suppliers and establishing criteria for accepting products including the following areas:
  28. 28. Wafer Fabrication
  29. 29. Packaging and assembly
  30. 30. Electrical testing
  31. 31. Qualification
  32. 32. Customer specifications Review & Compliance</li></ul>7<br />(Silicon Consulting Group Confidential)<br />
  33. 33. Quality Management Systems<br />Quality Management Systems<br />Quality Vision and Goals<br />Quality Management Certification<br />Document Control<br />Internal Audits<br />Customer Audits<br />Supplier Quality Management<br />Return Material Authorization<br />Yield Management/ Failure Analysis<br />Supply Chain Management<br />Mass Production <br />8<br />(Si Consulting Group Confidential)<br />
  34. 34. Quality Management Systems<br /><ul><li> Establish requirements for a comprehensive QMS
  35. 35. Develop document control System
  36. 36. RMA system
  37. 37. Traceability
  38. 38. Implement Business Process Review
  39. 39. Institute Supplier quality management
  40. 40. Establish QMS in accordance with ISO 9001, TS16949, TL9000</li></ul>(Si Consulting Group Confidential)<br />9<br />
  41. 41. NPI Qualification<br />We work with PE group & Provide Environmental stress test services at off-site labs according to industry standards JEDEC , AEC-100 requirements.<br />Supply customer ready qualification reports including Process ( Foundry provided Reports), Product & Package Qualification Report with Failure analysis.<br />(Si Consulting Group Confidential)<br />10<br />
  42. 42. Failure Analysis<br /><ul><li>We support companies in product yield improvements to reduce cost and improve availability of integrated circuits
  43. 43. We resolve problematic components to enhance system yields, cost and production time</li></ul>11<br />(Silicon Consulting Group Confidential)<br />
  44. 44. RoHS & REACH Certificate <br />We provide support for certificate of compliance for product/ package combination based on Material Content Reports (MCR).<br />We assemble REACH compliance related certification for product/ package combination and supporting foundry, package sub contractors documentation.<br />(Si Consulting Group Confidential)<br />12<br />
  45. 45. Robert (Bahram) Kayhour– Silicon Consulting Group<br />San Jose, CA<br />Key Services:<br /><ul><li>NPI Project Management.
  46. 46. Quality Management Systems implementation
  47. 47. Product Qualification
  48. 48. Reliability
  49. 49. Process improvements
  50. 50. Supplier Management
  51. 51. Failure/Material analysis
  52. 52. Internal and external Audits</li></ul>Previous Experience:<br /><ul><li>Director of Quality/Reliability Eng. at AMCC Sunnyvale, CA.
  53. 53. Director of process technology and Quality at Maxtor/Quantum Milpitas, CA
  54. 54. Manager, Failure analysis, at Cypress San Jose, CA.
  55. 55. Fabrication Process development/sustaining at AMD</li></ul>Education:<br /><ul><li>BS Electronics
  56. 56. MS, in Physical Chemistry</li></ul>Background<br /><ul><li>Robert has over 20 years of experience in Semiconductor and Sub-system industries. He has a broad technical background encompassing Development, Manufacturing, Quality, Reliability, Supplier management, failure and material analysis. His consultation services includes organizational development, Quality management systems, New Product Introduction, Manufacturing strategies, product qualification/Reliability, failure/material analysis, yield improvements, Supplier management, ISO Audits.</li></ul>Relevant Experience<br /><ul><li>Managed corporate Quality and Reliability organization at AMCC. Successfully introduced the new generation of products to market in a timely manner.
  57. 57. Managed all ICs development, qualification and manufacturing activities with semiconductor suppliers at Maxtor/Quantum.
  58. 58. Participated in developed, successfully launched and sustained over 20 PCBAs in high volume production.
  59. 59. Participated in semiconductor fabrication process development and sustaining at AMD. Managed failure analysis team at Cypress semiconductor.
  60. 60. Instituted Process Council Team (based on Six Sigma principles) to enhance business processes.
  61. 61. Established detailed supplier quality management system for foundries, packaging and test facilities. Implemented critical to process parameters and monitoring systems.
  62. 62. Developed Environmental compliance program including Sony Green, Halogen-Free, RoHS and REACH
  63. 63. Achieved ISO certification for AMCC, Maxtor, and Quantum.
  64. 64. Conducted audits of supplier’s facilities (Semiconductor fabrication, Packaging/Assembly and Electrical testing)
  65. 65. Primary QRE (Quality/Reliability Eng.) representative in all Customer audits.
  66. 66. Successfully supervised porting designs from one fabrication to another and outsourcing electrical testing for cost reductions.
  67. 67. Streamlined the organization while improving efficiencies and services </li></li></ul><li>MunirHaq – Silicon Consulting Group<br />San Jose, CA<br />Background<br /><ul><li>Munir has over 10 years of experience in Quality and Reliability Engineering with major focus on Quality Management System implementation, RoHS and NPI Project Management. His consultation services includes NPI Project management, New Products Qualification planning, execution and documentation, Failure Analysis, Internal Process audits, Process improvements, Corrective Action Reports compilation and customer’s communications, external auditor & registrar selection and coordination with external auditors for Quality Management System certification. Broad-based industry experience including wafer Fabrication Process Engineering, PCB Assembly Process optimization mixed with Product Quality & Reliability Engineering in small to large organization prior to consulting. </li></ul>Relevant Experience<br /><ul><li>Planned and led Micronas through successful ISO 9001& TS 16949 registration, Led AMCC ISO 9001 surveillance audit for various sites.
  68. 68. Managed and maintained RoHS reports for all products, Provided Certificates of Compliance and Material Contents Reports to customers.
  69. 69. Coordinated NPI team meeting with tracking of schedules, action items and M- Milestones check lists
  70. 70. Handled multiple product/Package qualification, Communicated Qualification status to Management, customers and NPI team in a timely manner. Followed up failure analysis to avoid qualification delays
  71. 71. Developed Environmental compliance program including Sony Green, Halogen-Free, RoHS and REACH
  72. 72. Developed Supplier Quality Management program for foundries, Assembly sub contractors and test houses; managing supply risk and improving supplier performance
  73. 73. Reviewed various customer’s contracts and procurement specifications including Google, IBM, Alcatel Lucent for quality and environmental compliance.
  74. 74. Provided Training to Engineering staff for various quality concepts including Statistical Process Control, Quality Management System and Environmental Compliance including ISO 14001, Sony green certification, RoHS and REACH Regulations</li></ul>Key Services:<br /><ul><li>NPI Project Management.
  75. 75. Quality Management Systems implementation
  76. 76. Internal audit
  77. 77. Process improvements
  78. 78. Supplier Management
  79. 79. Evaluation, Qualification,
  80. 80. Audits
  81. 81. Quality metrics
  82. 82. Yield data management.</li></ul>Previous Experience:<br /><ul><li>Principal Engineer, AMCC Sunnyvale, CA.
  83. 83. Quality & Reliability Engineering Manager, Micronas Inc. Santa Clara , CA
  84. 84. Staff Engineer, Xilinx Inc, San Jose, CA.
  85. 85. Quality & Reliability Engineer, AMD Sunnyvale, CA</li></ul>Education:<br /><ul><li>MBA, San Jose State University.
  86. 86. Ph. D (Chemistry) , University of Arkansas.
  87. 87. ASQ Certified Quality Auditor</li>