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Toluca laptop Program


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Published in: Education
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Toluca laptop Program

  1. 1. SISTER CITIESTOLUCAByGroup 102Multicultural ProgramITESM Campus Toluca
  2. 2. With this presentation our purpose is to get to know you and your countryincluding sports education and culture.
  3. 3. EDUCATION 1.-What kind of gadgets do you think, are the most incredible or efficient of the last 8 years? 2.-What kind of technological innovation do you think will be the better for the human being? 3.-What is for you the difference between doing a project and taking notes in class? 4.-If you could change something of your school what would you change? 5.-What would you say to other children that don’t want to study just because they don’t want to?
  4. 4. TECHNOLOGY 1.-How important the social networks are for the human being? 2.-Does the internet devices affect your relationship with others? 3.-Do you think social innovation is increasing at the same rate of technological innovation? 4.-What do you think about the newest technological inventions in the last two years? 5.-Do you think that the technologies are improving the society or getting it worse? Why? 6.-Do you think that the society is ready to use the newest technologies without danger? 7.-When do you think that will be safe to use the web without any risk? 8.-Do you think that should be international laws for using the internet? 9.-Would this laws allow the internet to be safe for everyone? Why?
  5. 5. CULTURE/SOCIAL 1. - What do you think of the government of your country? 2. - Do you have a distinctive dress and food in your region? 3. - Mention 3 of the most important holidays in your region and explain us why are they so important? 4. - What do you usually do on Friday? 5. –Which is an important monument/interest point in your city? 6. –What activities do you enjoy doing with your family? 7. –What kind of crafts are made in your region?
  6. 6. SPORTS 1.-How are sports important in your life? 2.-How many times a week/hours do you practice sports? 3.-Which are the 3 most popular sports in your country? 4.-How does your country encourage sport education? 5.-Would you be a professional athlete without education?
  7. 7. EDUCATION: The laptops and smartphones A machine that could help us stop global warming and to prevent it in the future. For me a project is to increase and develop your knowledge about a topic, based on the notes I took in class. And for me the notes are what do I think are the most important or relevant things about a certain topic I wrote in my notebook during the class. I think the thing I would change about my school are the desks in the classrooms because they are too close to each other and it makes it uncomfortable. I would say that “if you want to know what you are able to do and make a change just try it, but if you don´t try, how do you expect this world to get better”.
  8. 8. TECHNOLOGY: The social networks help us to exchange efficiently, quickly and worldwide information, but if we don’t know how, where and when we can use them or we use them for negative ends, that’s not the way social networks are supposed to be created. Yes but in two different ways, the first one: trough internet people can pretend to be somebody that he or she is not, and the second: it helps us to expand and improve our communication system. Probably here the technological advances are overpassing the social progress, we can see this in the field towns but this is lead from the economic possibilities. The technological improvements keep going day by day so almost every day we can see something different, so the technology from two years nowadays is almost old-fashion and unattractive to a great part of population. The technologies are doing both thins improving and getting the society worst. A) Improving it: they make a faster communication network, they also bring security and health. B)getting it worst: because it’s very difficult to talk to peoples face because they pass the great part of the day in the computer, the phone or any other gadget, so the real and physical interaction have started getting lost. No, first we have to standardize the use of actual technologies and then keep on going with innovations. When the entire world has ethics and education bases. Yes as we have in our everyday life to have a good, friendly and healthy environment in the society and then in the world. That everyone follow the law would be a utopia, but we all would be safer.
  9. 9. CULTURE/SOCIAL 1.-We think that the voting system does not work properly, We know it could sound cruel but We think the vote is not for all people because in the last elections, who won, won because the people told “He is handsome”, or “He is a good looking guy”, instead of thinking about his proposals 2.-Yes the tacos, it is fake that Mexicans eat burritos we have never tasted a burrito in our whole life, and no one of our known people had ever slept on a cactus and a sombrero, we dress ourselves with casual clothes 3.-May 5th It is the day of the “Batalla de Puebla”, in which México defeated a French invasion. -September 16th which is the Independence Day -November 1st and 2nd “Día de Muertos”, it is a holyday in which we made tributes to our dead beloved persons it is said that their souls can be with us in those two days, so we offer them what they liked when they were alive. 4.-We spend time with friends, go to the movies, parties 5.-“Las Torres Bicentenario”, they are two big towers made to commemorate the 200th anniversary of independence in Mexico, they were built only two years ago in 2010. 6.-We like to go to the movies, spend the day talking, doing jokes, enjoying being together. 7.-They are a lot but the most common near Toluca are “Los arboles de la Vida” (trees of life), which are trees made of mud and painted in which it is narrated a story with figures also made of mud.
  10. 10. SPORTS: Sports help us to be fit and to be healthy, also it helps distracting from everyday works and issues that helps you enjoy what you are doing. I practice sports 3 times a week Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, on Monday I do one hour and a half of American football, on Tuesday I do two hours and a half American football and physical fitness and finally, on Thursday I do two hours and a half of American football and physical fitness. I think in Mexico the three most popular sports are football soccer, baseball and Taekwondo. My country encourage sports by giving scholarships to the best players of certain teams, also they made a law that says “every child in the school should exercise at least do 30 minute each day”. No I wouldn´t, because being an athlete is not everything I want to be, I have the capabilities to be more than just a man that do sports, and at the end I just wouldn´t feel alright with myself.