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Signs of final hour and life after death


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Signs of final hour and life after death

  1. 1. The Signs of The Hour And What After Death
  2. 2. Befote the last Hour The Appearance of the Dajjal The Descent of the Prophet Esa Befotrhee L asHt our TheA ppearanocfe t heD a11al TheD escenotf theP ropheEt sa The Great GreatBattel Battel diLd,l€ ulA~ u,dfjlf lt ~ ,t+ t~fit{lA.gls,J~Ut L*Jt
  3. 3. r ( ' T t : l - | b - A v A - . l b b (C'~ r (rJrF.r : ; - ; 0 - J.VA- - ..00 If,.r,-~ hAva VJ.; t I / t r ~ c;ri ll I C';.(~ J.i ~ VJ.i / ~ -~.,t':" ,f!i~ . l- Ir-:<,c:' -{1'?tn1 (rF n lfl.rt r(rt'il r c c ' l ? : l - t b - J V A - . l b b vL8 i tt xA - J "1{16In4 I~ irT'!! I'<~~) (C'~ : i-it -J,VA- -"00 V~"';~XA,.....J ~.,t':" 'n~ (".,~, rnqt"ivr'fI"::" rylfr - - ;{rr,-!' rz' ..l r rsf f f { r ~~ f l n ' ? l-i f1rll"::" f i r * J 1~ rY*"! f*rfrmtlfttffrF'tf ~I~ fir If"riJr:J~ I~ @..r.sf!f~ '1'rir=" ~~ , ~ J lIt'" vJrr/rr l- rpfrc C tf fqilnril'.rr$ ' Ittfrr
  4. 4. fh"eD njj *l or tfvefw t se l,tessi*fv The The Dajjal or or the false false Messiah will appear as the end of of the the world world approaches. approachesT. The he tinH:: tinre he stays will be the time of immense immenset trial rial for for all humanity. Although all of Allaah's Prophets prophets had warned their their people about him, our Prophet Muhammed (lMayth May the ep Peace eacea and ndB Blessings tessings of ofA A1laah llaahb be eu upon.pon-him) himw)was a s particularly concerned for his Ummah ummah about about him. This is because the Prophet ~ * knew that since he is is the the last last of of the Prophets, the Dajjal will undoubtedly rurdoubtedly appear during the the time time of of his Ummah. He said: " There There wI!! will be no greater greafer tribulation tribulafion on on the fhe the earfh tine fhe children of face of earth since the time Allaah created the chIldren of Adam than the Dajjal. Dojjal. Verily, no Prophet was sent senf who who did did not nof warn his people from the Dajjal, Dajlal, and ond I f am the last last of of the the Prophets, and you are the last of the fhe nations, ndfions, and so so he he will will inevitably appear from amongst omongsf you."you."[ t 'f'fre The state of of9vt.futusfrmsuslims 6efore e fore tfie the appearancoef appearance ofrrlie tfie (rDajjaf j)ajjaf before appearanceo f be at the Just the appearance of the Dajjal the Muslms will be at the peak their will to make a peace treaty with and win, but the of Allaah iE informed " peoce with the Romans togefher you will be Then will camp a hilly pasture raise cross and 'Victory Cross', tWustims will come of military power, and it seems to be that his purpose be destroy this power. At that time, the Muslims will make the Romans, and together they will conquer and Romans will break the treaty. The Messenger of 3i us: You will make a peace treaty with the and together you will invade an enemy beyond Rome. You WIll victorious and take much booty. Th!!n you will camp in a pasture when one of the Romans will come and raise a cross say, 'Victory to the Cross: so one of the Muslims will come ' Collected in Sunan lbn Majoh. Kitaab al-Fitan,2l1363, Ibn Khuzaynah, and AI-Hahim. I Collected in Sunan Ibn Majah. Kitaab al-Fitan, 2/1363, Ibn Khuzaymah, and AI-Hakim.
  5. 5. at d kitt him. Then fhc Romans vill brcak the treaty and prepare for al-t&alhanah (the great battlc).'z tfu Qreatr Battfcw itfi tfrc Rpmatx This great battle beween the Muslims and the Christiarrs, which the previous Hadeeth mentioned, is described in numerous other Hadeeths. Mublims a large number of men to embrace Islam and become best will especially after Propher *, and kill him. Then the Romans will break the treaty and prepare for al-Malhamah (the great battle) ..2 rrTie great (}3attfe witli tlie qq,mans This great battle between the Muslims and the Christians. which the previous Hadeeth mentioned, is also described in numerous other Hadeeths. There will be among the ranks of the Muslims large number of men who will abandon Christianity Islam and become best of the Muslims, and the Christians wilT especially go after them. The '-ThE Prophet~, The Hour will not come until until the the Romans Romans (i.1:e. e. the the Christians) camp at Al' AI- A'mag A'maq or Dabig. Dabiq. An An army, army, composed composed of of the best people on eorlh earth at fhat that fime, time, will come come out out of of lrladinah Madinah to to meet them- them. When fhey they arrange 'Do themselves themselves with with ranks' ranks, the Romans will wHl say: -Do- not sfand stand between us and those who took prisoners from amongst Let us fight them. The Muslims will say, -No by AI/aah, we wtll not stand N aside and let you fight our brothers." Then they wtll fight. One third will run away, and Allaah wJII never forgive them, one wil/ be killed and will be the best of the martyrs in the Sight AI/aah. Another third, who have never been subject to win and conquer Constantinople. After they hang their swordS the olive trees and begin to diVIde the booty. Satan will shout them that the Dajjal has taken their place among their family. They will run out but will find that it is not true. However, they reach AI-Shan?, the Dajjal will appear. While they preparing to fight him, and draWing up their ranks, time will come and then, Tsa (~) the son ofMaryam will descencl.'.,4 betueen us and those uho us. Lef uS 'l,,lo fight then.