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Improvement in food resources


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Improvement in food resources

  1. 1. Improvement in Food Resources - Agriculture
  2. 2. Rainy season crops
  3. 3. Kharif Season Maize Paddy pigeon pea
  4. 4. Rabi Season Wheat Peas Mustard
  5. 5. Major Types of Agriculture
  6. 6. Stages of Farming Practices Choice of seeds For planting Nurturing of the crop Protection of the growing crops and Harvested crops from loss Crop Production Improvement by Crop variety Improvement by Different methods Crop protection management •Hybridization •Genetic manipulation •Nutrient management or mineralnutrition of plants •Manures and fertilisers •Organic farming •Irrigation •Cropping patterns •Insects-pests control •Diseases control •Weeds control •Scientific storage of grains
  7. 7. Parent 1 (with a desired character) (e.g., high yield) Parent 2 (with a desired character) (e.g., disease resistant) Offspring (Hybrid)
  8. 8. Sources Plant Nutrients No. Air Carbon, Oxygen (2) Water Hydrogen (1) Soil 1. Macronutrients- Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sulphur 2. Micronutrients- Manganese, Copper, Molybdenum, Chlorine, Calcium (4) (9)
  9. 9. NutritioN Value of aNimal Product aNima l Produ ct PerceN t (%) Nutriti oN fat Protei N Sugar miNera lS Water Vitami NS milk (coW) 3.60 4.00 4.50 0.70 87.20 B1.B2, B12,d egg 12.00 13.00 * 1.00 74.00 B2,d meat 3.60 21.10 * 1.10 74.20 B2,B12 fiSh 2.50 19.00 * 1.30 77.20 NiaciN, d,a
  10. 10. Sources of food worldwide
  11. 11. Fish Production Fish is a cheap source of animal protein for our food. Fish production includes the finned true fish as well as selfish such as Prawns & Molluscs . The water source of the fish can be either seawater or fresh water, such as in rivers and ponds. Fishing can thus be done both by capture and culture of fish in marine water and freshwater ecosystem
  12. 12. Cattle Farming Cattle Husbandry is done for two purpose milk and drought labor for agriculture work such as tilling, irrigation and carting. Indian such belong to two different species, Bos indicus, Cows, and Bos bubalis, Buuffaloes.Milk- producing females are called mulch animal (diary animal), while the ones used for farm labour are called drought animal.
  13. 13. And Cows still with us. 1525 of VT’s 6800 farms are dairy Jersey cows bred in VT helped make VT butter and cheese famous! Breeding & other ag research remain import to VT’s economy and environment.
  14. 14. Bee-Keeping Honey is widely used and therefore bee-keeping for making honey has become an agriculture enterprise. Since bee-keeping needs low investments, farmers use it as an additional income generation activity. The local varieties of bees used for commercial honey production are Apis Cerana Indica, commonly known as the Indian Bee, A. dorsata, the rock bee and A. florae, the little bee. This is variety commonly used for commercial honey production