1st PraeLegal International Conference at Istanbul, Turkey


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Presentation conveyed at 1st PraeLegal’s International Conference, held at Istanbul Turkey, during Aug. 30 – Sep. 03

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1st PraeLegal International Conference at Istanbul, Turkey

  1. 1. We distinguish your practice... PraeLegal By Muneeb Zafar Corporate Analyst | Systems Overseer | Technical Evangelist
  2. 2. About PraeLegal PraeLegal Year after year, PraeLegal will be embedded to become world’s leading association of independent law firms with more than 150 member firms, located in more than 100 well civilised states, signifying hundreds and thousands of legal professionals across the globe. There should be one exclusive member in each country, state or province. The members of PraeLegal shall be governed by the Board of Directors that reflects the membership professionally and geographically. Each region is headed by a Regional Council whose objective is to develop an exclusive strategy to grasp maximum business prospects through co-operation, exchange of knowledge and expertise.
  3. 3. About PraeLegal Member Firms PraeLegal Member firms under the umbrella of PraeLegal, offering full range of legal services required by international clients. They are indigenously embedded in their local jurisdictions and have leadership amongst their local legal communities. PraeLegal members are frontrunners in using technology within their practises alongside the management of their firms. For the work having international dimensions, PraeLegal member firms can navigate clients through any legal terrain and connect them with a broad array of legal resources and expertise required to assist successfully meet the challenges as to captivating the business internationally.
  4. 4. PraeLegal PraeLegal’s Membership Benchmarks Premium Membership Law Firms may enjoy their privileges after becoming Premium Members within PraeLegal’s official podium. Individuals may also become Premium Members after fulfilling the prerequisites of PraeLegal’s Social Media Committee. Associate Membership Any Law Firm, Company or an Individual may become an Associate Member within the PraeLegal’s official platform. Associate Members, however, are restricted to access Practise Centre alongside other resources existing at PraeLegal. Becoming PraeLegal Premium Member The application and selection process for PraeLegal membership is a strenuous one. Candidates for membership must submit a multi-faceted written application. PraeLegal representatives will typically visit the applicant’s offices and interview key lawyers within the firm. An application for membership must be reviewed and approved by both a regional membership committee and the PraeLegal Administrative Board.
  5. 5. PraeLegal Membership Benefits PraeLegal • Firm and Individual Professional Membership • Advanced Interactive Tools • Increment of Business Prospects • Local, Domestic and International Access • Greater Client Service • Professional Development • Imperceptible Benefits
  6. 6. Organisational Structure PraeLegal Members Board Members Membership  Committee Board of  Directors Executive  Committee Professional  Trainers Administrative  Staff Financial  Committee Board  Secretary Staff  Committee Support Staff Marketing  Committee Social Media  Activists
  7. 7. 10 Largest Primary Legal Networks PraeLegal Global Networks Attorneys Jurisdictions Offices Members Year Founded Lex Mundi 21,000 160 560 160 1989 World Service Group (WSG) 19,232 141 387 150 2003 TerraLex 15,000 155 300 155 1991 World Law Group 10,500 65 250 47 1988 State Capital Group 11,717 140 447 148 1989 Pacific Rim Advisory Council 10,000 n/a n/a 32 n/a ALFA 9,000 110 200 132 1980 TAGLaw 7,900 150 320 150 1999 Meritas 7,140 135 237 173 1990 InterLex 6,000 134 254 134 1991
  8. 8. PraeLegal Why Us?
  9. 9. PraeLegal Primary Objectives Threshold • Development and facilitation of local and global law applications. • Focus as to communication amongst independent law firms. • Meeting the needs of local as well as of global clientele. • Increment as to number of law firms for sharing expertise.
  10. 10. Reliance as to Independency of Law Firms PraeLegal • Eye on well-established, confident and independent law firms. • Cognisance as to local market alongside comprehensive connectivity. • Firms having larger jurisdictional circle. • Firms offering full range of legal services in accordance with clients’ desire. • Firms having extensive knowledge on local industry sector’s capabilities. • Firms having understanding as to integration of business, technology and law.
  11. 11. PraeLegal Global Scope The PraeLegal Directorate network intends to provide its clients with access to dissimilar global legal resources through its immense network of 150 well-established independent law firms, having their offices existing in trade centres, spanning more than 100 countries. By working with PraeLegal, your independent law firm can swiftly connect to in- depth local market awareness and legal expertise practically where there your legal prerequisites may arise.
  12. 12. PraeLegal Client Involvement & Advisory Council PraeLegal's purpose is to assist law firms in serving their clients in most befitting manner and to augment their working relationships. Delivering admirable client service, however, requires a deep understanding of clients’ necessities. The PraeLegal Client Advisory Council is an extremely valuable resource for PraeLegal and its law firms. This group of senior in-house counsel from some of the world's leading companies provides advice and guidance in a variety of areas that enrich independent law firms' ability to provide their clients the best possible service and to better meet the needs of in-house counsel.
