Complete Cleaning Equipments


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Complete Cleaning Equipments

  1. 1. “ROOTS”OUT DOOR MANUAL SWEEPING MACHINE. (FLIPPER PLUS) Application Areas: Hotels Pavements and Parking Lots, Large Houses, Warehouses. Hospitals, Plants and Township Roads, Cement Mills, Gangways and Aisles in Industries, ADVANTAGES : 1] The hand-pushed sweeping machine is 10 times quicker than a traditional Broom! 2] It reduces time as we as labor (Each Machine is equivalent to 10 labors) 3] Flipper is an intelligent solution for quick and easy Cleaning. 4] The Broom chamber is completely sealed with rubber sealing Aprons which Ensure absolutely Pollution-free sweeping. 5] Its a compact design fits through any standard door and can be use In Door and Out Door. 6] Does not require any Electricity, Fuel, Battery to operate This Machine. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS UNITS FLIPPERS PLUSWorking Width with Side Brush mm 650Working Width without Side Brush mm 460Machine Width with Side Brush mm 780Height with Handle mm 1010Weight (Ready for operation) Kg 26Capacity of Hopper Lit 40Maximum Theoretical Area M2/hr 2600Performance Per HourMaximum Practical Area Performance M2/hr 1640 M 2/hrPer Hour * (Apprx 17220 Sq Ft/hr In an Open Area). Please Note: 1} this is an excellent Machine which cover warranty for 1 Year against all manufacturing Defects. We can undertake AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) after the expiry of warranty period. 2} Installation and Training will be provided at your Door Step by our Service Engineer and also Train You for the smooth operation of the Machine. 3} we can Offer after Sales and Services at your Door Step through our Qualified/Skilled Service Engineer within 48 Hours in case of Machine Breakdown.
  2. 2. ROOTS SD 43 SINGLE DISC FLOORS SCRUBBING, POLISHING, BUFFING CUM CARPET SHAMPOOING MACHINE.Advantages:Applications :- Floor Scrubbing, Floor Polishing, Deep Cleaning of Floors, Floor Buffing and Mopping, Carpet ShampooingTechnical Details: - 230 V 50 Description Units Hz Working Width mm 430 Speed rpm 175 Weight (including brush) Kg 30 Working height mm 380 Power consumption watts 1000 Noise Level dB (A) 67 Cable Length Meter 15 Protection class - I Tank Capacity Liters 10 560 x 475 Machine Size mm (Ixbxh) x 1230 Optional Accessories(Charged extra): v Shampooing Brush v Silicon Carbide Brush v Driving Disc v Polishing Pads Different Brushes for Different Floors Different Pads for Different Floor Shining
  3. 3. SAMSTAR ECO RANGE SINGLE DISC SCRUBBING MACHINE.FEATURES: v Wide Area Coverage v Easy Maneuverability v Maintenance free v Low Noise LevelADVANTAGES OF SAMSTAR FLOOR CLEANING MACHINE: v Easy to maneuver. The self-balanced light-weight machine has a convenient-grip handle and wheels. This makes cleaning so simple, no special skills or personnel are need. v Low noise level. The quality AC motor driving the scrubber provides efficient and noiseless performance for years to come. v Maintenance free. The machine has hardly any parts that are subject to wear and tear. Only the bristles need replacement after long time of cleaning usage. v The ceramic coating on the chassis makes it totally rust proof.APPLICATIONS: v Samstar works efficiently on all types of floors PVC, Marble, Tiles, Ceramic Tiles, Mosaic, Granite, and hard floors in industries. v Besides floor cleaning Samstar can be used for buffing and shampooing of Carpets. AT Hospitals, Hotels, Bungalows, Offices, Lounges or Industrial Shop Floors. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION: Model Name MD 500 Motor Capacity 0.5 HP Brush Size 400 mm RPM 180 Power 370 Watts Consumption Volts 220-240/50 Hz Solution Tank 10 Liters Cable Length 10 Miters
  4. 4. “ROOTS” HEAVY DUTY INDUSTRIAL WET & DRY VACCUM CLEANERS. Professional Models TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS :Models Rated Mains Air Tank Dimension Price With Power 2 Supply (1 Water Lift Flow Capacity (LxWxH Product Image Stage By - Phase (mm of (Ltrs (In Ltrs) (in mm) Pass Motor Volts) WC) /Sec)Base 1200 W 220- 2200 50 15 390x390x5315 240/50Hz 20Base 2400 W 220- 2200 95 77 640x550x1429 T (1200 walts 240/50 Hz 006 With x 2 motors)TrolleyBase 360 W 220-240/5 2400 180 77 640x550x1433 T (1200 walts Hz 006 With x 3 motors)Trolley STANDARD ACCESSORIES: 1} HAND CURVED TUBE 2} PVC ADAPTOR 3} EXTENSION TUBE 4} COMBINED BRUSH W/ELBOW CLUTCH 5} Flex Hose D0.38 MT 2.5 complete 6) FLOOR DUST TOOL 7} FLOOR DUST TOOL (DRY), 8} FLOOR TOOL (WET). Warranty: One Year from the Date of Sale Against all manufacturing defects. Motor Warranty 300-350 working Hours.
