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Startrek Vision- Getting There Wes Iet Event 7 Oct 2011 Final.Pptx


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Published in: Technology
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Startrek Vision- Getting There Wes Iet Event 7 Oct 2011 Final.Pptx

  1. 1. The Startrek VisionTowards Model Implementation Roadmap to‘Seamless Travel’ Dr Muna Hamdi 7 October 2011 Intelligent Mobility
  2. 2. Overview• About Myself• About IMobility: Future Vision Group• Seamless Travel7 Oct 2011 Startrek Vision 1. 2
  3. 3. The future vision of ‘Seamless Travel’ can be expressed as ‘providing the ability to travel and transport goods smoothlyand efficiently, whilst having a comfortable and enjoyable journey particularly when changing from one mode of transport toanother’.The desired future of ‘Multimodal Transport System and Services’ should be truly intelligent, Green, dependable, wellintegrated and sustainable. ‘Intelligent’ transport system s are adaptive to change with the ability to perceive, learn, optimise,predict, plan, manage, detect conflicts and advise on or take a corrective action.The actual implementation of this vision faces many barriers where changes to the status quo are needed. Such challengesinclude migration from legacy systems, take up of new systems and processes by transport system managers and operators.Multidisciplinary research will have a leading role in identifying the enabling technologies required to achievethe future vision of transport taking into account the social, environmental and economic impact.This presentation introduces an Intelligent Systems Engineer’s viewpoint of the steps needed to achieve modelimplementation Roadmap for the long waited for vision of ‘Seamless Travel’. 7 Oct 2011 Startrek Vision 1. 3
  4. 4. Communicating & Utilising Fresh Research Ideas The Startrek Vision into Innovative Industrial Project Solving Real-World Problems Generating Research Projects & Next Generation Products Oct 2011 Startrek Vision 4
  5. 5. To develop ITS research projects between private& governmental sectors, in collaboration withnational, international research and funding ITS Arabbodies.1- Build awareness of ITS and ITS research and itsimportance to the region.2- Establish ITS regional requirement that arealigned with both regional governmental policiesand other transport associated authorities andorganizations.3- Identify synergies between the EU and theregional research projects4- Knowledge Transfer and training to encourageinterested parties to participate in thedevelopment of ITS research projects that willbenefit the MPC and the MENA region in general. 7 Oct 2011 Startrek Vision 5
  6. 6. IMobility: Future Vision Group To Influence Change by thinking beyond the horizon of the current technology & innovation constraints; addressing problems related to the slow progress in the evolution of efficient transport with Systems of Systems approach towards Multi-Modality & True Intelligence.7 Oct 2011 Startrek Vision 6
  7. 7. Who can contribute? Experts Researchers Entrepreneurs Industry & Businesses IMFV Users& Government Beneficiaries Investors 7 Oct 2011 Startrek Vision 7
  8. 8. Seamless Travel! Commercially viable vision or just a dream? 7 Oct 2011Ref: The science fiction that turned into science fact - Startrek Vision 8
  9. 9. GOD’s View! Encompassing Wide Range of Multidisciplinary Expertise We need to look at the Transport problem away of the influence of a particular Industry Thinking beyond ones organisation, current and next project cycle7 Oct 2011 Startrek Vision 9
  10. 10. Smart Living EnvironmentIntelligent Mobility & Urban PlanningUnderstanding of the interrelationships of all influential factors such as social, economic, environmental, policies land use, & the built environment7 Oct 2011 Startrek Vision 10
  11. 11. Multidisciplinary Research• The road to Truly Intelligent Mobility (the wider look of mobility in relation to ITS) starts by understanding the relationship between different factors affecting the transport networks ( efficiency, reliability & user acceptance & preference)• Transport Systems should not be optimised in isolation of each other or of the dynamic environment – System of systems approach.• Understanding the problem environment is essential for making the right decision and following the right vision.7 Oct 2011 Startrek Vision 11
