(TEC-PT-01) General Instructions Rev.04.pdf
(TEC-PT-01) General Instructions Rev.04.pdf
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(TEC-PT-01) General Instructions Rev.04.pdf

  1. Doc: TEC-PT-01 Issue #: 01/Rev #:04 Issue Date: 21.11.2022 Industrial Analytical Center-H.E.J. Research Institute of Chemistry Page 1 of 2 General Instructions For Laboratory Proficiency Testing Program Receiving Samples 1. General Instructions, Letter of Code, Immediate Response Form and Proficiency Test Report Card are enclosed along with the samples. 2. Review the sample description, quantity, storage condition and Laboratory Code from enclosed letter (Letter of Code). 3. Send enclosed “Immediate Response Form” for sample receipt. Inform immediately, in case of damage/broken or not in good condition. Sample Analysis and Reporting 1. Recommended methods are defined in “Proficiency Test Report Card”. Laboratory can use their routine methods for analysis. 2. Results can be reported through email or by courier. Round off the results as required on reporting card. 3. Mention Laboratory code, method, technique/equipment, units as required in “Proficiency Test Report Card”. 4. Correct results are essential. Results reported incorrectly will not be changed. 5. Do not use greater than (>) or less than (<) symbols when reporting data. Returning Results 1. Sample results must be received at IAC by or before due dates. 2. Results received after the deadline will not be added to the database and will be treated as missing data. 3. Delay results only accepted, if a written explanation and justification is submitted to the PT Coordinator. These requests must be received within one week of due date of results. Otherwise there will be no exceptions considered. 4. Any type of correction will not be accepted after the results have been posted. Also no correction will be accepted for typographical errors. Proficiency Test Report 1. Final Report to participants will be issue within four weeks of the result due date and send through courier or email. 2. The Final report will identify the following: Date of issue, Report Title, Introduction, Features of the Program, Preparation of Test Materials, Analysis Requested, Confidentiality Statement, Statistical Evaluation, Results for Proficiency Testing Program, Summary and any other details if required. 3. Statistical Method follows ISO 13528:2015.
  2. Doc: TEC-PT-01 Issue #: 01/Rev #:04 Issue Date: 21.11.2022 Industrial Analytical Center-H.E.J. Research Institute of Chemistry Page 2 of 2 4. Assigned value for Quantitative Scheme: Derived from the mean or median of the results reported by the participants after the elimination of extreme outliers. Incase mean or median not possible to calculate, acceptance value or reference method specification will be consider as Assigned value. 5. Assigned value for Qualitative Scheme: The assigned value for each analyte will be derived from the Mode (the most common or repeated result) is used as the True Value (assigned value) for results due to Categorical data i.e. Absence/Presence, Detected/Not Detected. 6. Standard Deviation: Deviation of data from the results reported by the participants after the elimination of extreme outliers. 7. Z-scores are calculated to assess the testing performance of laboratories in a program by dividing the difference between the assigned value and the reported value by the standard deviation. Z-score plots are according to analyst number. (Note: Z-scores are not calculated for less than 3 participants). 8. Assessment Criteria (Quantitative Scheme): |Z| < 2.0 indicates a "Satisfactory" performance; 2.0 ≤ |Z| < 3.0 indicates a "Questionable" performance; |Z| ≥ 3.0 indicates an "Unsatisfactory" performance 9. Assessment Criteria (Qualitative Scheme): Represented in tabulated form in the report and are expressed as „Satisfactory‟ and „Unsatisfactory‟ after comparison of the result with the True Value (assigned value).  Unsatisfactory results are represented with Red color in Bar Chart (graphical representation)  Satisfactory results are represented with Green color in Bar Chart (graphical representation) 10. Unsatisfactory results (Outlier) are noted on data entry reports with an asterisk (*). The laboratories having Unsatisfactory results are encouraged to commence investigate/corrective action for their results. Report Appeal 1. Interim report will be issue before final reports through e-mail to participants. 2. Interim report contains date of issue, program details, results, evaluation and assessment. 3. Participants can appeal against any decision of PT provider and/or PT activities, within one week (7 working days) after receiving the interim report of a PT scheme are taking in account to investigate its problem and resolution if possible. 4. The appeal should be submitted to Director (PT Scheme Chairman) on ____________ (email) through email/courier. Contact Detail _______________________ (Name) PT Coordinator Industrial Analytical Center-H.E.J. Research Institute of Chemistry, ICCBS, University of Karachi, Karachi-75270 Ph: _______________________ Email: ____________________