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Pelletizing e[1]

  2. 2. BEPEX Pelletizing TechnologyExtrusion and SpheronizationWith the BEPEX technologies of low Materials of Construction, Finishes Drives/Electricspressure extrusion and spheronization, Although all of the product contact For the drives usually gear motors withcylindrical, rounded and spherical parts of the gear pelletizer series, the frequency converters are used. Thepellets are produced for versatile BEXTRUDER series and the standard design of the motors is IP 54/applications in the fields of BEXROLLER series are constructed IP65. Pharmaceutical from stainless steel, you can request Food custom construction from other For hazardous areas all types of Chemical materials such as Hastelloy. protection are available.Powdery or pasty feed materials are The following finishes are available:softly transformed to dust-free pellets Bead blasted finishwith the required apprearance. Brush finished Mechanically and electropolished2
  3. 3. Gear Pelletizer GCS/GMSExtrusion of stable cylindrical pellets Applications Conical feed chamber Improvement of handling and Counter rotating gear tooth metering properties type rolls Dust-free cylindrical pellets Nozzle bores between the teeth Smooth surface with various sizes and profiles High pellet stability Even product integrityPages 4 - 5BEXTRUDER BXSoft product densification Applications Cylindrical extrusion chamber Improvement of handling and Counter rotating rotors dosing properties Mixing and densification Low dust cylindrical pellets with Screen baskets with different large surface perforations and wall thicknesses Good deformation properties Low densification Loose structure, good solubilityPages 6 - 7BEXROLLER BR ApplicationsRounding from pellet to sphere Optimum flowing, dosing and Spheronization handling properties Rotating disc with various surface Rounding of pellets or forming of Intense rolling movement of spheres granules Pellets of uniform size, shape and Gap purge air surface Dust-free, attrition resistant product Narrow particle size distributionPages 8 - 9Pelletizing Processes BEPEX Technology Product Types Batch process Technical testing center Flakes Continuous process Customer site visits and seminars Granules Batch-continuous process Manufacturing Briquettes Multiple-stage arrangements Research and design Pellets Process with aeration and size Systems design Spherical granules reduction Feedback and control systems Automation ValidationPage 10 Page 11 Page 12 3
  4. 4. Gear Pelletizer GCS/GMSExtrusion of stable cylindrical PelletsGear pelletizer with cantilevered shafts andgasketed cover for dust-free operation The Working Principle Below the feeding hopper a pair of gear type toothed rolls are counter rotating. Product is pulled in by the rolls and pressed through nozzle bores which are situated between the teeth. In the press channels the product is densified into cylinder shaped pellets. The pellets emerge at the inside of the hollow gear type toothed rolls. The Construction In most cases, gravity force feeding is sufficient. For extremely bad flowing products agitating elements are installed in the feed hopper. A special feed hopper with an agitator designed like a screw is used for viscoplastic feed materials. The rolls are sealed at both sides by cheek plates against lateral material escape. For the same working principle according to the case of application the optimum roll bearing is used. The model GMS uses mill shafts, and the model GCS has cantilevered shafts. For improvement of product discharge inside the hollow rolls, adjustable a cutting knives are installed, which are easily accessible. A gasketed cover ensures dust-free operation and is especially suitable when purging is done with inert gas or solvents are present. b a Pair of rolls with press nozzles bored in solid extrusion rolls b Pair of rolls with nozzle inserts4
  5. 5. Usual nozzle design 1 Press nozzles bored in solid extrusion rolls 2 Press nozzles bored in solid extrusion rolls, shortened by counterbores 3 Nozzle inserts with short length (small L/D ratio) 4 Nozzle inserts with large length (high L/D ratio)Toothed Rolls and Nozzle PlatesPress rolls can be designed with nozzlesbored in solid extrusion rolls or withexchangeable nozzle inserts. If atproduct changeover a different nozzlegeometry is necessary, the nozzleinserts are easily and quickly changed.Densification is determined by therelation of nozzle diameter to nozzlelength. Through counterbores thenozzle length can be shortened. The 1 2 3 4appropriate choice of the press rolls,tooth shape, nozzle diameter and nozzlelength depends on the charged materialand on the required product properties.The ProductThe pellet diameter is determined by thediameter of the press channel. With geartype pelletizing machines stablecylindrical pellets with a diameter rangeof 1 to 10 mm can be produced. Thecylindrical pellets dispose of a smoothsurface, a constant diameter and areonly rarely bent. Often the length of thesingle pellets is very uniform.Technical DataModel Drive Rolls ø Width kW mm mmGCS 200 4,0 -7,5 200 40 - 100GCS 300 18,5 300 80 - 120GMS 200 11,0 200 80 - 100GMS 300 22,0 300 200GMS 300 30,0 300 2 x 200 5