  5. 5. “ROOTS”MINI FLOOR CLEANING MACHINE (Wizard 34 P)Wizard Floor mini Cleaning Machine up to 450 sq. miters. Cleanliness/hour.Scrub, Swab, Wash, Clean, and Dry… all at one go!THE PRODUCT • A range of products that will wash, mop, scrub and dry in a single pass. • Removes dirt from virtually every kind of floor surface. • Leaves floors ready to walk on in minutes.FEATURESArea Coverage : • High-speed productivity. • Massive savings on chemical costs and water. • Wall-to wall cleaning that reach in to the tightest corners. • Excellent maneuverability, no heavy pushing, pulling or lifting. • Accessible and removable tanks for fast solution changes and empting. • Quiet in operation. • Instant change of brushes & tanks without tools .USE IT ON ANY TYPE OF FLOOR* SmoothConcrete * Vinyl * Granite * Rubber studded floor * Ceramic * Marble *Aluminum checkered plates * Brick * Escalators * Mosaic * Travelators.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Model W 34 P Cleaning Capacity* 350 m2/hr Cleaning Width 31.5 cm Brush Speed 650 rpm Fresh Water Capacity 4 Liter Motor Rating 750 + 26 w Power Supply 230vac±6% 50Hz SP Noise Level 69db Height with Handle 1114 mm Height without handle 210 mm Width 440 mm Length 378 mm Height 25 kg
  6. 6. “ROOTS”HEAVY DUTY SCRUBBER DRIER FLOOR CLEANING MACHINE. E-430.ADVANTAGES: These Machines is designed without compromise for Heavy Duty use on medium and Large-Sized areas. Mains (Electric) Operated Scrubber-Driers for quick economical and effective cleaning ofall types of floors. The extremely compact and robustly constructed machine guarantees a high degreeof maneuverability, easy handling and good visibility. The height adjustable operating handle and theadjustable brush drive (Power-flow) are ideal for fatigue-free operation. Electric brush change,parabolic squeegee as well as easy access to the machine ensure low running costs, optimumcleanliness of maintenance. Variety of brushes and pads are available as option to suit your floor requirement. Oil resistantsqueegee is available as option for oily floors. Power, Mobility, ergonomics & superior suction. Andwhere efficiency, reliability and competitive pricing are concerned, the ROOTS E-430 Floor CleaningMachine is more than convincing.USE IT ON ANY TYPE OF FLOOR* Smooth Concrete * Vinyl * Granite * Rubber studded floor * Ceramic * Marble * Aluminum checkeredplates * Brick * Escalators * Mosaic * Travelators.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION:Technical Data E430Number of Brushes Units 1Brush diameter / working width cm 43Effective suction width cm 75Theoretical area performance M2/h 1700Air flow – Min M3/h 155 Mbar (mm/wc) 187.5 (1875)VacuumNominal Voltage, frequency Volt/Hz 230 AC/50 HzPower requirement, total –Max W 1800Power Brush Motor- Max W 800Power Suction Motor –Max W 1000Working Speed Up to km/h 4Brush Speed -Min rpm 280Brush Pressure Kg 22 Verity Brushes/Pads For Different Floors (Optional At Extra Cost).Specific Brush Pressure N/cm2 0.25-0.37Clean Water Tank Liters 22Dirty Water Tank Liters 22Measurements/Weight cm 100Length, ready for operationWidth (without with Squeegee) cm 45/75Height, ready for operation cm 87Total Weight Kg 86
  8. 8. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: MODEL PW 1300 C PW 1500 SP PW 1700 SPX PW 2100 SPB Max Pressure (Bar) 110 120 130 140 Connected Load (W) 1300 1500 1700 2100 Motor Universal Universal Universal Induction Water Flow Rate (l/h) 360 l/h 360 l/h 370 l/h 380 l/h Total Stop System P P P Internal Detergent Standard Accessories Gun Compact Quick Connect Super Quick Connect Super Quick Connect Super Quick Connect Rotopower Turbo Lance - P P P Fixed Brush - - P P Detergent Bottle P P P P Hose Reel (RLW) - - P P Hose Length 5 5 5 5 OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES Rs. 553.00 Rs. 330.00 Rs. 572.00Angle Nozzle (Variable 45 Degree) Patio Cleaner Rotating BrushCar under Chasse Cleaning Floor Cleaning Set Tiles Cleaning Set Rs. 1220.00 Rs. 1220.00 Rs. 1070.0 Extension Hose Pipe 7.5M Pipe Cleaning Unit Hose Supply Set (Water Pipe)1] Angle Nozzle (Variable 45 Degree) PAN 01 4] 8M Extension pressure hose PEH 012] Patio Cleaner PB 01 5] 7.5M Pipe Cleaning Unit PCU 013] Rotating Brush PRB 01 6] Hose Supply Set PHS 01,
  9. 9. G 160 X OT – COLD WATER JET CLEANERCHARACTERISTICSTrolley mounted for easy of movement and maneuvering, these machines combine high performance with lowconsumption. They are vertically mounted to save valuable space too. Functional and attractive, the machinesare suitable for all applications.HIGHLIGHTSTST Remote Total - Stop control shuts down the machine when the water gun is turned off, saving energy.Handy lance and water gun mounts. Can be fitted with hose reel (standard accessory in the GX and G Powermodels) to have everything within easy reach. Axial pump with three steel pistons and light alloy head (onmodels 1900, 2000, 2200 or brass (on model 2000 OT, G, G Power). Made for high efficiency, low noise lowvibration operation. Two - pole continuous duty electric induction motor (2800 rpm) with thermal cutout. Thanksto the particular chemical injection system and two tanks fitted to these machines, two different detergents canbe delivered in the current quantities. Delivery of the chemical product can be controlled easily from the lance.TECHNICAL FEATURES Operating pressure bar 160 Volume l/h 600 - 700 Outlet water temperature 60 Absorbed power W 3200 Detergent tank l 3 Length of A.P. Hose m 12 Electric cable m 5.5 Dimensions LxPxH cm 46 x 35 x 93 Weight Kg 24