* The fuluslims willsay, Allaah, will aside and lef you fight our brothers.' will one third uill run avay, and will fhem, third witt be killed and will fhe marfrs sight of Atlaah. Another third, who subiect trials, will vin and conquer Consfantinople. Swords on the olive trees and begin fo divide boofy. shouf to fhem that the Dajjat dmong They will run out buf find frue. when they reoch Al-Shanl, Daiial fhey are prepring to fight hin, drawing rankl, prayer fime will come and fhen, fsa (gi#l) of tHatyam descend.'A The Messenger of # has at Iength about Malhamah (or great Uatite; and tenible it and great sense of sacrifice the Muslims will display. He it said, The Messenger of Allaah ~has talked at length about (or great battle) and how terrible it will be. and the great sense of sacrifice the Muslims will display. He ~ said, -The Hour will not come unttl the people wtll not be able to divide inheritance, nor 'The Hour will not come unfil the people will not be able ta divide inheritance, nor 2 Collected in Sunan Abu Dawood. Kitaab al- Malahinr t present day Syria, Palestine' Jordan. Lebanon { bolfected in Saheeh Muslirtt. Kttaoh sl-Fitan, Hadeeth no'6924 2 Collected in Sunan Abu Dawood. Kilaab al- Malahim J present day Syria, Palestine. Jordan. Lebanon 4 Collected in Saheeh Muslim. Kllaah al-Filan. Hadeeth no.6924 2
  6. 6. booty." Al-Shan, "An rejoice over booty. Pointing towards AI-Sham, he said: enemy 1/ will gather forces against the Muslims, tWuslins, and the Muslims tWuslims wi/will I gathe~ gafher forces against againsf them." A companion asked: "Do you mean mean the fhe Romans?" He said: "Yes, and at that thot time fime there will be terrible fighting. The Muslims rWuslims wJ1l will prepare a detachment to fo fight fight to fo death, and they will not return refurn unless they are victorious. They wi/will I fight until night intervenes, both bofh Sides sides wi/will I take booty but none will be victorious, and the detachment defachment will perish. Then the Muslims tfiuslims will prepare .;mother nother detachment defachment to fight fight to death, and not return unless tliey fli<:y are victorious. They wi/will I fighi fight until night intervenes, both Sides sides wJ1l will take tdke booty but none will be victorious... On the fourth day, the Muslims rWuslins who are left leff will return refurn to fo fight. fight, and Allaah Allaoh wi/will I make their enemy to be defeated. There will be a battle the like of which has never been seen, so that thaf even if a a bird were to fo pass their fheir ranks, it will fall dead before it reaches the end of them. Out ofa of a fanily family ofone of one hundred, only one man wi/will I survive, so how could he rejoice of any booty or divide any inheritance.~'io survive, boofy inheritance?a ffrefeatures of tfre rDaliaf Although the Dajjal will claim that he is Allaah, and will perform mighty acts to convince people of hi~ hip claim. he will have some physical features that will undoubtedly show his defects, and every true believer will not fail to recognize them. The Prophet ::* 115 has described them at length. The Prophet said, "'He He is bulky, red face, with curly hairs, one eyed, his other eye looks like a floating grape... n,e man who looks closest to him is Ibn Qatan from Khuza'ah. ,,6 The Prophet ~ has also said: "I have told so much about the Dajjaluntil I feared that you might not comprehend. The Dajjal is a short man, bowlegged, with curly hair, one eyed. His eye is extinguished, it is neither protruding nor deep-seated. If you are Viefeatures ofthe CfJajja{ grdpe... The look closesl hin fbn Qatan Khuzabh."6 * f Dajjal unfil f night Dajjol shorf cuily if ff 5 Collected in Saheeh Muslim, ul-Fitan u Collected in Sahih al-Bukhari, Kitaab 242 S Collected in Saheeh Muslim. Ktab al-Fitan, Hadeeth no.6927. 6 Collected in Sahih al-Bukhari. Kitaab al-Fitan vol.9. Hadeeth no.242 3
  7. 7. confused. confused, know that your Lord is is not nqt one eyed, and that you will never see your Lord (in this world).,,world)!' 7 The Prophet ~ * has extensively described the Dajjal's eye because it will be plain for everybody to notice. notice, His other defect is obvious only to the believers, as Prophet :* i; said, said. "* Allah Alldh did not send any Prophet but that he warned his nation of the one-eyed liar (Ad­Dajjal). Prophef fhaf fhe Ad- Dajjal). eyed. He is one-eyed while your Lord is not one-eyed And befween - Fa', ('Kaafir' written between his two eyes is - Kaf, Fa: Raa or unbelieverJ,unbeliever]'8 8 These words will be actually written between his eyes, and they not be an allusion, allusion. because the Prophet ~ # has spelled them out, out. but they will be seen only by the believers whether they know how to read or not, as mentioned in the following Hadeeth, "* On On his forehead will wi// be written wriften the fhe word Kafir, and every believer, whether literate liferafe or illiterate, illiferate, will be able to fo read it.,,if."9 e rrTie Capa6iCities ofthe (j)ajja[ in Spreading 'Turmoi[ (fre Capafiifitieso f tlie Qajjafin Spreafing'Turmoif The Dajjal will claim to be Allaah. and he will be given certain extraordinary capabilities that will subject people to great trials. Some of his capabilities include: Someo f capabilitiesin clude: 1. 1 . He will rruill move with rruith great swiftness around the earth: Th~ The Prophet Prophet'* *described describedh his is movement movementt to o be: "like a cloud driven by the wind"wind."IO. to. He ~ H also said: said,:" "fhere there is no place he will wi// not visit visif except Makkah rl4akkah and lMadinah."adinah."tl ll 2. He will iruill have a river of water and river of fire: f i r e : The Messenger Messerrger of AlIaah Allaah ~ * has informed us, "He (the Dajjal) will have two flowing flOWing rivers. One will appear to fo be pure water and the other will appear to be flaming fire. Whosoever lives to see that, ofher flaning thaf, 'Collected 7 Collected in Musnad ofImaam of Imaam Ahned Ahmed & & Sl/Sunan nan Abu Dawood Hadeeth Hadeeth no.4306 8 8 Collected in Sahih at--al-Blikhari Bukhari((Eng. Trans.) vol.vo!.9. 9, Hadeeth 505 and and Saheeh Saheeh Muslim and ,.'lunar iunan ut-Tirmidhee. 9 Collected in Sul,.::eh Muslim, Kitaab al-Fitan 4/2245 10 Collected in Sahih al-Bukhari vo!.3. Hadeeth no. 105 ·1 Collected in Sahih al-lJukhari voU. Hadeeth no.105 and Saheeh Muslim e Sat;eeh lv{uslim, Kitoab 412245 "'Coliected i n al-Bukharivol.3. no.105 " Suhih ul-Bukharivol.i. no. 105 and Muslint 4
