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Systematic investment plan


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Systematic investment plan

  1. 1. Wealthcare Securities Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Mukesh Gupta +91-9871090316
  2. 2. systematic investment plan ● Systematic Investment Plans or SIP’s are now considered one of the most dynamic way for building large wealth creation for securing your future entirely. There are lots of funds, stocks and investment opportunities’ that one can choose to select for transforming their wealth in big amount. ● Risk factors, duration, past and present conditions with future outlook are the main factors on which an investor checks the funds before starting their own savings. With inflation going 6-8% up every year in developing India economy, keeping the money in the bank will not even beat the inflation price. ● To overcome their stagnant nature and further enhance your wealth creation, SIP Mutual Funds are known to offer lots of respite with double digit income as well as marginal risks in every aspect.
  3. 3. Smooth Process ● The whole process for SIP Investment is completely smooth with banks now even offer predefined dates for their monthly or regular investments. You just need to fill the forms to allow banks to add the amount in your respective SIP funds. ● Also one can start SIP amount low such as Rs 500 or Rs 1000 and then gradually increase it further to match your salary potential. There are also few Equity Linked Savings scheme (ELSS) that offer tax benefits but are generally have locked in period for minimum of three years.
  4. 4. Power of Compound Interest ● By giving enough time to mature investment, one of the benefits one gets in the power of compound interest year after year. Even the smaller SIP investments can result in huge financial gains at the end of their subsequent years. ● A NAV unit goes on increasing more and more year after year thus boosting the final amount with every term passing by Their duration is one of the determining factors that can leverage the financial profit at the end of the final payment. For the same reason, it is recommended to start SIP investment as early as possible to get this benefit for huge returns later in life.
  5. 5. ● With WealthCareIndia you will get the unparalleled support of the certified financial experts who will guide you on the effective path for building large wealth creation for your respective investment. ● For more than 10 years we have been handling client’s funds account with complete assurance tackling market ups and downs to lay their path for future success. ● We also have online platform and portfolios to allow customers to track their investment on regular basis around the world with the just the ease of internet availability.
  6. 6. Benefits of SIP 1. SIP can be started with very small amount of money 2. Reduces Risk because of Rupee Cost Averaging 3. Timing the market is not necessary 4. Long term financial goal can be aligned with SIP
  7. 7. Thank you! Contact : +91-9871090316 Visit : www.wealthcare