  13. 13. Quality Standards • Commit to provide services as per clients’ expectations. • Commit to provide rapid response time to the clients. • Commit to provide technology and other resources. • Commit to provide engagement letters, fee estimates and timely billings. • Commit to discuss with the clients material deviations. • Commit to provide status reports on clients’ request. • Commit to provide well assembled legal staff, fluent in regional languages. • Commit to address promptly the client satisfaction concerns. • Commit to provide emergency plan as to preservation and restoration. PraeLegal
  14. 14. PraeLegal PraeLegal independent law firms can rely on the worldwide network to help and serve their clients’ desires virtually anywhere around the world. Cross-Border Solutions PraeLegal independent law firms frequently work together for providing seamless cross-border solutions to their clients. The successful solutions exemplify ways that PraeLegal independent law firms have worked together to up bring the effective resolutions on client issues.
  15. 15. PraeLegal PraeLegal member firms have in-depth knowledge of their local laws, customs and judicial system and can apprise their clients at arenas of business and political environments. Thus; member firms have forged and resilient ties with their government and business communities and are able to help clients successfully on navigating them towards local, legal and business terrain. Cognisance as to Local Market Because they are successful resident firms, PraeLegal Directorate law firms have best assembled hardworking lawyers with extensive experience and educational backgrounds. Law firms serve a broad base of both local and international clientele and offer native as well as English language service capability.
  16. 16. Network Reliability PraeLegal PraeLegal intends to be globally recognized as the world’s most successful and trusted Directorate of independent law firms. This recognition is founded on the outstanding quality of its law firms. We have regular annual meetings and law firms know each other on a face to face basis.
  17. 17. Supporting Professional Development PraeLegal Through PraeLegal Directorate, law firms are able to take advantage of many professional development opportunities, including the unique, one- week training programmes provided through the PraeLegal Directorate that support the advancement of lawyers’ cross-border practices and management and leadership capabilities. The cutting-edge online training programmes of the PraeLegal Learning Network, and the practice development opportunities provided through meetings and interactions among its independent law firms.
  18. 18. PraeLegal PraeLegal’s Practised Community STEP 1 Find An Assignment STEP 2 Submit Your Planner Browse through the Practise Centre in order to see all open projects, awaiting your plans. If one takes your attention, click on the title to read the full description. The 5 newest incoming projects shall be listed at our website. We submit daily feeds to notify our Premium Members of new projects, so be sure to check your Inbox. Create a planner tailored to the project and send it via our simple online system (just click 'send my plan'). The best plans are shortlisted, the customer selects one and the project kicks off. We do manage invoicing, payments and ensure that everything shall be delivered successfully through PraeLegal’s online mechanism.
  19. 19. PraeLegal PraeLegal’s Practise Centre Assignment Planner Project Conveyance
  20. 20. How It Works? PraeLegal 1. Assignment Tell us your project requirements using our online PraeLegal application. This is your description of your requirement. It’s where you set your budget and your deadlines so that we can get the process going. 2. Planner We’ll shortlist the top plans for you to review from your account. Every expert at our Centre is already vetted, so we can assure that every plan that makes it to the final selection process is exactly what you require – and more. 3. Project Select the plan and kick off the project in your dedicated online project space. This commences your direct collaboration with your chosen experts, and every part of the project can be viewed, edited and scheduled from your online account. 4. Conveyance The project runs on the Centre through to final delivery and payment. During the process you work with Centre Support, check the progress of the project and its delivery, rate and review your service providers.
  21. 21. PraeLegal PraeLegal’s Social Media Committee PraelLegal’s Social Media Committee entails a team of dedicated personnel who’re well acquainted with social media marketing processes across the internet. Committee members are responsible to keep an eye on all the activities done by PraeLegal members at social media channels notably at facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and many others. Committee members are zealous to assist all PraeLegal’s members in publicising and promoting their content at the podiums of their choice. The instant strategy will bolster the presence of member firms with ultimate edge as against their rival firms. By way of re-sharing their corresponding matter at PraeLegal’s social platforms, PraeLegal members may, however, take an advantage as to getting more and more admiration on the internet.
  22. 22. PraeLegal Strategy for Captivating The Target Audience  Friends  Relatives  Colleagues  Professionals  Colleagues  Relatives  General Public  Acquaintances  Colleagues  General Public  Friends  Relatives
  23. 23. PraeLegal
  24. 24. PraeLegal Question & Answer Session