  10. 10. MANUAL CLEANING EQUIPMENTS for FLOOR, GLASS & REST ROOM. Code Description Image Qty Price Ezee Clean Dry Mop Set 50/75 CmsEze 50 It is made of a blend of Natural and 01 1250.00 synthetic fiber which ensures dustEze 75 free sweeping. As even the fine dust will cling on to the mop due to its 01 1550.00 electrostatic properties. Its easy to clean difficult places like nooks, corners and under furniture’s etc. Micro Fiber Dry Mop Set The Smart Color mop system its reduces bending, reaching and lower back injuries resulting in less absences and healthier employees. 01 3100.00 The Mop holder’s swivel head easily reaches under toilets, behind urinals and in corners. Mops are easily fixed in clamp with 3 whole flaps on each end. They don’t need to be removed during wash-out/pressing-quick and hygienic work. Scissor Mop for Corridor, Large Area Cleaning Dry Mop Set. 01 7050.00 (V-Sweeper)C] Wet Mop set (Pinzer Mop) Non-streaking mop set. Made up of pure cotton which help to absorb 01 1050.00 liquid and dirt pickup and also dries the floor faster. Wet Kentucky Mop Set (Deluxe) 01 250.00
  11. 11. 1.FMB 25 Flat Moping Wringer Bucket 01 3990.00 50 Liters Wringer Trolley - Double2. Bucket - Side Press (25Ltrsx2) 01 5419.003. SMART COLOUR BUCKET 30Ltrs. (15x2 Ltrs)BUCKG Duel Bucket system with two 01 8500.00 compartments keeps cleaning solution and dirty rinse water separately. Combo Trolley easily pits in to standard wet mop set, the side press lock directly in to bucket to avoid accidental “pull out”E] Micro Wipe Grinding Cleaning Cloth for Glass, Table, TV Cabinet, & hard surfaces.MC400R MICRO WIPE 500 Red , Heavy Duty Micro Fiber cloths 01 265.00 with 500 Washing Cycles, Scrub Factor 34* It is highest quality Grade Textile, withstands excessive commercial washing Cycles, Removes Soil, Oil stains and Dirt effectively without leaving lint’s (Marks) Colors Available: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue. ERGO DUST PAN WITH BROOM Designed to make it easy to spot sweep and remove debris from floors without bending or touching debris. 4785.00 Ergonomic handle positions hands 01EDPBR and wrist to minimize stress and strain. Swivel Dust Pan opens when base hits floor and collapses when lifted, never spills contents. Broom attaches to handle for easy storage and retrieval.
  12. 12. Dust Pan with Black Handle andRoots Broom “Flo” 01 2491.00 Heavy Duty Mobile Garbage Bin E-Tech BIN Colors Available: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue. 3300.00MGB- Heavy Duty Wheeled Waste 01120 Container MGB 120 LidLiters. It is Specially formulated Ultra-Violent Stabilized HDPE, State-of-the-art Technology Injection molding, Resistant to heat, decay, chemicals and heavy impact. General Use & Applications. Heavy Duty Wheeled Waste Container MGB 240 Lid 4114 .00 • General garbage for public & private 01MGB place240 • Commercial and Industrial Usage –Liters. as storage containers for other Colors Available: materials as well as waste Red, Yellow, Green, • Recyclable waste collection at all Blue. locations • Food waste from public restaurants Heavy Duty Mobile Garbage BinMGB 50 BIN Colors Available: Red, Yellow, Liters Green, Blue. Wheeled Waste Container MGB 50 Lid. 01. 1200.00 Colors Available: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue.
  13. 13. STAINLESS STEEL BINSSL. No. Description Image Size Price/Per 8” x 12” 420.00 1 S/S perforated Bin open type 12” x 24” 1725.00 7”x10” 757.00 8”x12” 833.00 2 S/S Perforated Pedal Bin 10”x14” 1275.00 8” x 12” 420.00 12”x16” 1125.00 3 S/s Solid Bin Open Type 12”x24” 1425.00 7”x10” 757.00 S/s Pedal Solid Bin 8”x12 833.00 4 10”x14” 1275.00 12” x 24” 1725.00 S/s Push Bin 5 1275.00 8”x24” 6 10”x 24” 1425.00 S/S Ashtray Bin 14”x28” 2850.00 S/S Swing Bin/Bell Bin 12”x12 975.00 1 S/S Planter 15”x15” 1425.00
  14. 14. FLOOR CLEANING KIT AND WATER SQUEEGEE.F] Water wand 55 Cms floor squeegee Cleans and dries floors with twin foamMW550 rubber blades. Removes standard 01. 1290.00 volumes of water from uneven floor surface. Water wand 75 cms Heavy Duty Water Wand floor squeegee Cleans and dries floors with twin foam rubber blades. 01 1940.00MW750 Removes standard volumes of water from uneven floor surface. Combi Brush 1] Its Featuring stiff polypropylene bristles scrubbing action.PB 55A 2] Brush loosens dirt in grouted floors 01. 2250.00 and foam squeegee removes dirt and solution. 3] Easily sanitized where hygine is important. 4] Stronger frame with Acmesocket. 5] Won’t scratch delicate floors, baseboards or machinery. SMART COLOR SWIVEL BRUSH Ideal for the removal of heavy dirt build-SB20G up on floors, walls and partitions. 01 1820.00 Durable polypropylene bristles for superior scrubbing action. Pivoting low profile head, easy to maneuver, helps reduce bending, over-reaching and prevents lower back injuries. Use with Unger Poles EZ25G or ET14G. SMART COLOR CORNER BRUSH Ideal for the removal of heavy dirt build-up in corners of walls and floors. Durable,CB20G aggressive polypropylene bristles angled to a point to reach into corners. Pivoting 01 1674.00 low profile head, easy to maneuver, helps reduce bending, over-reaching and prevents lower back injuries. Use with Unger Poles EZ25G or ET14G ERGO DUST PAN WITH BROOM Designed to make it easy to spot sweep and remove debris from floors without bending or touching debris. Ergonomic handle positions hands and wrist toEDPBR minimize stress and strain. Swivel Dust 01 4985.00 Pan opens when base hits floor and collapses when lifted, never spills contents. Broom attaches to handle for easy storage and retrieval. NIFTY NABBER,: Ideal for picking up bottles & garbage outdoors, in addition to retrieving out of reach items. The ideal extension to your 1188.00NN400 01 arm. Powerful claws grip small and odd -shaped objects. Available in size 40CM,90CM &140CM.
