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Multisoft@Corporate Presentation


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Multisoft@Corporate Presentation

  1. 1. systems education I development I consultancy
  2. 2. about us: MULTISOFT SYSTEMS that provides services in Education, Development and Consultancy under single umbrella. MULTISOFT has completed successful 8 years in industry and having own Research and Development centre along with state of art infrastructure. MULTISOFT Systems has been incorporated in order to focus on and take advantage of its expertise in the delivery of effective high end customized training from dot to dimensions. Our company’s extensive capabilities come as a result of being the most preferred training centre for our principles. MULTISOFT Systems was established in 2002 by a team of professionals from global consulting firms having background in engineering and management from eminent institutes like IIT / IIM guided by senior people from Industry, Academia, & Government Sector; and specializes in customized IT Training on various software products and development tools addressing the growing needs of the IT market. We aim at raising standards of professionalism within the IT training industry and creating standards of excellence against which candidates are measured. MULTISOFT training programs are continuously striving for excellence in education, training, research and consultancy in the fields of Management and Information Technology with a Mission of Offering Value Based Education. We produce IT professionals who can compete with the very best in the global arena and cater to the growing demands of the corporate world. Our consulting and implementation group has worked in all settings, from small businesses with little or no computerization to large corporations with highly structured IT departments. Our experience in software development and implementation means that consulting recommendations are both practical and technically possible. P ibl Process redesign and i d i d improvement I th case th t a company's supply chain, manufacturing, or t In the that ' l h i f t i distribution operations are structured around a system it is trying to replace, or are geared toward a way of doing business that no longer fits current needs, MULTISOFT’s consulting team can help the company define its needs, identify specific areas to be addressed, and make recommendations for change.
  3. 3. mission: “We have dedicated training experience domestically / internationally in private institutes / professional  institutions / companies and our consultants have a variety of external consulting experience with blue chip  companies. The non‐disclosure agreement does not allow us to reveal any sensitive information of same.  MULTISOFT SYSTEMS envisages strengthening its Education, IT & Business Consultancy base on industry  scenario and technology development issues, developing its consultancy capabilities, expanding its contacts  with various companies to promote exchange of innovations business methodologies, design of business  with various companies to promote exchange of innovations business methodologies design of business process curricula and monitoring the IT industry trends, country wide.”
  4. 4. vision: “To be best in people business, converging our broad capabilities in unique ways to provide consummate  results for our clients and associates.”
  5. 5. services: • Education • Development • Consultancy
  6. 6. services ‐ education: • Instructor‐Led Private Classroom Training  • On‐site Training  • Public Enrolment Classes  • One‐on‐One Training  • E‐Learning  • Computer‐Based Training (CBT) Computer Based Training (CBT)  • Professional Development Training  • Project Management Training & Consulting  • Facilitation Training & Consulting 
  7. 7. services – development (IT & ITeS): • IT Infrastructure • IT Consultancy • Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing & DMS (Document Management System) • GSM Networking (Planning & Optimization) • Embedded Technology & e‐commerce • RFID • GPS & GIS Solutions • Biometric Solution • Payment Transaction Solutions through IVRS (Telecom Solutions) • Voice over Internet Protocol  (VoIP) • Wireless Networking & Equipments • Business Process Outsourcing • ERP / SCM / CRM Implementation • Healthcare / Medical Solutions • Quality Assurance Services Quality Assurance Services
  8. 8. services – consultancy (ecosystem): The Multisoft Ecosystem is a collection of high quality firms, each with its distinctive competencies – both generalized and niche, that collaborate with Multisoft to deliver integrated Business Solutions of exceptional value. The lack of a particular competency within a firm no longer is a limitation to delivering complex solutions. The Multisoft Ecosystem  To enable effective I.T. delivery by establishing and managing a partnership with IT  The Multisoft Ecosystem ‐ “To enable effective I T delivery by establishing and managing a partnership with IT out‐sourcing providers that has the right balance of trust and control” There are three aspects to the Multisoft Ecosystem objective – Establishing a partnership model, managing the partnership and maintaining a balance between trust and control. Establishing a partnership model: A movement from the current Key supplier arrangements to that of a partnership mode is required because the organisation has moved from an environment of growth in IT spend to that of cost containment. A partnership aiming at increasing business value from the investments made is required in the current competitive scenario. Managing the partnership: The relationship with the vendor has to be managed in such a way that the relationship continues to function in the partnership mode. Achieving i ht balance b t A hi i a right b l between fl ibilit and control: It i i flexibility d t l is important f th organisation t k t t for the i ti to keep a control t l over the vendors. Both the parties for achieving the strategic partnership mode of functioning should appreciate this fact.
  9. 9. services – consultancy (HR solutions): Our core strength is our well trained / experienced staff who are specialized in talent hunt i.e. Identifying and sourcing candidates from the exact companies in India who are engaged in similar business related to our clients. This way we not only save time but also help our clients recruit suitable staff in short time. We work on three parameters for the companies: • Permanent staffing • Temporary – Contractual Staffing • Payroll Solutions
  10. 10. @ corporate p
  11. 11. multisoft@corporate We conduct Training Programs for professionals and the goal of our training program is to provide the world g g f p f g f gp g p with skilled human resources who are competent to practice and provide solutions in an ever‐changing technology world. It’s getting difficult for any fresher to get placed; a major reason behind this is the skill‐gap. The training provided by our company is an attempt to fill this gap and help professionals to fit into current industrial era .
  12. 12. multisoft@corporate ‐ trainings • Oracle E‐Business Suite 11i / R 12               / • mySAP R/3 • SAS (Statistical Analysis System) • Web / Middleware Technologies • Data warehousing / Data Mining/Business Intelligence  • B2B & B2C B2B & B2C • IBM Mainframe • IBM AS/400                     • Microsoft Technologies • Database • Testing Tools • Open Systems • Content Management • Others
  13. 13. multisoft@corporate ‐ workshops • ISO Internal Auditor Certification • CMMi Appreciation Certification • Data Analysis & Quantitative Techniques  Certification • Six Sigma Green Belt Certification • Six Sigma Black Belt Certification • Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification • Business Analytics Certification • ERP Certification
  14. 14. multisoft@corporate – soft skills workshop Communication is something which all of us do from the very first day of our life, yet there is a question that haunts us most of the time “Did I express myself correctly in such and such situation?” The answer to this question is really tricky, because in some cases we leave our signatures and good impression but in some others we even fail to get our idea clearly. It happens mostly because we don’t know how to act in certain situations. Every time we fail we don’t lose completely, we do learn something, but prior knowledge of the same thing could be more beneficial because then we could have turned that failure into success success. The course / workshop would focus at many aspects of personality, like: • Building positive relationships with peers & seniors • Building self‐confidence • Developing clear communication skills • Exploring and working on factors that help or hinder effective interpersonal communication • Learning impacts of non‐verbal behavior & Dealing with difficult situations and difficult people
  15. 15. multisoft@corporate – technology partners 
  16. 16. multisoft@corporate – client
  17. 17. Q&A QUESTIONS ANSWERS MULTISOFT SYSTEMS B – 125, Sector 2, Noida ‐ 201301, Uttar Pradesh, India T – (+91) 120 2540300/400, 4333774 M – (+91) 98103 06956 E ‐ W – www, W – www multisoftsystems com