  8. 8. let him choose the river that seems to be fire, then let him close his eyes and drink from it, for it will be cold water.,,12 The Prophet. also said: "He has cool water and fire, but his water is fire and his fire is cool water."13 hin fire, clase if, will cold water."rz The Prophet * said: fire, his sater fire t3 'He 3. He will get help from the devils: -He will will say say to to a Bedouin: ''What lAhat will witl you think if I f bring your father father and and mother mother back to life for you? Will you bear witness wifness that I f am your Lord?' Lord?' The Bedouin will say, ''Yes: Yes', so the fhe two fwo devils wi/will I assume the fhe appearance of his father and mother and will say: say: ''O 0 son, son, follow follow him, for he is your lord." ta 4 I This is another proof that Dajjal is a disbeliever and an evil man, because the the'devils ~devils do not lead their help except to the worst of evil men. H"T:* 4. Animals and objects will rnrill execute his order: -'He He will come to the people and invite them then (to a wrong religion): religion); they fhey will uill affirm affirn their fheir faith in in..hin him and respond to fo him. hin. He will mll then give a command to the sky: there WIll will be rainfall upon the thc Earth and it wi/will Igrow grow crops. Then in the fhe evening, their psturing pasturing animals wt1l will come to fo them fhem with their humps very high, htgh, their udders full of milk nilk and their flank flanks distended. He wi/will I then come to another people and invite invita them. But they will reject him so he wt1l will go gn away from them; fhem: they will have a drought and nothing. nofhing.will will be left with *ith them then in the form of wealth. He wtJI will then walk through the fhe desert deserf and say to it: Bring forth your treasures. The treasures will vill come out ouf and gather before him hin like a swarm of bees...5 bees." The Dajjal's time will be a time of extreme trials as Allaah Allash created him to be a test for people. Only those people whose faith is strong will resist the great temptation, and the might of the Dajjal. He will t2R elatedb y 412249,n o. tt Coltected at-ra Coflected Sunan Majah lbn Khuzrymah, and At-ttCofhcted Saieeh Muslim,Hadeethn o.70l5 12 Related by Muslim, Kitaab al-Fitan, 4/2249, no. 2934 13 Collected in Sahih al-Bukhari, Kitaab al-Fitan 14 Collected in 800an Ibn Majah, Ibn Khuzaymah. and AI-Hakim IS Collected in Sa.heeh Muslim, Hadeeth no.701S 5
  9. 9. rule on earth for forty days but they would not be like the days we are accustomed to. When the Messenger of AlIaah il was asked about Dajjal's stay on the earth, he :fi said, "For forty days, one day like a year, one day Itke a month, one day like a week, and the rest of the days will be like your days. If The Sahabah Companions of the Prophet) who were always concerned about matters of faith and worship asked, "0 Allah's Messenger, will one day's prayer suffice for the prayers of the day equal to one year? Thereupon he ~ said: No, but you must make an estimate of the time {and then observe prayer).,,16 rule on earth for forty days but they would be are accustomed to. When Allaah * about Dajjal's stay on the * For forty day like a yedr, day like monfh, rest of the days will days." (the Companions of the Prophet) matters of faith and worship asked, O Messenger. day's sufftce for the of Thereupon he * lrto, esfimate time (then observe prayer)."r6 This This means means that that the the day will be tnrly truly lengthened, and it will not be merely merely due due to people's imagination. During these days he will roam roam the the earth and visit every place except Makkah and Madinah, as the Prophet * ~ said: "tWadinah Madinah will not see the terror of Dajjal, for for it will have, at that fime time seven gates with every everygate gate guarded by by two two angles.,,angles."17 tj These two holy places will also be cleaned from all disbeliever who will then come out to follow Dajjal, as mentioned by the Prophet il, -'There fi, There will be no town fown that Dajjal will wl1l nof not visit, except Makkah tfiakkah and Madina, thadina, for all their gates will be guarded by angels surrounding them. So 5o he will camp at dt the fhe salt marsh morsh (near Madina). liladina). Madina lladina will vill be shaken by three fhree tremors, fremors, after which every cvety disbeliever and hypocrite will leave it.,,it."18 t8 Most of the Dajjal's followers will be from the Jews, "The Dajjal Daiial would sould be bc followed by seventy scventy thousand Jews ,fews of Isfahan wearing Persian Persian shawls.,,.hovls.-te 19 The reason is that the Jews will believe him to be a miracle from Allaah and will return to them their Kingdom. They will call him the Messiah, Messiatr, son of David. 16 Collected 70l 5 f? Collectcd SaAift BuHuri, Kitaab al-Fitsn, vol.3, Hadeeth no. 103 & vol.9, 240 ff Collectcdi n Sahiha l-Bukhari( Eng.T rans.)v ol.3, Hadeethn o.l05 re Collected Muslim (Eng. Trans.) no. 7034 16 Collected in Saheeh Muslim Hadeeth no.7015 17 Collected in Sahih al-Bukhari, Kitaab Fitan, vo!.vo!.9. Hadeeth no.240 .1 Collected in Sahih al-Bukhari (Eng. Trans.) vo!.3, Hadeeth no. 105 19 Collected in Saheeh Muslim Eng. 6