  15. 15. GLASS CLEANING KIT VISA VERSA, Washer with S-Channel and rubber HARD, Handle made of Polypropylene 35 CM 1457.00VP350 Synthetic fabric. It is machine washable. 45 CM 1643.00VP450 Reinforced Zigzag Stitching on the ends ensures longer life, Velcro closure Works up to 20% faster with washer. STAINLESS STEEL SQUEEGEESH15H WITH HANDLE, 15 CM 760.00SH25H Constructed of strong , lightweight 25 CM 763.00SH35H stainless steel. Features a spring- lock 35 CM 785.00SH45H handle for quick blade and channel 45 CM 910.00SH55H changes. Available in sizes 55 CM 986.00 Combi Glass Cleaner WITH Handle 1] It works faster with squeegee and scrubber in one. 2] It is perfect for window or Car 942.00CH25H cleaning. 25 CM 3] It is available with Handle for extra reach. OPTI LOC EXTENSION POLE, Constructed of extruded aluminum, Sizes strong yet light weight, Optiloc system locks and loosens in a 1/2 turn . All (6 Miters) 4500.00 Unger tools can be fitted to the pole (9 Miters) 5800.00 WALL BRUSH (HORSE HAIR) Oval shape makes the tool ideal for cleaning ceiling fans, removing 01WALBO cobwebs and dusting ceiling and walls. 550.00 Metal wire construction with soft durable bristles. Easily dust able and washable. PIPE BRUSH round, for EXTENSION POLEPIPEO Constructed of heavy duty galvanized wire & stiff durable bristles, can dust 01 450.00 large & small areas. Round shape makes this tool ideal for removing dirt & dust from pipes.FIXI0 FIXI-CLAMP, DELRIN, green Made of fiber glass reinforced nylon. Easily grips sponges, rags, clothes, 1062.00 mop heads & hard-brush. 01SP010 SPONGE FOR FIXI Open cell synthetic foam. Use as applicator with liquid solvents for 01 201.00 cleaning tiles, granite walls etc. Quickly & easily fits into Fixi clamp
  16. 16. HANDI BRUSH for FIXI-CLAMP HBR00 Stiff bristles. Have 2 eye screws for secured fit to the clamp. Quickly & easily fits into Fixi clamp. This brush is 01 740.00 designed that it cleans the grooves of the tiles. LWDU0 WOOL DUSTER Cleans and Dusts. Bendable, Threads onto standard Acme thread. Fits all Unger poles. 01 785.00 SPRAYER ON BELT Sprayar hooks to belt to transfer weight away from back and arms. Flexible SOABG hose allows trigger to extend 3’ and spray solution closer to cleaning surface without bending or reaching. Spray right or left handed, even upside down. 33oz. 01 2540.00 high-density plastic bottle can be replaced with any standard 33oz. bottle with Acme thread. Combine with smart color Micro wipe to make wet cleaning strain-free, fast and efficient. INSPECTION TOOLS IKITR Make sure that everything is clean with the Restroom Inspection Kit and the 01 2085.00 Inspection Mirror RESTROOM INSPECTION KIT Linen Trolley Maids Trolley with2. Door. 01 33,000.00
  17. 17. HYGIENE CARE PRODUCTS 01 1125.00SS 800 S/Steel Manual Soap Dispenser SS 800 (800 ML). 01 1312.00 S/Steel Manual Soap DispenserSS 1000 SS1000 (1000 ML). 01 975.00SD 402 Manual Foam Soap Dispenser SD 402 01 750.00DC 800 Manual Soap Dispenser HD 800 (800 ML).DC 900 Auto Soap Dispenser DC 900 01 2625.00 01 1050.00DC 1220 C - Fold Towel Dispenser DC 1220 . 01 945.00HD 800 C - Fold Towel Dispenser HD 800
  18. 18. JRD 1200 Jumbo Roll Dispenser - JRD - 1200 01 825.00 01 2242.00DC 120 Aerosol Dispenser LED DC - 120DC 320 Aerosol Dispenser LCD DC - 320 01 1800.00DC 321 Aerosol Dispenser LED DC - 321 01 975.00 Automatic Hand Dryer - Prima II (Fiber)PRIMA II v ABS Body Suitable design v 100% Unbreakable ABS Body v Voltage: 220V-/50Hz v Rated Power: 2200 Walt v Current: 9.2A v Blowing Volume: 900M/ minute. v Blowing Rate: 15 m/s v Dimensions: 240x240x230mm 01 3300.00 Drying Time: 10 Seconds RPM: 6000 revolutions/min Noise: 50-60 Db
  19. 19. PRIMA IV Is a Heavy Duty 100% Stainless Steel Body Technical SpecificationsPRIMA IV Body :100% Stainless Steel (Heavy Duty) Voltage : 220V- /50Hz Rated Power : 2500 Walt Current : 11.4 A. Blowing Volume : 270 Cubic 01 9750.00 Mtrs/Hrs. Blowing Rate :30m/s Dimensions : 200x270x240mm Drying Time :10 Seconds RPM : 6000 revolutions/min Noise : 50 – 60 Db Sensing Range : +1cm Hot Temperature : 48 – 59* C Continues Work Time : 60 Seconds Temperature of wind : 55 – 65= C Auto Shoe Shine Machine with sole cleaner (Golden/Silver Plated) Technical Specifications Size : 510 x 320 x 495mmASPXD 1 Weight : 17kg 01 11643.00 Power : 105w Noise : < 50DB Speed : 800n IR Sensor : Available Sole Cleaner : Available 01 3,000.00HQU 001 Q-Up Stand - Barricade Stand Stainless Steel (Heavy Duty) 4 Ft Height With 8 Ft Ribbon Total Weight 12 Kg’s
