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Dange In Natural


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Dange is traditional cake from Pangkep regency

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Dange In Natural

  1. 1. ‘’ Dange In Natural ‘’ © Ince Nur Agi Siswandi Reso © Muh. Azwar Usman © Arini Dita Astari © Dian Dwi Lestari © Reza Wardhani Tonang
  2. 2. Introduction Dange is the one of traditional cake from Pangkep regency, specially Segeri. in Segeri, there are many people founding a stands of Dange Because Dange is very delicious, so there are many people like it. Most of Bugis people has known this food. Usually we presented with other food, Traditional food although modern food. Dange is durable food Because the dapo boiling until high temperature, so bacteria's in dough was die. It the reason why dange don’t rotten fastly. Beside that, dange made naturally.
  3. 3. Dange which rich of the carbohydrate because Dange are contains of palm sugar. Formerly people in era colonize eat palm sugar as staple food. Palm sugar is one of food that produce high energy or high power. In era colonize , people always brought palm sugar anywhere.
  4. 4. Palm sugar can substitute rice as main food. Therefore some patients diabetes finally makes dange as component of therapy to lessen consumption of rice. Please for you having problem with sugar, and the medical doctor prohibited to eat rice, so you can used dange as alternative food for prevented from diabetes.. For you which is first eats, dange it is of course will felt strangers foreigners in tongue and when munched like eating biscuit which still felt the flour. Yeah like people bulai eats rice which habit to eat the bread its, the example.
  5. 5. Tools  Pa’rangeang (DANGE mould)  Basin  Tweezers  Lever  Dapo’(kompor)  Abissang (little bowl)  Pattapi’ berre (like big plate)  Banana leaf
  6. 6. Tool’ Picture Dapo Pa’rangeang
  7. 7. Pa’rangeang kLipper
  8. 8. Twezer
  9. 9. Basin Little Bowl
  10. 10. Ingredients • Black or white sticky rice • Scrape of coconut • Scrape of sugar derived from sap of palm sugar
  11. 11. How To Make “ Dange “  First, mixed 1 abissang of black or white sticky rice with scrape coconut until flat.  Next, pour the palm sugar into the mixture.  Then, put the mixture into Pa’rangeang that we heat before.  After that, wait for 5 minutes to cooked DANGE.  Finally, DANGE is done and place it on pattapi’ berre or plate that there’s a banana leaf on the pattapi’ berre or plate.  Dange is ready to served
  12. 12. Video “ How To Make Dange “
  14. 14. Conclusion Dange is of one traditional cake from Pangkep regency especially from Segeri, which have delicious taste and unique process to make it. The first people in Segeri who sell dange is Puang H. Bora / Hj. Mardawiyah with his small shop name is “Sabah”. And because him, the next other people in Segeri join to sell dange too with add various taste. There are two kind of dange, the first white dange and the second black dange. Dange can last four until one weeks.