  10. 10. Itfre (Dajjafis afitte andimprisonefin isofatefisknf rrTte ([)ajjafis afive am{imprisonedin an isofatedisfand The Messenger of Allaah :S j! once gathered the Muslims in the Masjid (mosque) and said: NI 'f have detained defained you here because Tamim Dar/~ Dari, a Christian Chrisfian who came and accepted dccepted Islam, fslan, told me something somefhing which agrees with what I f was telling you about the Dajjal. He narrated narcoted to fo me that thaf he had sal1ed sailed in a ship with thirty thirly men of Banu Lakhm and Banu Judham and had been tossed by waves in the ocean for a month. Then these (waves) took them wdves fhe oceon fhen (near) fhe fine sunsef. the land within the ocean (island) at the time of sunset. They sat sot in a small rowing-boat boat and landed on that island. There waS was a beast with long thick hair (and because of this) they could not distinguish his face from his back. They 'Woe be?* said, "Woe to you, who can you ber said, "f am Jassasah" Thereupon it sakI, NIam al-Jassasah H They sakI, said, "'lUhat What is al-Jassasah?" ItD'said, · said, ·'O 0 people, go to fo this person in the monastery nonasfery as he is very vety much eager to fo know knov about abouf you." you. " He (the narrator) said, ·'When When it named a persoir perSOi7 for for us we were afraid of it lest it should be a Devil': Devil'. Then we hurried hutied on tJll till we came to that monastery and found a well-built built person there with wifh his hands tied to his neck and iron shackles gripping his legs by the ankles. We said, sakI, ·'Woe Woe to you, who are you?" He said, saId, "'You You soon come to fo know about me, ne, but buf tell fell me ne who you are', are~ We ll/e said, ·'We We are people from Arabia and we enbdrked embarked upon a boat but the uaves waves had been driving driVing us for one month and fhey they brought us near this island. We took fo to the rowing-boats boats and landed on fhis this island.'[island. The [The II travelers then explained that they were sent al-Jassasah beast) to the cave] So we came to you in by (the 5o to hot hasfe night haste fearing that that might be the Devil. 7
  11. 11. thot "Tell abouf frees Baysan". He (that chained person) said, me about the date-palm trees of Baysan~ We LUe said, "In fn which respect do you seek information about it?" He said, "f I ask you whether these trees frees bear fruit or not'~ nof". We lUe said, said,'"Yeso Yes" Thereupon he said, "'f I think these will not bear fruit" He then questioned, guesfioned, "'fnform Inform me about abouf the fhe lake of Tabariyyah?" Tabariyyah?' We said, ·'Whaf What do you want to fo know about abouf it?" if?" He said, "'Is Is there water uater in it?" if?" They said, ·'There There is an abundance of water in it" if' Thereupon he said, said,'f "I think it if will soon dry up" He again said, "'fnform Inform me about the spring of Zughar. Zughar." " They said, "'What What do you want wanf to fo know luow about abouf it?" if?' He (the chained person) saia, "Is there water in it ana does irrigate (the land)?" We said to him, ·Yes, there is an abundance ofwater in it and the inhabitants (of Medina) irrigate (land) with its help. " He said, OlInform me about the unlettered Prophet: what has he done?" We said, "He has left Mecca and has settled in Yathrib (Medina)* He said, ·Do the Arabs fight against him?" We said, ·Yes" He said, ·How does he deal with him?" We informed him that he hadovercome those in his neighborhood and they hadsubmitted themselves before him. Thereupon he said to us, ·Hadit actually happened?" We said, ·Yes" ' sard, 'Is fhere sater and docs it . 'Y*, fhere of wter utd ltedina) irrigofe wifh help.' 'Inform fhe unleftered Prophef; whaf done?' 'He lHecca iledina)' said,'Do agninst him?' said"'Yes* said,'How him?' Wc hin had overcomc neighborhd fhcy had subnitted themselvas Thcrcupon us,'Had if actwlly happcncd?' bl/e 'Yes' 8
  12. 12. Thereupon he said,'Tf it is so that is bcftcr fot thcm tlrat thcy shou obcdicttcc to him. f am gong to tcll Wu about tnysclf. f am thc Dqiial and yill bc soon pcnn'ttcd jo lcar. & f shall lc*p otd trnvcl in thc ldrd, and slnlt rcf sryn atv to*n rhcrc f shall rct statr for forty nights cxccpt ilccca and llcdina: thcsc tuo (placcs) om prchihind (anos) for nc and f shall not attcttpt fo cntcr cilhcr of thcm. ln angtcl uith a suord pill cmftwtt ap fur nf vay ^and thcrc vill bc atgcls gntd cwy twd lcadilg fo if."20 The Dajjal 'Isa ,*flfl will descend to Thereupon he said, '7f it is so that is btlfftlr for thtIm that thtly show obtlditlllCtI to him. I am going ttl ttllI YtJU about mystllf. I am '!htl /)ajjal and will btl SDtHI ptlrmifftld ttl ItlatM. 5D I shall Itlave and froVtlI in thtl land, and shall IIDt sptVe any ftJwn whertl I sholl IIDt stay for fDrly nights .xCtlp' Mtlcca and Medina: 'fhtIse fwD {plactls} tIIW prohibited {tllWD$} for 1M and I shall fl(Jt afftlmpt ttl tI/Ittlr tlithtlr of thtIm. An angel with SWDrd in his hand will ctJflfront 1M and bar my way and thtl,.. will btl angels to guard tlVtlry rtHld Itlading ftJ it.,,20 will finally be destroyed by Prophet 'Isa ~ who will earth and spread peace. The Descent Isa,#l of Isa ~ Prophet ''Isa Isa ~ ii$ (Jesus) son of Maryam, was raised up to heaven heaven when the Jews wanted to crucify crucifu him. His ascension to heaven and and his future return to earth are mentioned in the Qur'aan, ,,That Qur'aan, "That they thqt said (in boast): lfe *$il, the son of said boast): We killed the Messiah Isa ita, the son of Maryam, the Messenger ofAllaah', of AIIaah', but hnt they thcy killed him not not nor nor crucified crucifrcd him, but the resemblance ofIsa of Isa ,'W 1»tI was put put to to anothl!anothcr r man (and they killl!killed d that man), and those who differed differed from from them are full full in doubts. They have no certain knowledge, they they follow nothing but conjecture. For surely, they killed him not, but Allaah raised him up unto Him. And Allaah is ever all­powerful, follow not, AIIaah ap Him" is ever all-powerful, All Wise. And there is non-of the people of the AII l/ ise, ot the of the hat 'him before his And on the Scripture but must believe in 'him be/ore his death. And on the Day ofRecurrection, he ('Isa) will be a witness against them" 21 of Recurrection, wiII a witness ogainst themn2I ''Isa Isa *itiY S will retum return at the end of time, as sta-stated ted in the Qur'aan, Qur'aan, uAnd "And he (Qesus) Jesus) shall he be a Sign of ofthe the Hour'J2 Hour,,22 Prophet ''Isa Isa ,!~ tH will descend at a time when the Muslims are are great experiencing the hardships. He will come to their help and 20 Collectcd in Saheeh Muslim (Eng. tt SoorahA n-Nisa',( 4): 15?-159 2 Soorah at- Zukhurf, (a3): 6l 20 Collected Trans.) Hadeeth no.7028 21 Soorah An-Nisa', (157-159 22 al- 43): 61 9