  20. 20. HOUSE KEEPING CLEANING CHEMICALS. ALTRET PERFORMANCE CHEMICALS GUJARAT PVT. LTD. IS MULTI PRODUCT ISO9001:2008 CERTIFIED MANUFACTURING COMPANY. TM • Hygiene care products (Cleaning Products) for good house keeping (TRENDS). • Wide range of versatile for industrial water treatment for boilers & Cooling Towers. TM • Combustion Monitoring Chemicals (CMC) Fuel Additives. (for solid & Liquid fuels) • TM Performance Chemicals base on surfactants (Per Mole). ALTRET is manufacturing cleaning products with brand name “TRENDS” for professional & House holdapplications its comprehensive production facilities are located near the city of BHUJ in GUJARAT, India. ALTRETcontinues to peruse the most competent technologies through its R&D and has a unique position in the market due to itsfocus in many areas of cleaning application including environmental management and sustainability.These Chemicals are Eco Friendly, Bio-Degradable, and Water Soluble Chemicals for the same MSDS (Materialsafety Data sheet) can be given on demand.SL 10 Ltrs 50 Ltrs 210 LtrsNo. Code Product Description Can Can Barrel 1 Eco Smart Eco Smart Floor Cleaning Chemical (Concentrate) 580.00 2600.00 10500.00 2 TCG Toilet Bowl Cleaning Chemical (Ready to Use) 750.00 3300.00 13500.00 HG LP Lemon Fresh Hand Wash Chemical (Ready to Use) 780.00 3500.00 13500.00 3 HG LP Green Apple Hand Wash Chemical (Concentrate) 1100.00 4500.00 19500.00 4 FRC Room/Air Freshener Chemical ((Ready to Use) 830.00 3700.00 14500.00 5 UNIK Super Concentrate Chemical Phyne Oil 2400.00 10800.00 42500.00 6 GC + Glass Cleaning Chemical (Concentrate) 1250.00 5600.00 22500.00 DC Dish Cleaning Chemical (Concentrate) 720.00 3200.00 12500.00 7 DC Power Dish Cleaning Chemical (Super Concentrate) 1360.00 6100.00 24500.00 8 SLR Surface Lime Scale Remover (Concentrate) 2100.00 9000.00 37500.00
  21. 21. Fly Killers/TrapsThe product is under warranty for one year against any manufacturing defects except UVTubes which is manufactured by Philips Holland or Hitachi (circular tubes)Japan. 1. Insect X Electric Fly Killer Machines –Model Excel 100 – Price Rs. 6750/-+ VAT 2 ft x Double UV tubes 18 watt Philips slim Tubes Coverage Approx 2000 sft Specially designed model for look and extra efficient functioning 2. Flycutor Electric Fly Killer Machines – Model FC215 - Price Rs. 5850/- + VAT Efficient Commercial Model 1.5 ft x Double UV Tubes Coverage Approx 1400 sft
  22. 22. 3. Flycutor Electric Fly Killer Machines – Model FC415- Price Rs. 7050/-+ VAT Efficient Commercial Model 1.5 ft x Four UV Tubes Coverage Approx 2600 sft3. Flycutor Electric Fly Killer Machines – Model FC220 Price Rs. 6300/- + VAT Efficient Commercial Model 2 ft x Double UV Tubes Coverage Approx 2000 sft
  23. 23. 4. NEO FLY KILLER 1 X 22 WATT CIRCULAR UV Tubes Rs.5700/+VAT/CST Coverage Approx 1600 sftInsect X, Flycutors and Neo Fly Killers and Neo Fly traps manufactured by PestologyCombines is very effective in controlling the flying insects. These effective machines attractflying insects and electrocute them to save you from all them with most effective Philipsultraviolet lamps.All the models can be used to control flying insects from Kitchens, Halls and Industrial floors,Hospitals, eateries food preparation areas, Farms etc.Vast expertise in the field of pest controlfor the last 25 years gives Pestology combines the unique strength in finding out pest problemsand its solutions. Our unmatched expertise of flying insect control systems will be helpful incontrolling flying insects from any food preparation areas food industries or wherever the fliescreate problems like diaries, bottling plants,, pharmaceutical companies, bakeries foodprocessing and canning industry, fisheries, farm houses wherever flying insect control isimportant.If you think hygiene and cleanliness is essential to your premises then these effective machinesis a must. If your really care for customers then we should show it to the customers we care,place one of these insect control machines to eliminate the flies. Flies are carriers of germscausing various deadful diseases, They sit on filthy places transmit germs to your food.Our Insectocutors and traps are electrically operated fly control units which has UV fluorescenttubes and electric grid or glue traps. The units is coated with suitable anti rust materials likepowder coating or fly traps with high end paint coating on FRP machines. These machines aredesigned to be very attractive and efficient. These mac hines complement any interiors.The special UV light emitted by special UV tubes attracts flying insects either electrocuted onthe electric grid or trapped in the glue pad depending on the type of the machine. The tray canbe cleaned and glue pad can be replaced by a new one when it is required.
