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The Helix Bioscience Institute (HBI) was envisioned as a novel not-for-profit translational science endeavor, focused on better bridging the gap between research bench and patient bedside. HBI’s mission will be to drive multidisciplinary innovation at the convergence of discovery and pre-clinical through the synergistic application of biology, engineering, and computation to address unmet health care need.

Through leveraging advances in data mining, computation/data modeling, real-time laboratory outsourcing, and a team of multidisciplinary dreamers and doers, we will work to bring about a paradigm shift in translational science leading to an acceleration of therapeutics development.You can learn more at the link below and lend your support to what I hope will be a truly transformative and positive undertaking:
*HBI Rocket Hub Campaign: http://rkthb.co/13136

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Helix Bioscience Institute (HBI)

  1. 1. Presented by: Steven Munevar, Ph.D., MBA Founder/Executive Director January 17, 2013 Twitter: HelixBioWebsite: www.helixbioscience.org
  2. 2. About Us…Helix Bioscience Institute (HBI):1. Not-for-profit translational science research platform2. Multidisciplinary, synergistic application of biology, engineering, and computation3. Blended virtual/brick-and-mortar approach Website: www.helixbioscience.org Twitter: @HelixBio
  3. 3. My Journey… Ph.D. Bio-Engineer MBA Website: www.helixbioscience.org Twitter: @HelixBio
  4. 4. Translational Science/Research…Translational research facilitates basic science to practical applications…Removing barriers to multidisciplinary collaboration, translational research has the potential to drive the advancement of applied science… Hard Work Time Very, Very Consuming Expensive Website: www.helixbioscience.org Twitter: @HelixBio
  5. 5. Translational Research/Enhancing Health Care…Faster Data Mining/ Hypothesis Experimental Pre-Clinical Analysis Building Testing Basic Research Website: www.helixbioscience.org Twitter: @HelixBio
  6. 6. Finding the Starting LineFinding “hidden” relationships from large, unstructured data document storesCorrelation “search” technology using Social Network Analysis (SNA) algorithmsWorking verticals: o Life Science o Legal o Defense Cloud Data Repository o Financial Services Website: www.helixbioscience.org Twitter: @HelixBio
  7. 7. Virtually Predicting RealityUsing computation/modeling to: 1. Explore very large solution spaces 2. Predictive models capable of “virtually” testing hypotheses 3. Optimization of experimental design/protocols , minimizing resource use (cost), reducing experimental time, and increasing information output Website: www.helixbioscience.org Twitter: @HelixBio
  8. 8. Leveraging Laboratory Resources all of ThemAssay Depot Partners with AstraZeneca to Launch Virtual Research Laboratory - Business Wire 2012 - Mike Snowden, Vice President, Discovery Sciences, AstraZeneca - “The virtual laboratory platform is creating a new approach for our scientists to run experiments with an optimal balance of speed, quality, and cost.” o Search for lab services /vendors o Purchase services/connect with experts o Rate and review services Website: www.helixbioscience.org Twitter: @HelixBio
  9. 9. HBI’s Translational Science PlatformCloud DataRepository Website: www.helixbioscience.org Twitter: @HelixBio
  10. 10. Building Innovation - Together Website: www.helixbioscience.org Twitter: @HelixBio