  13. 13. make the religion of Allaah prevail on earth. The Muslims will recognize him by the features, which Prophet Muhammed ~ described him. He said, -Iam the closest of all the people of Iso, son of Mtzryam, for there is no Prophet between him and myself. He will come again tJII(/ when you see him, you will recognize him. He is of medium height and his complexion is reddish-white, he will be wetJring two garments, QII(/ his hair will look wet, although no water hodgone through it.'.23 l11ie time tPropliet Isa ~ wi«tfescena The coming of Isa ~ glad tiding for the Muslims who stood firm and fought for the cause of Allaah and did not succumb to the temptation of Dajjal. At that time, the only two options for humanity will be to embrace Islam or die. -It will at this very time that Allah will send Christ, son of Mary. He will descend at the white minaret on the eastern side of Damascus, weoring two garments lightly dyed with saffron and placing his hQ/lds on the wings of two Angels. When he lowers his heoc/, there will fall beods of perspiration from his head, QII(/ whM he raises it up, betlds like peorls will scatter from it. Every non-believer who smells the odour of his will die Q/ld his breDth will reoch as for as he is able to see. He will then search for him (Dajjalj until he catches hold of him at the gate of Ludd and kills him. Then a people whom Alloh had protected will come to Jesus, son of Mtzry, and he will Wipe their faces them of their rtI/Iks in Paradise. It will be under such conditions that AI/ah willreveol to Jesus these words, -rhave brought forth from among My servQ/lts such people against whom none able to fight: you take these people safely to Tur.24 make the religion of Allaah Muslims will recognize him by the featrrres, * described him. He said, ?arn the closest of fhe people fsa, son of tllatyan, for thcre is no befwcen hin Hc vill comc again and vhn Hc is of mcdium height campluion reddish'white, uill fu ucaring t*o Sttd vill m uofcr lnd gotu through it.'u' lITu tirne <PropfrcIts a,$ wil[ descmf Thec omingo f Isar rF will be a gladt idingf or theM uslimsw ho stood firm and fought the Allaatr to the temptation of Daiial. humanity b€ to 'ff yill at this vety fime sill tl4aty. He uill dcsccnd af uhite mimret fhe easfern Dandicus, wearing f*o garnents lightlt/ his hands on fhe hud, therc vill foll fuads and rtat lre rciss bads likc pearls vill scatfer if. Eory mn-belicve rrln smclls thc body uill and brcath uill rcach far hc Hc vill thcn for hin Wd) mtil af attd kills Thctr pcoplc vhom Allah protccted vill to ,Icsus, son lftaty, hc uilt uipc and inform tlpm of fheir ranl<s Parudisc. fi vitl bc undcr Allah sill rcycal fo trcstts uords, 'f have ftom annng lly sevotts peoplc nh2! will be able to figt t; fakc thisc paplc fo Tuiu" Hc gather the Daiial are He will descend when the Muslims who to fight Dajjal are preparing their ranks for Fajr (morning) prayer, and their Imam had advanced to lead them. The Imam will then step back advanced lcad and ask o Collcctsd n Musmdof Imaan Almed2l406 'Collcctcd nsalr;ch Muslim (Eng. Trans.) 13 Collected in Musnad ofImaam Ahmed2/406 :zA Collected in Saheeh Muslim (Eng. Trans.) ro 10
  14. 14. Isa to advance and lead the prayer, but he will refuse. Prophet Muhammed ~ * informed us, "While their Imam is going forwtd forward to fo lead them in Fajr Fqir prayer, Tsa 'Isa son ofMaryam of tWaryam will uill descend descend. The Imam fmam will step back to let Isa lead people in prayer, but Isa will place his hands between befween the mans shoulder and say, -'fu Go forwrd forward and lead the fhe prayer for the iqamah (call to commence the prayer) was made for you, andso and so the Imam fmam will lead people in prayer.'prayer.'.as 25 '[sa ' eq This symbolic gesture from 'Isa :'MlI to let the Imam lead the prayer will be to show that he will be following the true religion, Islam, and will not bring forth any rules different from the Islamic Shari'ah. Armageddon and the destruction of Dajjal Armageddoann dt he destructioonf the Daiial 'Isa eH be The first thing Prophet 'Isa iti!J will accomplish, will be to kill the Dajjal with his own hands, -'Afterwards Afterwards (i.e. after the Imam finishes the prayer),'prayer), fsa Tsa will say, say,'Open -Open the gate~ gate". They will uill open it and behind it will be the Dajjal Dojjal and seven thousand Jews, ,Iews, each bearing a sword and a shield. When ltl/hen the Dajjal sees Tsa, 'Isa, he will begin to dissolve like salt in water and wl1l will run away. asay. Tsa will uill say, say, -'You You will nrill remain alive until I strike you with uith my sword" suord.' Isa will uill catch up with him hin at the eastern easfern gate gnte of Ludd and kill him, and ond the Jews will be defeated with the help of AI/ooh. ,,26 ,Tews help of Allaah.'rb Therefore the first person to be killed at the hands ofIsa iti!J will be the Dajjal. The Jews will be defeated with the help of Allaah. There will be no place for them to hide; they will not be able to hide behind any stone, wall, animal or tree-except the Box-thom27 (al-Gharqadah), for it is ofthree trees. of Isa eF b€ thorn27 of three E Coltected in Sunan lbn Majah, Kitaab al-Fitan 2/1363, no.4077, Ibn Khuzrymah and Al-Hakim 26 Coltected in Sunan lbn Majah, Ibn Khuzrymah, and AI-Hahim tt Any one of various ornamental shrubs of the nightshade family, some of 15 Collected in Sunan Ibn Majah, Kilaab al-Filan 2/1363, no.4077, Ibn Khuzaymah and AI-Hakim 26 Collected in Sunan Ibn Majah, Ibn Khuzaymah, and AI-Hakim 21 Anyone of various omamental shrubs of the nightshade family, some of which are grown for their bright red or orange berries. [World Boole Dictionary] are bright red or orange berries- lVorld Book Dictionuyl 11 l l