  24. 24. The light rays emitted from tubes are not harmful to human beings since they are of safefrequency as compared to germicidal rays and have safe wavelength. These Insectocutorswork on a single phase electric supply of 230 V 50 HzThe effectiveness of the UV tube is approximately 3000 hrs. Replace the UV tube annually forbest results. High voltage transformer and capacitor is provided for effective electrocution.Placement of vertical pattern and smooth fini shed electric grids helps self cleaning of insects asmost flies fall to the tray easilyAll models are guaranteed for one year against faulty workmanship and parts excluding UVtubes. Spares and after sales service is available with Pestology CombinesSpecial Note:Depending on the room size place at least one unit in each section of the premises. Locate theunit near entry points 10 to 12 ft from the door to attract and as much as possible, do not placeunits more than 7 ft height. Locate the unit away from bright light because it will reduceefficiency of the unit. Do not attempt to repair the machine or clean the tray before switching offthe unit. Very high voltage electricity is used to electrocute the insects. Earthing is essentialfor all the models. If voltage fluctuations is present use voltage stabilizer.Or any other products required by pest control operators/clients either designed andspecification given by the customer or custom made by Pestology CombinesRodent Poison Bait StationSheet Metal Rectangle 390/- +VAT14.5 inch x 5.25 inch x 4 inches Powder coatedCommon key locks/panel board locks providedSheet Metal Squire 420/-+VAT10 inch x 10 inch x 3.75 inches Powder coatedReadymade Glue Pads Double (Hard Board)with scented to attract rodents - Rs- 82/- + VATcan be used inside the Rodent Bait Stations
  25. 25. More Information about our companyBringing forth a series of effective electric fly killers, Insectocutors, fly killer machines,fly traps, mosquito traps, etc.....Our activities are diversified yet at all stages, they are well arranged and properly organized forcustomers convenience. We are Pestology Combines, a noted manufacturer, exporter andimporter of various types of advanced and effective pest control devices and equipments. Ourmanufactured products include Electric Fly Killers, Insectocutors, Fly Killer Machines, Fly Traps,Mosquito Traps, etc. We are also marketing material handling and process automation systemsmanufactured by Excel Otts & Ultimate Eco Technologies. These companies have gained excellentgoodwill in the market for designing and developing a wide range of pest control equipments andmaterial handling equipments.We can produce as per the requirements of our clients. We are excelling in every sphere of our activityas our primary focus is centered on maintaining world class products as well as healthy traderelationships with the clients. We are a prestigious member of the Indian Pest Control Association(I.P.C.A.). Our import markets are Korea and China, from where we procure mosquito traps.More Information about our company About Us: Our activities are diversified yet at all stages, theyare well arranged and properly organized for customers convenience. We are Pestology Combines, anoted manufacturer, exporter and importer of various types of advanced and effective pest controldevices and equipments. Our manufactured products include Electric Fly Killers, Insectocutors,Fly Killer Machines, Fly Traps, We can produce as per the requirements of our clients. We areexcelling in every sphere of our activity as our primary focus is centered on maintaining world classproducts as well as healthy trade relationships with the clients. Our import markets are Korea andChina, from where we procure mosquito traps.
  26. 26. V/10-AT BLACK STONE FOGGING MACHINEAdvantages: Black Stone Fogging Machines is an ISO-9001: 2000 Certified Company Manufacturing Heavy Duty andHigh Performance for Generators for the efficient combating of mosquitoes which carry the deadly Malaria virus,insects, Pests, Vector Borne Diseases and Bacteria. Black Stone Fogging Machine has Thermo-Pneumatically produced Fog Guarantees highest efficiencyand Excellent penetration, with a minimum Quantity of chemical preparation, an optimal effect and coverage isachieved. Incorporation with conventional methods. Black Stone Fog Generators are Patrol Driven and Work on a Pulse - Jet Principal. The Chemicallycharged Fog is able to penetrate the entire habitat Mosquitoes and other Pests, thus blocking all escape routesand the encircled Mosquitoes/ Pests is knocked down instantly. The entire Machine has no Moving Parts during the operations. Hence there is no wear and tear.Standard Accessories: Spanner Set : 04 No’s Funnels : 02 No’s Wire Brush : 01 No’s Flow Control Jets : 02 No’s Operator Protection Devices : 01 No’s Charger : 01 No’sInsecticides : King Fog, (Deltramethrin 1.25 ULV Oil Based). Neem Formulations. Pyrethrum. DDVPTechnical Specification : V-10/At Manual and Auto Start (Both) Portable Thermal Fogger with Pulse Jet1] Type Engine2] Engine Output (Approx) 10.5Kw3] Ignition Electronic Solid State Manual Hand Pump/Optional - Auto4] Starting Start5] Fuel Tank Capacity (Petrol,Without Oil) 1.2 Liter6] Average Fuel Consumption Optional Chemical(Approx) 1.2 Ltr/Hr7] Solution tank Capacity 5.0 Liter King fog ® 1.25 ULV is an Oil based,8] Ma ximum output (Depending in Deltamethrin-basedNozzle) 0-12 Ltr/Hr concentrate formulated for dilution9] Empty Weight 9.0 K.G. in Diesel Oil or10] Particle Size 02 to 25 Microns Oil based Solutions kerosene and can be applied by ULV or thermal fogging as space sprays.11] Length x Breadth x height(Cms0 113x29x35
  27. 27. LAWN MOVER GRASS CUTTING MACHINE MODEL: GR 340 Black & DeckerTechnical Specifications:Cutting Width 34 cmPower 1200 WHeight Settings Up To 5 (Settings Of Grass Cutting).Grass Collection Bag 35 Liters.Central Height YesAdjustment Advantages of Grass Cutting Machine:1} POWER: Maintenance free Powerful Induction Motor2} CUTTING WIDTH: Ideal for small and medium lawns3} GROSS COLLECTION BAG: Easy to empty and easy to Store fabric gross collection bag4} HEIGHT SETTINGS: A choice of 3 or 5 cutting Heights to help create and Maintain your ideal lawn.5} CENTRAL HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT: Single Level to change cutting Height with ease and speed.
