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Reference to my article "To Win Over Islamic Terrorism, Eradicate Pan-Arabism"


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In his article "L' Arabisme par-delà Nationalisme et Islamisme" (Confluences Méditerranée, no 61, printemps 2007, p. 101-117), Prof. Burhan Ghalioun refers to my article "To Win over Terrorism, Eradicate Pan-Arabism and Tear Down the Arab League!" which was first published on 23rd November 2005 in Buzzle.

My article is republished here:

Prof. Burhan Ghalioun's article (Pdf) can be found here:

Here, I republish the cover page of the Pdf, the first page of the article, the page with the reference to my earlier publication (p. 3/18 of the Pdf) and the page with the bibliographical note.

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