  15. 15. Allaah,* 'Ile Lasf nof The Messenger of Allaah·~ said, -The Last Hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims MJuld kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say, -0 Muslim the servant of Allah) there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him: but the tree Gharqad wouldnot say, for it is the tree of the Jews. ,,28 wlass lluslins agninsf ,fews thuslims upuld then unfil gtonc free slone 'O tlrluslim (or scwanf a.Iew hin: thc frcc Qharqad rould not soy, for Jervs."After killing the Dajjal and relieving people of his oppression, Isa ,*itiiJ g will concentrate on the task he was sent to accomplish. This task will be to rule people with justice and equity by applying the Islamic Shari'ah, with which our noble Messenger, Muhammed * ~ was sent to establish. He will abolish all practices that did not confirm to the Shari'ah, '-By By the one Whose Hand my soul is, surely surely the thc son son ofMaryam of ,l4aryan vill will come down amorE among you as a ruler. He uill will break the cross, kill the swine and abolish the .Jizyah. Iizyah. Wealth will vill be bc in such such abundance that no one will care about it, and the thc single single Sajdah .Sqidah (prostration) will be better hetter than the world and all ,that that in in it.,,it.'ne 29 Isa ftI9 l9 will fight the disbelievers, and abolish all other religions until everybody worships Allaah. (Peacfefi lEartft fPeace on PArtfi Before Bcforc the end of the thc world, there will be last and decisive battle between the truth and falsehood. Truth will be b€ triumph, tiumph, and peace and prosperity will prevail on earth. In this great battle, Prophet Isa itiS t9B and the Muslims will be on one side, while the disbelievers, led by Dajjal Daiial will be bc on the other side. The Prophet. Prophet * said': said: -'During During his (Isa's) time, tine, Allaah will end crd every cvetT religion and sect other than Is/am, and will destroy the Dajjal Then petlce andsecurity willprevail on earth, so that the lions will rcligion otd fhan Islam, uill dcstroy thc Dqiial. Thcn pace ard sccurity uill prewil carth, fhc vill r Collcctcd nsaheeh Muslim @ng. 6985 D Cotlcctcd n Sahih al-(Eng. vol.4, Hadecth no.657 21 Collected in Saheeh Muslim (Eng. Trans.) Hadeeth no.6985 29 Collected in Sahih a/-Bukhari Trans.) volA, Hadeeth 00.657 12
  16. 16. graze with camels, tigers with cattle, and wolves with sheep. Children will be able to play with snakes without coming to any harm. Isa will remain on earth for forty years, then he will die, and the Muslims will pray on him.,,3o It will indeed be forty years of exceptional life on earth as portrayed by this Hadeeth, ·Peace will prevail and people will use their sword as sickles. Every harmful beast will be made harmless. The sky will send down rain in abundance, and the earth will bring forth its blessings.'.J[ "Hatred will disappear. Every harmful animal will be made harmless, so -that the infant will put his hand into the snake's mouth without being harmecJ, and the little girl will be able to make the lion run away from her, the wolf will90 among the sheep as if it were a sheep-dog. The earth will be filled with peace as a container is filled with water. People will be in complete agreement, and only Allaah will be worshipped. The earth will be like a Silver basin, and it will produce fruits so abundantly that a group of people will gather to eat a bunch of grapes or one pomegranate and will be satisfied. bull will be worth so much of money, but a horse will be worth only a few Dirhams.•32 grdze with camels, tignrs catfle, uolvcs rith shccp. Children will play vith smkes pithout atry harm. Isa will for forty vill dic, and the thuslims witl pray on him."30 It indeed by this Hadeeth, 'Peace their sword as sickles. Every harml*s. Ihe sky urill doun abundorce, witt bring forth ifs blessings.'rl *Hatred will harnful madc harmless, so^ that info thc snakct moufh without harmed, make fhe lion run a*ny from will gn shccp as if it sere a sheep-dog. confainer is filled with completc agreement, and only worshiPPed. he like a silver basin, and group of will eaf grapu onc pomegranafe and witl safisfied. A mone)/, buf a horse pill be Dirhams.'3? People's activIties will concentrate on plowing the land and bringing forth crops, and they will abandon fighting, to the that the horse, which is used in the wars, will be much cheaper than the bull, which is used to plough the land. For forty humanity will experience such prosperity and peace it had never experienced before. Then Isa if$!l will die, and mankind will again plunge into the abyss of ignorance and apostasy to the end of time when the Hour will come upon the worst of people and destroy them. People's activities bringing forth point that the horseo than the bull, years, humanity experienced before. . s plunge into when the Hour destoy them. 30C olfectedi n Musnado f ImaamA hned2/rf Cof f ected in Musnad of Imaam 482,483 i2 Coltectedi n Sunanl bn Maiah, Kitaba l-Fitan,2l1363,Hadeetnho .407?. 30 Collected in Musnad ofImaam Ahmed 2/406 31 Collected in Mlisnad ofImaam Ahmed2/482,483 32 Collected in SlInan Ibn Majah, Kilab a/-Filan, 2/1 363.Hadeeth no.4077. l 3 13