  28. 28. LAWN MOWER HEAVY DUTY GRASS CUTTING MACHINE: MAKE “ELMO”Technical Specifications: CAPACITY : 1HP SINGLE PHASE1 Single Phase Motor 2880 rpm continuous rated, vertical mount. Blade length : 16" Heavy duty outdoor Cable: Length 50 Miters. CAPACITY : 2HP SINGLE PHASE2 Single Phase Motor 2880 rpm Continuous rated, vertical mount. Blade Length : 16” Heavy Duty Outdoor Cable: Length 50 Miters. CAPACITY : 3 HP SINGLE PHASE Single Phase Motor 2880 rpm continuous rated, vertical mount. Blade length : 16"3 Heavy duty outdoor Cable : Length 50 Miters . The ELMO is built with a tough MS body to withstand rough use. It is motivated by a powerful shaft motor (Single phase). Even and excellent grass cutting is attained by a single horizontal blade rotating at high speed. The blade is well shielded, thus eliminating any kind of hazard to the operator. The blade height can also be adjusted to attain the required grass length. The sturdy insulated handle helps convenient maneuvering. The whole body is mounted on four self lubricated solid polymer wheels to give, exertion free moving and easy maneuverability. ADVANTAGES OVER CONVENTIONAL MOWER: 1. Electrically operated, very low running cost, noiseless, pollution proof. 2. Maximum attention given to utility and safety aspects. 3. Mechanism is very simple , minimum moving parts hence zero maintenance. 4. Rust proof, powder coated, and sturdy body frame. 5. Self lubricated solid polymer wheels for exertion free moving and lasting service. 6. Blade is easily detachable by the operator for re-sharpening and height adjustment. 7. 2 Nos. Spare blades and 50 Meter heavy duty flat cable free with the purchase of each mower. 8. Plastic insulated sturdy handle for easy maneuverability. 9. Available in attractive colors. 10. Specially designed for Indian Working Condition. 11. Collecting attachment available separately.
  29. 29. Mirage 3000 Lawn Mower Grass Cutting MachineModel : MIRAGESteel deck : Single leverHeight : adjustment,Switch : safetyHandle : foldingMotor : heavy dutyBlade Type : swing back bladesCutting Width : 46 cmCutting adjustment : 12 positionsCutting Height : 20-75 cmGrass catcher capacity : 50 liter.Weight : 36 Kg.
  30. 30. HONDA LAWN MOWER GRASS CUTTING MACHINEFEATURES:*** Low Noise.***Powerful Engine Based on World famous OHV 4 - Stroke Technology.***Compact Sized & aesthetically designed.***Mounted On Wheels For Easy Portability.Technical Specifications: SL No Specifications/ New Model-HRU 196 K1, User Advantages Parameters Features 1 Operator protection Control Mow Safe Technology Stops the Blades and the engine within 3 (O.P.C.)Engine Brake seconds upon release of the lever, Increased User and Passersby Safety 2 Rear Safety Shield Improved feature Superior catching performance, Enhanced life and user safety 3 Fuel Tank Capacity (In Ltrs) 1,5 Fewer stops with bigger fuel tank capacity 4 Snorkel Air Filter New feature Provides superior engine protection in harsh and dusty conditions/increases engine life. 5 Wheel Diameter (in mm) 200 X 45, Dual sealed Ball- High Quality compounds are used to bearing wheels enhance durability and traction 6 Deck Newly designed Aluminum Prevents Rust and corrosion with improved Alloy Deck cutting and catching performance. 7 Swing Black Blades Proven Swing Black Blade Superior cutting, Engine protection and system ease in maintenance 8 Discharged guard New Rear Discharged guard Enables Discharge of grass clippings and saves time from frequent emptying of the grass catcher 9 Grass Catcher Dust Direction Technology Keeps the Dust away from the operators face easy emptying whilst extending the life of the bag 10 Handle Grip Improved tube diameter Improved comfort and durability 11 Wash Port Polypropylene snap on fitting User-friendly cutter deck cleaning, keeps user dry 12 Handle Folding Improved locking and pivoting Ease in transportation and storage system 13 Engine Model/ GXV 160/ 163 “Honda” 4 stroke OHV engine delivering Displacement (in cc) more power and unmatched fuel efficiency 14 Cutting Width (in 19/482 Wider cutting Diameter Inches/mm) 15 Cutting Height Adjustment Single Lever Improved design makes height adjustment easy 16 Cutting Height Range (in 11 Stages, (16-75) Wide spectrum of cutting height available mm) 17 Grass Catcher Capacity (in 60 Fewer Stops with huge 60 Liter Dacron Liters) grass catcher.
