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New York Ad Agencies

  1. 1. Marketing and Advertising
  2. 2. Who are we?Multi Marketing USA is an advertising and marketingfirm providing online and offline marketing solutions toour clients. Our goal is to provide businesses withmarketing and advertising options that work andincrease sales for our clients.We believe that combining the Internet and television,along with print ads is a perfect branding andmarketing win win solution that results in the highestreturn on investment to our clients.
  3. 3. Why Multi Marketing USA?Multi Marketing USA is the only marketing andadvertising firm combining these elements of marketingand advertising in the local industry.Internet advertising is highly recommended, since 92%of mobile users are searching local consumers ongoogle for a local service provider.Television advertising is a great way of combining anddiversifying your marketing campaigns, withoutbreaking the marketing annual budget.
  4. 4. Which Business Is a CandidateFor Our Services? Construction Co. Spas Restaurants Salons Lawyers Computer Services Dentists Video Production Cleaning Services Dj Services Tree Service Co. Event Planner Landscaping Authors Professional Svcs. Accountants
  5. 5. Other Candidates All businesses that provide a service or have a product, are candidates for our Multi Marketing services. We will customize a marketing & advertising campaign “a la carte”, if needs to be. “Happiness... It lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.” Franklin D. Roosevelt
  6. 6. How do we do it? We combine both online and offline marketing services, which leads to a total branding solution, that has an Your Website immediate impact Twitter with our customers!
  7. 7. Mobile Advertising Mobile Ad Campaigns Mobile Apps Mobile Search Engine Optimization Mobile Marketing Mobile Text Messages
  8. 8. Video Marketing Multi Marketing USA, delivers an aggressive video marketing campaign by submitting to tens of social video sites simultaneous to create an immediate impact for increasing new customers and brand awareness.
  9. 9. Press ReleasesCreates immediatebrand awareness tothe online newscommunity.Helps to impact targetaudience by choosingspecific keywords.Provides an immediatereaction to the marketplace!
  10. 10. Manage and OptimizeGoogle Places Optimize of GooglePlaces to increase localvisibility for client’sproducts or services.Add Videos, Imagesand Categories ofservices or productsprovider.Manages CustomersReviews.
  11. 11. Manage and Submission ofDirectories!Increases brand awareness.Create coupons andpromotions of client’sproducts or services.Write articles within thedirectories to increasesearch engine optimization.
  12. 12. YouTube Channel Increases brand awareness and exposes your videos to the largest social video site. Can help local targeting by using keywords. Immediate target audience.
  13. 13. Manage Review DirectoriesHotfrogYelpMerchant CircleMantaPatch
  14. 14. Multi Marketing USA TV Ads SalesAdvertising Your Services With the Best Tv Network!
  15. 15. TV Advertising Packages Advertise with Multi Marketing USA Call 877-653-9393Successful Campaigns! Multiple Packages Available.
  16. 16. TV Ads Packages Customize Your PackageMulti Marketing USA provides great packages atan affordable price, call us today 877-653-9393!
  17. 17. Affordable PrintingAdvertising!Flyers/BrochuresPostersTicketsPremium Business CardsPost Cards/Club CardsDoor HangersSell SheetsTear Off Cards Toll 877-653-9393
  18. 18. Cinema AdsMovie TheaterAdvertising. Facts About Movie Goers Engaging PreshowLocal Ad Campaigns • Music Receptivity: 96% (Lieberman Research Group, 2006-2009) • Content Receptivity: 95% (Lieberman Research Group, 2006-2009)Regional Campaigns • Preshow vs. Blank Screen: 8 to 1 prefer seeing a preshow vs. blank screen (Lieberman Research Group, 2006-2009) • 3 out of 4 moviegoers pay attention toNational Campaigns preshows at the movies (2009 OTX Research, The Moviegoing eXperience) • 87% of moviegoers are receptive to preshow entertainment (2009 OTX Research, The Moviegoing eXperience) • Trivia is the most recalled element of preshows with 75% of moviegoers remembering Movie Trivia (2009 OTX Research, The Moviegoing eXperience) 877-653-9393 • Moviegoers prefer Cinema ads to TV ads by nearly a 2-to-1 margin (2009 OTX Research, The Moviegoing eXperience)
  19. 19. Social Media PackagesBronze Package - This package isperfect for Start Up Companies.Silver Package - Perfect forBloggers, Home basedbusinesses, Book authors, Djs orPersonal Branding.Gold Package - This Package isgreat for: Attorneys, Businesses,Education, Civic functions, Pick Your Choice Order Online & One of our SocialPlatinum Package -This package is Media Genius will be in contact withgreat for: Restaurants, Physicians you to go over questions and goalsand Dentists, Political Candidates, for your social media marketingNonprofit Organizations, Civic campaign!Functions, etc.
  20. 20. Why Advertise? Internet Marketing isleading the pack onfuture advertisingdollars for companies.TV is a favorite 2nd.Print Services are stillstrong.Radio needs to changetheir strategy or theywill be left behind.
  21. 21. Call Us Today & Let Us Help You In Your Next Advertising Campaign! 877-653-9393 Multi Marketing USA, creates campaign that drive results. The company has the experience of dealing in the Internet and offline marketing for over 10 years. Call today for a FREE consultation in how to get your business thriving with more customers and sales. Multi Marketing USA, believes in creating positive results for its clients. The marketing and sales experience that the company posses is that of working over10 years in the New York City market.
  22. 22. Multi Marketing USAPay Advertising (Google, Advertise with CinemaYahoo, Bing, Linkedin Adsand Facebook) Social Media MarketingAdvertise on Cable Video MarketingNetwork Organic/NaturalAdvertise with Printed AdvertisingPromotional Products Call Today 877-653-9393 or
  23. 23. Tel. 877-653-9393
  24. 24. Tel.