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Personality development pgc jhang


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How we react the things? How we perceive the situations? Who we are actually? What characteristics we possess? this lecture will tell you all these questions and many more.

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Personality development pgc jhang

  1. 1. Personality Development Developing an Overall Winning Approach in Life Presented By: MOHAMMAD SALMAN
  2. 2. •Personality ….! What Comes To Mind……..? •Does Personality Mean Famous People?
  3. 3. •DEVELOPMENT What Comes To Mind …….? •Does Development Mean Physical Growth ?
  4. 4. • So What is Personality Development? Personality - an integrated organization of Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Social, Psychological and Spiritual Characteristics of an individual Development - An ongoing process
  5. 5. 7. What is a Winning Personality? • A winner is like Gold is always pure and fine “ All that Glitters is Not Gold”
  6. 6. Where do I start from? • How to Develop the Winning Personality The 24 Carats of Gold To develop A Winning Personality Check out-which ones are strong and what needs to be polished.
  8. 8. Adaptable to Change
  9. 9. The Ability to Smile
  10. 10. Think and Feel Good About Yourself
  11. 11. An Attitude of Gratitude
  12. 12. Be Responsible
  13. 13. Learning from Failure
  14. 14. Overcoming the Guilt and Worry
  15. 15. Having Clear Goals
  16. 16. Having Values Clarification
  17. 17. Respect and Value for People
  18. 18. Clarity and Conviction in Communication
  19. 19. Free from Envy & Ego
  20. 20. Ability to Spread Love and Happiness
  21. 21. • Don’t Complain and Criticize what you cannot change • Give Honest Sincere Acknowledgement • Challenging your beliefs and fears • Shifting the Focus • Stop ProcrastinationStop Procrastination • Making RightMaking Right Decisions at the RightDecisions at the Right TimeTime • Never Give UpNever Give Up • Continuously PolishContinuously Polish yourselfyourself • Develop and Keep aDevelop and Keep a Positive AttitudePositive Attitude
  22. 22. • Take Regular Action You just can’t just Stand before the mirror and shout “ winning personality” Write Down for the 7 Days…an Action plan • If you want to have something you never had , you need to Do something you have NEVER DONE . • Success is Journey Developing a Winning Personality is not a hit and Miss affair nor a matter of Luck but a Conscious and Focused Effort Developing a Winning Personality is not a hit and miss affair not a matter of Luck , but a conscious and focused effort • The Color of the Balloon does not matter , what matters is what is inside the ballon