  31. 31. AFTER SALES SERVICE: • Complete in house back up of Spare Parts - We have a complete stock of spare parts categorized Engine – Piston, Piston Rings, Connecting Rod, Valves, Gasket’s, packing kits and etc… • Alternator – Rotor & Stator, Automatic Voltage Regulator and etc. • Training Program’s – A highly efficient training program will be conducted for technicians, prior dispatch to enable and train the technicians to handle breakdowns, at any eventuality.Service Back Up – • Fully Equipped Automated Workshop – A full-fledged workshop equipped with state of the art pneumatic tools to, handle any kind of breakdown resulting in faster services in less time. • Mobile Service Vehicles – a fully equipped service vehicle, to handle breakdowns at any given time. • Trained Technicians – With an experienced team of technicians who have more than 10 years of experience in servicing and repairing of generator sets. These technicians have been trained at the workshop of HONDA. • Easy Accessibility – With separate mobile numbers for service engineers, getting in touch with them directly is a lot easier. TERMS & CONDITIONS:PAYMENT: 100% advance along with Purchase-Order favoring M/s. MULTICLEAN SOLUTIONS.DELIVERY: Immediate / 1 WeekWARRANTY: 12 months from the date of supply against any manufacturing defect. TECHNOLOGY § Environmental friendly 4-stroke technology § Over 50 years of technical expertise in power products § Common domestic & export manufacturing line using latest technology PRODUCT § Wide & reliable product range of Portable Genets, Portable Engines, Portable Water Pumping Set & Lawnmowers AFTER SALES SERVICE § Over 600,000 satisfied customers § Assured after-sales service through a wide dedicated service network § 2500 company trained mechanics all over the country § Regular service camps by company/ dealers § Periodic training camps organized by company engineers § Assured supply of spare parts through depots § Automated service workshops § Mobile service vans for prompt service § Worldwide distribution network
  32. 32. HONDA BRUSH CUTTER with Powerful 4 StrokeEngine.Heavy Duty and Powerful Honda 4 Stroke Weed/BushCutter Machines are Ideal for Cutting denseundergrowth, unwanted weeds, Pruning Trees andTrimming Hedges.Advantages of Honda 4 Stroke Weed/Bush CutterMachines are as below. • Super EconomyHonda 4 Stroke Weed Cutter Machine Consumes 372Liters/Year Petrol as compared to 2 Stroke WeedCutter which consumes 642 Liters Per Year Thus itsaves 42% Patrol Cost. (Based on 600 Hrs of usagesin a Year, Savings calculated when compared withtypical 40 cc 2 stroke Engines available internationally. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION: Model U2ST Dimensions & Cutter 2 Blade cutter Overall length * (mm) 1928 Cutter dia (mm) 305 Weight Operating weight (kg) 8.45 Engine GX35 Engine Type 4-stroke, Over Head Cam Single Cylinder Displacement 35.8 cc (2.2 cu-in) Maximum Horsepower 1.6 HP Compression ratio 8.0 :1 Cooling system Forced air Ignition System Transistorized Magneto Ignition Air cleaner Semi-dry type Oil capacity 0.1 Litter Starting system Recoil starter Engine Fuel Unleaded gasoline Fuel tank capacity 0.65 Litter Price. Rs.
  33. 33. SPARTA 44 BUSH CUTTER With 2 Stroke Engine Make: Oleo Mac.Technical Specifications:Type : 2 StrokeCylinder bore : 40mmPower : 1.6kwDisplacement : 40.2ccMin speed : 2800Max speed : 8500Cut width : 38cm : Steel Handlebar with safetyFront Handle switchFuel tank capacity : 0.87LCarburetor with Primer : EMASAir filter : ClothIgnition : Digital coil : 28mm with 8mm(Dia) SteelDrive Shaft(Dia) ShaftEngine Weight : 4.7kgsComplete weight with shaft :10.4kgsand toolsPrice :
  34. 34. DRAINAGE, COMODUS, WASH BASIN, PIPE CLEANING (BLOCK CLEARING) TOOLS.Technical Specifications:WEIGH DIAMETE FLEXO RIGID FLEXO MANHOL OPTIONAL PRODUCT IMAGEOF UNIT R OF ROD LENGTH RIGID ROD E GUIDE ACCESSORIES WHEEL DIAMETER PIPE 10 feet 100 Feet & PVC 3.0” wire brush21 Kg. 835 mm multiples of 9 mm telescop fixed to a 100’ 50ft. thereof ic pipe nylon rope with turnbuck le
  35. 35. MODEL DRIVE CABLE SIZE CABLE LENGTH WEIGHT DIA OF LINES PRODUCT IMAGEKAMBORE Manual 9 mm 3 ft. 1.5Kg. 0.75” to 2.5” CCKAMBORE Manual 3 mm 25 ft. 3.5Kg. 0.75” to 1.5” NM
  36. 36. Terms and Conditions for Supply01. Prices : The Prices quoted are Ex-Godown, Hubli.02. Carrying & Forwarding : Nil03. Freight & Insurance : AT ACTUALS.TO PAY BASIS04. Excise Duty : Not applicable.05. Sales Tax : VAT @ 14% applicable extra on the price mentioned above.06. Delivery : Within 10 To 15 Days from the Date of Purchase Order.07. Payment : 100% Along With the PURCHASE ORDER (To Be Deposited In SBM A/c No: 64052109182.IFSC CODE: SBMY 0040641).08. Installation & Training : We shall provide Installation & Intensive Training through our qualified Service Engineers For the Machines.09 Warranty : The above mentioned Machine Carries Limited period of Warranty as specified in the Warranty book.10. Validity : 60 days from the date of this offer.Thanking you,Yours faithfully,For, Multiclean Solutions,(G.V.Devaraj)09448221715,09538840275.