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Demo Presentation . LEJ


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Demo Presentation . LEJ

  1. 1. HEC Video Conferencing Components Overview & Live Demonstration By Syed Ali Raza – Project Manager (VC) – M. Noman Saeed- Network Engineer (VC)-
  2. 2. Basic Video Conferencing Components (in H.323 network) VC Components Terminals (CODECS / Endpoints) Gateways GatekeeperMCUs Audio Equipment
  3. 3. The Terminal (CODEC)  A terminal, or a client, is an endpoint where H.323 data streams and signaling originate and terminate.  A terminal must support audio communication; video and data communication support is optional.
  4. 4. Hardware Terminals(CODEC) Examples ◦ Tandberg  Standard Definition  MXP (990 etc)  MXP 6000  High Definition  Edge Series  C-Series ◦ Polycom  Standard Definition  VSX 7000,8000  High Definition  HDX 7000,8000,9000 ◦ Lifesize (HD products)  Lifesize Room  Lifesize Team ◦ Aethra  Vega Series(X3,X5,X7)  Sony ◦ PCS series
  5. 5. The Gateway  The device that converts a traditional analog telephone call (voice and signals) into digital data that is sent over an IP network  Gateway functions include: ◦ Destination lookup: converting a telephone number to an IP address ◦ IP connection management: the use of protocols to establish, maintain, and teardown a call
  6. 6. The Gatekeeper  A gatekeeper is a very useful, but optional, component of an H.323-enabled network.  A gatekeeper is often referred to as the brain of the H.323 enabled network because of the central management and control services it provides.  When a gatekeeper exists all endpoints (terminals, gateways, and MCUs) must be registered with it. Registered endpoints' control messages are routed through the gatekeeper.  HEC currently using Codian Embedded Gatekeeper.
  7. 7. MCU (Multipoint Control Unit)  A multipoint control unit enables conferencing between three or more endpoints.  It consists of a mandatory multipoint controller (MC) and zero or more multipoint processors (MP).  It may be combined into a terminal, gateway, or gatekeeper.  Call and control signaling are routed through the MC so that endpoints capabilities can be determined and communication parameters negotiated.  The MCU is required in a centralized multipoint conference where each terminal establishes a point-to-point connection with  E.g. ◦ Tandberg  MPS 200, 800 ◦ Codian  4200/4500  MSE 8000 ◦ Polycom  MGC 25/50/100  RMX 2000 series ◦ Aethra  AMS  MCU+ ◦ Lifesize  Lifesize Multipoint  12/24 Port
  8. 8. Streaming Server  A streaming server is usually a server that sends media to a client so the media can be played back in real time without waiting for it to download completely first. Examples: Windows Media, Real, QuickTime, Flash etc.  Tandberg ◦ Tandberg Content Server  Codian ◦ Codian IP VCR  Polycom ◦ RSS-2000 IPVCR vs TCS
  9. 9. Management Suite  Management Suite are functional software application that administrators can use to monitor, maintain, manage and schedule videoconferencing systems.  E.g. ◦ Tandberg  TMS ◦ Polycom  CMA Series  Path Navigator ◦ Aethra  Aethra Unified Communication ◦ Lifesize  Lifesize Control
  10. 10. Higher Education Commission Video Conferencing Management Infrastructure Tandberg Management System Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) Codian 4520 Codian 4220 Tandberg MPS 200 Content / Streami ng Solution Tandberg Content Server Endpoints Hardware based Tandberg 990 MXP Tandberg Edge 95 Tandberg 6000 MXP Software based Polycom PVX MS-OCS (SIP) Mirial
  11. 11. HEC VC Infrastructure Codian MCU- 4520 Tandberg Management System Codian MCU- 4220 Tandberg Content Server
  12. 12. Live Demonstration of HEC VC-Infrastructure Management System (TMS) MCU (Codian 4520) Streaming Server (TCS)