  17. 17. J{ow to protect oneselffrom tne {[)ajjaf t{protecto nesefffromtf ieD ajjat The Dajjal will come at a time when the Muslims emerge victoriously from the Supreme Battle. His purpose will be to destroy the Islamic military power that will have defeated the strongest power on earth at that time, namely the Christians. However the Muslims will not put down their arms but they will prepare themselves to fight the Dajjal if he lives to witness him. by The time the Muslims emerge will be to destroy defeated the strongest the Christians. their arms but they will he to witness him. by joining the Muslim forces under the banner of of Jihaad for for the the sake sake of preserving come near ofpreserving the Deen. By no means the Muslim should come near the Dajjal even if he was sure of himself, because the the Dajjal Dajjal has has so so many temptations and tricks that could shake any strong faith. The The Prophet ~, *, warned us, .. " Whoever hears about the Dajjal. Dqjjal, should should stay away auny from him, for by a man could could come to him hin believing believing he he is a strong Mu'min ilumin (believer), but then he follows follows him because because of of the doubts he will spread,,spread."33 33 The Messenger of Allaah ~ fi has described the physical features, the deeds and the power of the Dajjal in great length so that it will be easy to recognize him. He has shown us the means to protect ourselves from the Dajjal. They are: 1. l. Seeking Sccking refuge rcfugc with Allaah Alleah from the tribulation of the Dajjel Dajjal The Prophet :iE J5 commanded the Muslims to seek refuge with Allaah from the DajjaJ Dajjal in every prayer. He himself used to say this supplication at the end of each prayer after the last tashahhud, A/Allahumma lahumma ini a'udhu bika min ''adhabi-adhabi-l-Qabr, I-Qabr, wa rua min ''adhabi-adhabi-nnar, nnar, wa min fitnati-l-mahya I-mahya wa-lmamat, Imamat, wa min fitnati-l-masih I-masih ad-dajjal. dajjal." " Which means: 0 O Allah! I | seek refuge with You (O 0 Alfaah) Allaah) from the punishment in the grave and from the punishment of the Hell fire and from the afflictions of life and death. death, and the the afflictions of Al-AI-Masih Ad-Dajjal.,,Dajjal 34 "s 33 Cotfected Da$,ood 3f Colfected inSuhih al-J3 Collected in Sunan Abu Dawood Hadeeth no.4305 J. Collected in Sahih a/-Bukhari vol.6. Hadeeth no.230 14
  18. 18. 2. Memorizing the first versc Swat 'Al-KaM.': 2. Memorizing the first verse of Surat 'AI-Kahf.': Whoever sees the Dajjal should recite the first ten verses of Sr.Surat rat ''al-al-Kahf Kahf (Soorah l8 18 of the Qur'aan) Qur'aan) as a protection from him. The Prophet ~ commanded the Muslims to do so, saying: ·Whoever lives to witness the Dajjal, let him recite the opening verses of Surat A/_Kahf.t135 . He ~ also said, .. Whoever memorizes the first ten verses of Surat AI-Kahf will be protected from the Dajjal. ;;6 * 'l'7/hoever tives fo witness Dajjal, hin fhe Surat Al-Kahf."3s. * " bl/hoever verseg Surat Al-Kahf will be protecfed from fhe Dajial.ab 3. 3. Taking Taking refuge refuge in in Makkah Makkah or Madina: The Dajjal will never be able to enter Makkah or Maddina. These two places are sanctuaries and are safe from the Dajjal, for the Messenger of Allaah *! said: ·'7here * There will be no town the Dajjal Dajja/ will not visit, except Makkah and Madina, for all their gates will be guarded by angels that will be surrounding them.,,37 And he also said; "Madina wl1l not see the terror of Dajjal, for it will have seven gates with every gate guarded by two angels...38 not visif, except tWakkah fuladina, thqtl guarded by angels that will surrounding them.-3? liladina will nof fetor Dajjat, will have seven gates with gnte angel*."3t 35 Collected in Soheeh Muslim Hadeeth no.70l 5 16 Colf ected in Saheeh Muslin Hadeeth | 766 37 Collected inSqhih al-Bukhari vol.3, Hadeeth l05 3t Collected in Sahih al-Bukhari vol.9, Hadeeth 35 Collected in Saheeh Muslim Hadeeth no.7015 36 Collected in Saheeh Muslim Hadeeth no. 1766 37 Collected in Sahih al-Bukhari vol.3, Hadeeth no. 105 38 Collected in Sahi/! al-Bukhari vol.9, Hadeeth no.240 15 l 5
  19. 19. "ftn4tf"e *1ont/ of (ewth,c sr&etv tith th.e truth. Tfvnt wh.*t yo, use{to ftw fror*!" "A-n~ tl1.e ~~(Jn1j (Jf ~e~tl1. c.(Jftt,eS witl1. tl1.e trntl1.. T{,,~t is w{"Pvt 1j(Ju use~ t(Jflu fr(Jm-!" I t c%.s c%-~ Death is the separation separationo of f the soul from the body, body. and we all know that it is inevitable. It is an event that marks our transition from this world into the Hereafter. When Wlren the Sahabee, Sahcbee. Uthman Utlrrnau ~ .s* stood by the side of a grave, he wept and he wept so bitterly that hi.> his beard became wet rvet with tears. It was said to him: You do not weep *eep over the discussion of Paradise and Hell. but brrt you weep over it (grave). Whereupon Whereuporr he said that AlIaah's Allaah's Messenger ;* a: had said, said. "" VerJly Verily the the grave grave is is the the first first step sfep in in the the stages sfages of of the the Hereafter; Hereaften' if if one one finds finds salvation salvation ((df at this this stage) sfage) the the succeeding succeeding (stages) become become easy easy for for him, him, and and if if he he does does not not find find salvation salvafion In m it, it,'what . what follows follows this this stage stage is is very very hard hard upon upon him. him. Allaah Allaah's 's Messenger tHessenger also dlso said: sdid, I f have have never never seen seen a a site site more more horrible horrible than fhan that that of of the the grave,',grave.*z 2 Belief in the events following death is an integral part of Islamic creed. Although the existence of the Hereafter may be rationally proved, the exact details of it can only be acquired through tlrrouglr instructions from the Creator, for these events fall in the realm of the Unseen (al-Ghayb). Thus, Thus. all one requires as proofs in this matter are verses of Qur'aan Qur'aan and Hadeeth from frorn the authentic autheniic Sunnah. Having become convinced of the truthfulness of the Prophet Muhammed fl, *, the believer should feel no reservations in accepting what he has conveyed. As mentioned earlier. death marks the separation of the soul from the body. The * precise nature of the soul is beyond our comprehension. The Prophet * was asked about the soul twice. once in itr Makkah by the Quraysh (as related by Ahmed) and once in Medina bv the Jews as relateCl by Bllkhari & Muslim). Quraysh asr elatedb y F.hmed)a nd Medirra (asr elateil Bukhari& Muslin). ' Soorah Qaaf (50): l9 : Collect€d in lbn llilajah & Sunan at-Hadeeth # Alim lslaamic Software ver. 4.5) I Soorah Qaaf(50): 19 ~ Collected in Ibn Majah & SlInan al-Tirmidhee Hadeeth 132 (The Alim Islaamic Software ver. 4.5) t 7 17
