The future of global e education in digital age mr. michael


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The future of global e education in digital age mr. michael

  1. 1. Next Generation Integrated ConferencingKey TacticsMove to a single integrated user experience based on technologyDeliver next-generation conferencing architecture for data, voice and videoOffer customers flexible deployment options111
  2. 2. Conferencing SolutionCollaboration Cloud Enterprise NetworkCampus
  3. 3. Web ConferencingTechnology is the global leader in webconferencingPurpose-designed meeting applicationsMeeting Center • Campus • Event Center •Support CenterNatural, integrated video experienceTechnology Meeting Center High-Quality VideoExperienceMobile access for conferencingTech. for the Apple iPad 2.0Tech. on CiusTech. Nodes for customers with high internalmeeting trafficTech. Node for ASR 1000Tech. Node for MCS with MeetingPlace 8.0audio
  4. 4. Technology CampusCampus allows you allows you simultaneously slash costs, extendstudent reach, and provide a more impactful learning experience.It features innovative real-time tools, such as high-quality video,breakout sessions and hands-on lab to actively engage learnersand enhance retention.WebEx Training Center is a hosted online eLearning solution thatlets you deliver highly interactive, live instruction to any user,anywhere with Web access.
  5. 5. Technology Campus At-a-Glance
  6. 6. Technology Campus Uses
  7. 7. Technology Advantages
  8. 8. Online Instructional Challenges
  9. 9. TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONClass Effectiveness
  10. 10. High-Quality Video
  11. 11. Video Benefits and Use Cases
  12. 12. Visual Attention Indicator
  13. 13. Integrated Testing Engine
  14. 14. TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONClass Interactivity
  15. 15. Quick Response Tools
  16. 16. Threaded Q&A
  17. 17. Polls
  18. 18. TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONMaterial Comprehension
  19. 19. • Accesscanberestrictedtoonemorespecificapplicationortheentiresuite• Hand-onsessioncanoccurduringlivetrainingoron-demand• Support for VMWare 6.0 and MS Virtual PC2007• Has hand-on lab feature
  20. 20. With integrated audio,All voice is captured as part ofYour streamable recordings
  21. 21. • Bring synchonous andcollaborative learningfunctionality to your LearningManagement System• Open APIs facilitateintegration with different LMSplatforms• Integrations can be performedby your LMS partner