  12. 12. Multidisciplinary Research: define Advanced Technology Enablers & Standards to improve Systems & Services Efficiency and Reliability Harmonisation between Public Private sectors Long/short term planning: Providing a viable Road Map - Are we working Business Model according to a strategy? Do we need a new plan? How can we achieve Timely & cost effective deployment? Future Funding Research & forward thinking projects Intelligent Eco & Smart Urban Is there sufficient funding going Development to the right projects?? Mobility Involving the traveller – what Solving problems does the traveller want? need? Data privacy and security Validation of future services Dynamic Pricing Legal liability & Reliability Monitor, Evaluate & re-evaluate measuring & predicting Economic, Social & Environmental Impact.7 Oct 2011 Startrek Vision 12
  13. 13. Truly Intelligent Systems - Attributes• Integrated & Interoperable• Dependable: Reliable, Available, Safe, Secure, & Robust.• Sustainable: Adaptable, Clean, Efficient & On Demand• Autonomic: Self Configuring, Self Healing, Self optimising, Self protecting - reducing dependency on human intelligence• Information Services that influence behaviour change – e.g. Multimodal, Accessible, Reliable with Real Time Prediction• Reduce the need for Mobility7 Oct 2011 Startrek Vision 1. 13
  14. 14. Truly Intelligent Systems – How To?Aim to Change Behaviour (or the way of thinking) not only of end users but allstakeholders such as technology providers, planners & policy makers by:• Cost Saving by Harmonised Deployment Future Vision > Strategy > Polices & Guidelines > Planning > Design >Deployment > Monitoring > On-Going Evaluation• Identifying & Clarifying Benefits to Users (travellers & operators..)• Intelligent Mobility Infrastructure by deploying the latest technology• Knowledge Transfer for example by o Adequate training for systems operators …. o Bridging The Gap between Research, Business and Industrial worlds7 Oct 2011 Startrek Vision 14
  15. 15. Intelligent Systems ‘Intelligent’ systems are adaptive to change with the ability to perceive,learn, optimise, predict, plan, manage, detect conflicts and advise on or take a corrective action.7 Oct 2011 Startrek Vision 15
  16. 16. Data or Information• We are moving toward a world of mobile technology where data are increasingly available. Information is the key for reliable decision support.• To understand the Transport network behaviour it is essential to transfer these data to useful and reliable information. This allows us to understand & predict systems behaviour, user & market acceptance, related social & economic changes..etc.• thus enabling the provision of sustainability through urban & transport planning for transport networks with greater efficiency…to serve economic growth & prosperity - Seamless Travel7 Oct 2011 Startrek Vision 16
  17. 17. Understanding the Need Better Informed Travellers DataPrivate SectorHarmonized ServicesExchange Informed Information Information Information choice Availability Reliability Visibility =Cost EffectiveAccess to TTI Influenced Behaviour
  18. 18. Information & Decision Support Systems Multi- •Availability Source/Modal •Relationships •Accuracy •Security •Weather •Behaviour Models •Privacy •Events & Incidents •Trains •Prediction •Ownership •Sharing •Roads •Flights •Ships Information & Data OptionsTraveller decision making is highly dependent on higher levels of decision making
  19. 19. Information Management National Integrated Multimodal Traffic & Travel Information Network /CentreDirect impacts Indirect impacts• Reduction in the costs of accessing data for TTI • Economic Services • Social• Coverage Expansion of existing TTI Services• Emergence of multi-modal information services • Environmental for Travellers• Real-time TTI• Better informed Travellers & Freight Operations 7 Oct 2011 Startrek Vision 19
  20. 20. Viability of the Whobusiness casedepends on: Owns It?The cost of Control it?collecting, Manage it?maintaining,analysing &disseminating TTI Data Sources What Market Model?The potentialvalue of that Lack of access toinformation to the traffic & travel datatraveller Private Public Harmonised Lack of a viable commercialusers are not business case forwilling to pay for service deliverylimited services. Legal, Contractual & Technical Issues National Register 7 Oct 2011 Startrek Vision 20
  21. 21. IMFV Virtual Centre Plan7 Oct 2011 Startrek Vision 21
  22. 22. Looking Ahead Next Intelligent Mobility & Urban Planning Event Looking for collaborators.. ..Contact Group Profile @ 0ZTkyLWI0NWYtZGVmODM0YzZmNDVj&hl=en_US Thank you7 Oct 2011 Startrek Vision 22