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Mumsnet: Our Culture


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What it's like to work at Mumsnet. Read about our mission, our vision, our values and the behaviours we expect of the people who work at Mumsnet.

Published in: Business
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Mumsnet: Our Culture

  1. 1. Mumsnet: Our Culture
  2. 2. Our Mission We want to make parents’ lives easier
  3. 3. Our Vision We want to be the first choice for online advice for parents & parents-to-be and the number one choice for brands wanting to understand, reach and engage with parents
  4. 4. Our promise to users 1. Honest - We are truthful, straightforward and tell it like it is 2. Useful - We focus on solving parents’ problems 3. User first - We listen, engage and put our users’ interests first 4. Fearless - We speak truth to power and admit our mistakes 5. Fun - We don’t take ourselves too seriously
  5. 5. Our Values 1. Collaborative. We are team players 2. Flexible. We are solutions driven and pragmatic 3. Straight-forward. We give honest feedback delivered kindly and do the right thing, even when no one is looking 4. Driven. We work hard, take ownership and follow through 5. Lean. We have an agile, test and learn approach and we treat the company's money like our own
  6. 6. Our values aren’t just something we put on the wall* We ask our staff to hold us to them And we recruit, promote and release people based on these values. Here’s what they mean... *In fact, they’re not even on the wall
  7. 7. 1. Collaborative. We are team players and believe that collaboration leads to better results.
  8. 8. We only want to hire great people Great people work here and they want to work with other great people
  9. 9. But they have to be great people who share our values We are not a perfect fit for everyone, and not every great person is a perfect fit for us
  10. 10. We only want team players When we’re hiring, we’d rather leave a hole than hire an arsehole
  11. 11. What being a team player means: 1. We give and take feedback 2. We pitch in and help each other 3. We generously attribute credit to others where it’s due
  12. 12. Computer says “yes” Eg If we need to tell a colleague, “We can’t do it that way”, we follow up with: “What if we tried X instead?”
  13. 13. We have team bonuses because we believe we serve our users and clients better by working together. If you’re motivated by individual bonuses, this may not be the place for you
  14. 14. Ultimately, like Aristotle, we believe that the whole is bigger than the sum of its parts Together, everyone achieves more.
  15. 15. 2. Flexible. We are solutions-driven and pragmatic.
  16. 16. We don’t like micro-management People at Mumsnet work towards goals, not a list of things to do
  17. 17. Each team sets its own quarterly goals - derived from the company’s overall strategic targets All team members are involved in this
  18. 18. We love self-starting, entrepreneurial people who spot a problem and then solve it If you need written instructions on how to do all aspects of your job, this may not be the place for you
  19. 19. We don’t like unnecessary meetings, processes or rules If you spot any, we want you to help us get rid of them
  20. 20. “Because we always have”... never the answer to the question “Why are we doing it this way?”
  21. 21. We always want people to question how we do things And if there’s an alternative that makes more sense, we change it
  22. 22. Most of us work flexibly in one way or another We're open to discussing what works for you - as long as it also works for your team and the job gets done. Likewise we may expect you to flex up occasionally if and when the job requires.
  23. 23. Working for Mumsnet means never having to pretend you don’t have a family or other commitments And we promise never to keep you away from the school play (unless you want to be kept away).
  24. 24. 3. Straightforward. We do the right thing, even when no one’s looking and give honest feedback delivered kindly.
  25. 25. We put purpose before profit We’ve turned down hundreds of thousands of £ from companies who don’t make parents’ lives easier
  26. 26. We put our users at the heart of what we do If you want to work for a company where it’s all about the bottom line, this may not be the place for you
  27. 27. Feedback, delivered with kindness, is how we learn and improve We’re not afraid to give it or ask for it
  28. 28. We ask colleagues: “What could I be doing better?” ...and ask ourselves: “What feedback have I not yet shared with others?”
  29. 29. Our probation period is a “test it out” period, to see if it works for you and for us If not, either side can call it quits with no hard feelings.
  30. 30. There’s no corporate jet and definitely no reserved parking spaces for senior managers Your voice is important regardless of how junior or senior you are
  31. 31. We don’t have set career paths There are many different things you can do here, and if you’re good you could be promoted fast - but there’s no grade-by-grade promotion track
  32. 32. That means that sometimes, in some teams, there may not be enough growth opportunities for everyone And that’s ok - if your experience at Mumsnet helps you get a bigger job elsewhere, we’re happy about that
  33. 33. 4. Driven. We work hard, take ownership and follow through
  34. 34. We expect each other to work hard Research has shown that effort is twice as important as talent in achieving goals
  35. 35. We work hard because our mission is important We’re here to make parents’ lives easier - and that informs everything we do
  36. 36. We’re ambitious We want to be the best we can be at everything we do
  37. 37. We take ownership We see our projects through to the end and we don’t pass the buck when things get hard
  38. 38. 5. Lean. We have an agile, test and learn approach, and we treat company money like our own
  39. 39. We take an agile approach to everything We test - and if something’s not working, we change our plan
  40. 40. We’re not afraid to make mistakes - mistakes are how we learn You won’t be fired for making one - in fact, we don’t believe it is a mistake if we’ve learned from it
  41. 41. We believe learning is important And we set aside time every fortnight where we all “drop everything and learn” on our e-learning platform
  42. 42. We treat company money like it’s our own We look for good value in every penny we spend
  43. 43. We don’t really do benefits We pay you a salary, and you decide how to spend it.
  44. 44. We don’t sell with expense accounts. We give brands a unique opportunity to understand, reach and engage with our users. If you need an expense account to make a sale, this may not be the place for you.
  45. 45. And then there’s one final thing…
  46. 46. We believe in a work environment that encourages friendship and fun We hire great people who are interesting and interested, so people make real friends here
  47. 47. We believe in having fun together From yoga and HIIT classes at Wine O’ Shuffleboard and Table Football and Rounders our annual Pub Quiz, we make time to relax and have fun.