  6. 6. BEXTRUDER BXSoft Product DensificationBEXTRUDER with vibration discharge chute Principle of Operation In the product chamber of the machine two rotors are counter rotating. The upper rotor with inclined positioned baffle plates provides for a good mixture and conveys the material evenly downwards. The lower rotor is designed with bent arms. This rotor densifies the material and conveys it through the cylindrical screen basket. Machine and Construction The speeds of the rotors are adjustable, independent from each other. For the optimum process adjustment the lower rotor is equipped with a measurement of torque. The drive is situated according to the application below or above the product chamber in a closed housing. When the drive is positioned below the extrusion chamber, the product discharge can be effected with a vibrating chute or with a rotating disc. With a drive above the product chamber the product falls freely downwards to the next process step. Rotor Exchange and Cleaning The rotors have plug connections to the drive shafts. Rotors and basket screen cylinders are very accessible and can be easily changed. The BEXTRUDER can be cleaned and retrofitted in a very short time.6
  7. 7. BEXTRUDER with free product dischargeAccessories Different rotors Screen baskets with different hole diameters and different wall thicknesses Outside rotating cutting knife Vibration discharge chute Rotation disc for product discharge Blow-off ring for product cooling and separationThe ProductProduct extruded with the BEX-TRUDER has a loose structure withlarge surface area and good defor-mation properties. The diameter of thecylindrical pellets can range from 0,3 to3 mm. The product exhibits gooddispersion, compression and dissolu-tion properties.Technical DataModel Drive Throughput kg/h kW Min. Max.BX 150 2,8 1...3 300BX 300 8,0 25 600BX 450 15,0 100 1500BX 600 22,0 200 2400 7
  8. 8. BEXROLLER BRRounding from Pellet to Sphere The Machine In the cylindrical product chamber a horizontal disc is rotating. The drive with frequency converter and electric control enables exact speed regulation. For fast cleaning the disc can easily be exchanged. A gap air purge prevents the product from reaching the area below the disc. The purge air quantity is adjustable and can be adapted to assist optimum product movement. Accessories Discs with different surfaces and profiles Jacketed product chamber Profiled product chamber wall Pneumatically operated discharge Height adjustable weir for continuous product discharge Cascade arrangement PLC8
  9. 9. The ProductThe pellets perform intense rotating androlling movements in the product Ideal Sphere 1,0chamber. With increasing spheroni-zation time the pellets round off and aretransformed, if the material disposes of Pharma [-]good deformation properties, to perfect 0,9spheres with smooth surface and 2 =4 A / Unarrow particle size distribution. Theproduct is dust-free. Food 0,8Technical Data Instant 2Model Drive Quantity Chemicals kW appr. dm3 * Form factorBR 150 0,55 0,1 - 0,4 0,7BR 300 1,5 0,3 - 2,5BR 450 1,5 2-9BR 600 3,0 7 - 23BR 900 5,5 20 - 70* depend on product 0,6 0 60 120 180 240 300 Spheronization time t [ s ]Alteration of the pellet shape during sphero-nization dependent on time 9
  10. 10. Pelletizing ProcessesVersatile Process Technology Batch Continuous Batch-Continuous Dosing Mixing Humidification Extrusion BEXTRUDER GCS Spheronization BEXROLLER Drying Coating AGGLOMASTER Production of cylindrical pellets with short length Spheronization 3-step of temperature sensitive product continuous and batch 1. Pellet breakage Dust agglomeration Spheronization Pelletizing GCS 2. Spheronization Dust Cooling, separating, Dust agglomeration recovery aeration Size reduction BEXMILL 3. Spheronization Polishing Screening10
  11. 11. BEPEX Technology... more than just machinesThe BEPEX Test CenterExtensive know-how is available in theBEPEX test center to provide technicaland economical solutions.Customer tests are performed daily inour testing facilities - a laboratory forpharmaceutical applications as well as atest center providing both the completemachine equipment and a pilot plantused for scale-up of processing plants.Our analytical lab can quickly analysethe product. The results of our tests arenot only the production of samples ormachine configurations but also anindividual system design and completeprocess engineering for your needs.Development and DesignTo accommodate our technology toyour application we use modern CADand our own fabrication. We developand manufacture new machines, plantsand processes to be able to producegranules with specially tailoredproperties. Due to the intensive andworld-wide co-operation especiallywith sister companies and researchinstitutes we have a high developmentpotential at our disposal, which we canoffer for your application.Control and AutomationProcess Logic Control (PLC) isstandard and can easily be interfacedwith other main process control anddata logging systems on your plant. OurCOMPACT CONTROL enablesprocess automation and visualisationincluding process monitoring, datagathering and diagnosis of errors.ValidationWe can validate both machines andplants according to your givenstandards (IQ and OQ validation). 11
  12. 12. BEPEX Agglomeration TechnologyWe bring your powder into shapeHOSOKAWA BEPEX GmbH The BEPEX TechnologiesP.O. Box 1152 Machines and complete plants forD-74207 Leingarten / Germany CompactionTel.: 0049 (0)7131 / 907 - 0 BriquettingFax: 0049 (0)7131 / 907 - 301 Granulation Size reductionE-Mail: Fluid bed Granule dryingDelivery address: CoatingDaimlerstr. 8 PelletizingD-74211 Leingarten / Germany Extrusion Spheronization Pellets B GB - Oe - PE - 5011 - Printed in Germany Internet http://www.hosokawamicron.comHosokawa Bepex GmbH is a member of the Hosokawa Micron Group, responding toglobal needs through emphasis on materials science and engineering. The Group is aninternational provider of equipment and technology for powder and particle processing,product recovery, plastics processing and confectionery products. The Group maintainsfacilities for research, engineering, manufacturing and service in each of the world’s majorindustrial markets.