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Beyond the Obvious


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Why digital display ad campaigns can, and should, make a critical part

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Beyond the Obvious

  1. 1. Beyond the Obvious: Yariv's 7 Rules for Smart Digital Campaigns Why digital display ad campaigns can, and should, make a critical part of today’s B2B marketing budget. Yariv Drori - VP of Programmatic Advertising Operations, MultiView
  2. 2. B2B Connected Yariv's 7 Rules for Smart Digital Campaigns © 2016 MultiView. All Rights Reserved. 2 728x90 300x250 320x50 120 x 600 Display ads are simply ads on websites that communicate a company's message and branding to their potential buyers at different stages of their buying journey. Sometimes called banner ads, they build brand awareness across smartphones, tablets and desktops that in turn boosts the likelihood of a sale. It's obvious that getting them right is critical to your success. But that's why we're going beyond the obvious by letting you in on Yariv's 7 Rules for Exceptional Digital Display Ads, revealed in the following slides. Before we dive into the rules, we do have to make a confession: we're going to tell you something a little obvious. The shape, size and frequency change easily to fit your audience, your message and your budget.
  3. 3. In a recent survey, 74% of business buyers told Forrester they conduct more than half of their research online before making an offline purchase. © 2016 MultiView. All Rights Reserved. 3 - Forrester The average person spends 7.6 hours a day online, in a blend of work and leisure. Think of it: Your ads have nearly 8 hours each day to grab the attention of buyers. While they’re working, and even when they’re not, digital display ads can influence and inform the buying process, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Where else do you get a daily opportunity to connect with your potential and current customers? Rule #1 Digital display ads make a wise marketing investment for B2B advertisers because the buying journey for all products and services has shifted heavily to the online arena. B2B Connected Yariv's 7 Rules for Smart Digital Campaigns
  4. 4. Rule #2 Great advertising campaigns may seem like magic but are really based on hard-core data. Visits several sites to check salary ranges at competing hospital pharmacies and to research purchase of automated dispensing units. That data is collected as a person travels across the internet, searching for answers, reading industry news, researching competitors, researching business products and services and attending webinars. Data allows marketers to cherry-pick their audience and deliver ads that are highly targeted to that person’s interests, as interpreted by recent searches and site visits. And not just any ads, but ads perfect for a person’s buying journey, from brand awareness to post-sale. © 2016 MultiView. All Rights Reserved. 4 Pharmacy manager, 43 years old, female, member of, movie buff, married with children at home. Deliver ads appropriate for her point in the buying journey. RETARGETINGPERSONA WHO THEY ARE WHERE THEY’VE BEEN ONLINE BEHAVIORAL WHAT THEY’RE DOING ONLINE B2B Connected Yariv's 7 Rules for Smart Digital Campaigns
  5. 5. The trusty old B2B buyer is vastly more independent. No longer content to travel down a predictable sales funnel, today’s buyer self-educates online long before contacting you. Product details, technical specs, analyst ratings, user reviews and even prices all can be found with a few clicks. A targeted, visually compelling B2B display advertising campaign helps your company remain top-of-mind during all stages of the buying journey by: 46% of B2B buyers are millennials. © 2016 MultiView. All Rights Reserved. 5 60% to 70% of the buying journey is completed before a customer contacts your company. Rule #3 The buying journey has permanently changed. So must your marketing budget. Building brand awareness, keeping you top-of-mind and exerting direct and indirect influence B2B Connected Yariv's 7 Rules for Smart Digital Campaigns
  6. 6. Rule #4 Data helps you build and deliver your B2B ads with greater effectiveness. - Searching for your product or service - Researching your competitors - Attending a trade show or conference - Members of a specific trade association - In a certain industry or job - Similar to your current customers - Visitors to your website - Current and former customers Dynamic Experiences Automated Buying Data 1011010101101010101 001010101010101000 11101010110101010101 0100101010101010111 0101011101101010100 10101 01011 © 2016 MultiView. All Rights Reserved. 6 The data in a customer profile lets you show ads only to those who are: As a campaign moves along, more data flows in allowing you to determine what’s working in real time by: message, publisher, geography, keyword and time of day. This additional information lets you adjust your campaign to zero in on what’s working best. The results? A highly effecient ad spend. Audiences Optimization B2B Connected Yariv's 7 Rules for Smart Digital Campaigns
  7. 7. Rule #5 Digital display ads make efficient use of your marketing dollars. Yes, traditional marketing plays an important role. You still need a website, trade shows, conferences, direct mail and media relations. But, data-driven display ads help you influence the buyer precisely where they are, at precisely the right moment in a real-time process called programmatic advertising. The challenge: Real-time buying means your display ads must compete on web pages with any other company hoping for that reader’s attention. © 2016 MultiView. All Rights Reserved. 7 Programmatic advertising works like this: How Do You Stand Out?... A reader goes to a webpage where advertising spots are available. You participate in a bidding process to place your ad in front of that reader. In 200 milliseconds, the winners deliver their ads to that page. Personas and targeting deliver exactly the right ad. B2B Connected Yariv's 7 Rules for Smart Digital Campaigns
  8. 8. Rule #6 Compelling ads defeat banner blindness. We all know that work and leisure time blend these days. For the B2B purveyor of products and services this means your ads must visually compete with B2C ads. Consider that vice president of engineering you wish to capture with your ad. Many companies could be targeting him, both consumer and professional, based on his recent online behavior. After all, he’s a business buyer and a consumer buyer. During his next visit to, your VP may be served ads for your product, his next vacation destination and his son’s college. © 2016 MultiView. All Rights Reserved. 8 ...Make those seconds count with: Captivating design, Inspired messaging and appeal that incites action. NOW the last, and perhaps most important, rule of all … You have 1-3 seconds to capture his attention. B2B Connected Yariv's 7 Rules for Smart Digital Campaigns
  9. 9. Rule #7 Creativity is the new differentiator in B2B marketing. The obvious is obvious. It’s time to relegate boring B2B ads to the dustbin. To truly stand out, make your B2B ads funny,smart, and above all, relevant. After all, your ads must operate in the same quality class as the biggest consumer brands. © 2016 MultiView. All Rights Reserved. 9 B2B marketing shouldn’t be boring. Dig deeper to find the compelling story behind your brand and product, then push it into the sunshine. B2B Connected Yariv's 7 Rules for Smart Digital Campaigns
  10. 10. About Us We've been doing this a while, for over 15 years in fact. In that time, we've completed more than 1 million ad campaigns and successfully connected potential buyers to advertisers just like you. Our sheer numbers prove it: we've served over 150,000 advertisers and created more than 400,000 custom ads. Identifying and reaching your most qualified potential buyers through behavioral targeting starts by partnering with a company that gets B2B and gets real results through end-to-end service. Simply put, it starts with MultiView. Learn more about digital display and what it can do for your business. 972.402.7070 © 2016 MultiView. All Rights Reserved. 10 About Yariv Drori As MultiView’s Vice President of Programmatic Ad Operations, I help more than 2,000 B2B clients connect with their audiences. It’s been a fun journey from fish farming on a kibbutz in Israel to here. In between, I went to art school for photography and animation, worked as an animator, then joined an ecommerce firm that created immersive shopping experiences (it was hot in 1998!) for world-famous luxury brands like Neiman Marcus, Brooks Brothers, Kate Spade and Barneys NY. From there I joined another start-up that evolved into Sizmek, then moved to, which sold to AOL. I even ran an ad agency in NYC before coming to Dallas. I still love photography and English football (that’s soccer in American). Follow me on B2B Connected Yariv's 7 Rules for Smart Digital Campaigns