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EVA laminated furnace/vacuum heating machine


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EVA laminated machine, vacuum heating furnace, EVA lamminated glass lamination, heating oven

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EVA laminated furnace/vacuum heating machine

  1. 1. ◆ Machine Summarize: Glass vacuum heat laminated machine is special equipment researched by GUANGZHOU HUICHI GLASS MATERIAL CO., LTD. It uses the vacuum bag principium; in the vacuum condition heat the laminated material and glass together until the plastic melt, so they can join together. It also can process silk、paper、 calligraphy and painting、ultraviolet radiation unilateralism film、light adjusted film and so on with glass to produce all kinds of art glass or decorated glass. This equipment don’t include high pressure kettle or hot-press. ◆ Main Technical Parameter: TYPE HC-180-3A(door open at both sides) Voltage 380V(3 phase) Electric frequency 50HZ Electric current 40A TOTAL Power 27KW Heat Power 24KW Vacuum Pump and other Power 3KW Glass Size Outer dimension(W*L*H) Number. of floors 2 Weight About 2250KG HC-180-3A furnace as follow: ◆ Working Principle 、Function and Characteristic: ⑴Working Principle: This machine uses vacuum bag principium, vacuumize the glass and heat it ,join the melted EVA into glass together. Accordingly produce the laminated glass. ⑵Function and Characteristic: ① Oven afford horizontally heating, so that quantity of heat is equality in the oven, low heat waste. ② Vacuum bed is made by high quality silica gel, can use for a long time ③ Control box is designed concision, process one-set complete, easy to operate. ④ Effective use of space:no restrict by the shape and thickness. ⑤ Save electricity:produce one batch(one floor) in about 2 hours ,consume 15 kilowatt hour 2200*4000*1300mm 1850*3000mm
  2. 2. OR Machine operation: 1. prepare the glass, first edge 2 same size glass, pay attention to the four corners, it must be edging like round arc, to avoid broken the silica gel table, wash the glass with washing machine, it must be air-dry, this is very important. 2. Cutting Eva film, cut the EVA film a little larger than the two glasses. 3.lie down one glass, put EVA film onto it, then put another glass onto it. Or lie down one glass, put EVA film onto it and also put the color materials, then put EVA film and another glass onto it, cut out the rest EVA film and color materials, stick the 4 corners too. See as follow: 4. Put glass into the vacuum bag, put the glass onto the vacuum iron table, you should leave 1cm distance between the glasses. After finishing this, connecting the vacuum pipe, as picture below. 5. Start vacuum pump, first check the wire connecting of the vacuum pump right or wrong, then start the vacuum pump, when the vacuum indicator shows -0.1MPA and become steady, close the door wait till to finish the whole process. 6. Control process setting: first set the technology data to the control panel, the data depend on different EVA you use. 7.Start the machine and wait for the process finish. # # # # # # 1CM air way(气道) # # # # Vacuum net Vacuum pipe seal glass glassglass glass Can put some wooden sticks Can put some wooden sticks glass EVA film glass materials EVA film glass EVA film glass
  3. 3. Two kind of control box. Button control box PLC (touch control box) For PLC control box, plus 8000RMB per set of machine. This machine can only use EVA film to make laminating glass, not PVB, please be concerned. FOR HC-180-3A(two doors) machine, what include in the package as below: PRODUCT DESCRIPTION UNIT QUANTITY LAMINATING MACHINE(body) SET 1 CONTROLLING BOX(accessories) PCS 1 VACCUM PUMP PCS 1 AIR TANK(accessories) PCS 1 TRACK(accessories) PCS 4 SHELF(accessories) PCS 4 VACUUM BAG PCS 4 Guangzhou Huichi Glass Technical Co., Ltd Contact: HP: +86 18922173106 Whatsapp: +86 18922173106 Skype: mukial