Easy .... Difficult


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Easy .... Difficult

  1. 1. E A S Y D I F F I C U L T
  2. 2. -Easy to occupy a place in the telephone directory. -Difficult to occupy the heart of somebody.-
  3. 3. Easy to judge the errors of others. -Difficult to recognize our own errors.
  4. 4. -Easy to hurt those whom we love. -Difficult to heal those wounds .
  5. 5. -Easy to forgive others. -Difficult to ask for forgiveness.
  6. 6. -Easy to exhibit victory. -Difficult to assume defeat with dignity.
  7. 7. -Easy to dream every night. -Difficult to fight for a dream. 
  8. 8. -Easy to pray every night. -Difficult to find God in the smallest of things.
  9. 9. -Easy to say we love. -Difficult to demonstrate it every day.
  10. 10. -Easy to criticize everybody. -Difficult to better / perfect ourselves.
  11. 11. -Easy to think of improving. -Difficult to stop thinking & really do it.
  12. 12. -Easy to receive. -Difficult to give. 
  13. 13. -Send this Presentation to whom you appreciate & really love ….       EASY TO READ THIS PRESENTATION ….      DIFFICULT TO RE-SEND IT!