  20. 20. Narrated Narratedb by y Ibn lbn Masood Masood.~: 6r": "I l was with the Prophet Propheta at t one of the farms of of Medina Medinaw while hileh he ew was asl leaning eaningo on n a date datep palm alml leaf-eaf-stalk. stalkH. He e passed passedb by y a group group of of Jews and some of them said to the others, "Ask him (the Prophet) Propheta) about boutt the hes spirit pirit( (ROh/R0h/soul)." soul).Some S" omeo others therss said, aid," "Do not ask askh him, irn. lest lest he he should should tell you you what you dislike." But they went up to him and said, said," "O 0 Abal Qasim! QasirnlI Inform nformu us s about aboutt the he spirit." The T he Prophet Prophest stood toodu up p for for a while, while,waiting. w aiting.I realized realizedth that ath he e was wasb being eingD Divinely ivinelyI Inspired, nspireds, so o I kept kept away from him hirn till the inspiration was over. Then the tlre Prophet Proplret recited ((the tfre verse)...... verse), "... tlley they ask flsk you yOlt regarding the spirit. spirit, Say: Say: The The spirit its ,elth Lonl has knowlertge Allaah), "' The human soul differs from that of the anirnals in that it is held accountableH. owever,t he soulso f thosew ho tunr awayf rom tlre truth. shung uidancea nd persisti n obeyingt heir basel ustsa nd vain desires. becornelo wer in statusT. hey are no beftert hana nirnalsa. nd Allaah has cautronedu s againsts uchs ouls" Relate lhem of the spirit its knowledge is with my LOTiI (i.e. nobody has its knowledge except Allaall). ,,3 The animals accountable. However, the souls of those who turn away from the shun guidance and persist in obeying their base lusts and become lower status. They better than animals. and cautioned us against such souls "Relate to them the story ofthe man to wllom whom We sent our oar signs bul but I,he e passed them by: so Satan Satnn fol/owed Ilim up and I,e went astray. If it had been Our Will We sllOuld I, elevated llim will, our signs; but lie i1tc/illed to Ihe earth andfollowed I,is own vain desires. His similitude is that of a dog: ifyou altack him lIe lolls out Ilis tongue or if yoII leave him alone he (still) lolls out his tongue." Soorah al-A 'raaf (7): 175·176 Departut"e hom this Wot"ld followed him he n'ent flstrflv. If hnd lVill should haye him with signs; he inclined the and followed his vnin His similitucle tf you sttack he his if yon his Sooraha l-A'raa(f7 ):175-176 Departrue {rom world "Until, lhem, says, 'lVly when death comes to one of them, he says, 'My Lord! Send me hack, btcle, tI,that at / I may dodo'right · right in that which whiclt / I have left hehind!' behind!' By no means! /It t is hut but a word that he says. snys. And hehimi behind them is a harrier until tl,e day wl,en tlley will he raised... 4 is banier the dny when they wilt be raiserl." a This verse versem makes akesi it t quiet quietc clear leart that hatt there herei is s no returning returningto to this world world after death, nor is there any delay in the execution of the order. Brl Alloah its (appoinled) has 5 Everyonef eels the agony of death. A aishar adiyallaahu-anhaare lates thatw hent he Prophewt aso n his deathbedh.e wash oldinga pot full of ' Soorah af -( | 7 ):85. Th is Hadeeth has been collected in Sahih (Eng. Trans.) [vol.9. Hadeeth no.400J This js a miracle of the Qur'aan that all scientists up till now do not know about the spirit. i.e how life corres to a body and goes away at its death. o Soorah al-Mu'minun (23): 100 t Soorah al-Mu'nafiqoon I I l 8 "But Allaah does not reprieve any soul when its appointed) term has conte." 5 Everyone feels Aaisha radiya/laahu-anhaa relates that when the Prophet was on deathbed. he was holding a pot full of J Soorah al-lsraa 17):85. This Hadeeth has been collected in Sahih al-Bukhari Trans.) [vol. 9. Hadeeth noADD} This is a miracle of the Our'aan that all the scientists up till now do not know about the spirit. i.e how life comes to a body and how it goes away at its death. :r Soorah al-Mu'minun 99-100 < Soorah al-Mu'nafiqoon (63): 11 18
  21. 21. water, washing hjs face. saying "La ilaha illallaah - Truly, death has its own agonyl"6 Punishrnenint the Craveis a Reality The Prophet's wife, Aaisha (May Altaah be pleased with rrer) said that a Jewess came to her and rnentioned the punishment in the grave, saying to Irer, "May Allaah protect you frorrr the punishment of the grave." 'Aaislra then asked Allaah's Messenger about the punishment of trre grave. He said, "Yes, (is) punishnent in fhe grave."'Aaisha added, "After tlrat I never saw Allaah's Messenger but seeking refirge with Allaah fronr the punishment in the grave in every prayer he prayed."7 water, washing his face, sayin~ HLa tlaha illallaah - Truly, death has its own ogony!,,6 Punishment in Gt'qve is q Reqlity The Prophet's wife, Aaisha (May Allaah be pleased with her) said that a Jewess came to her and mentioned the punishment in the grave, saying to her, "May Allaah protect you from the punishment of the grave." 'Aaisha then asked Allaah's Messenger about the punishment of the grave. He said, HYes, (there is) punishment in the grave. "'Aaisha added, "After that I never saw Allaah's Messenger but seeking refuge with Allaah from the punishment in the grave in every prayer he prayed.,,7 It is essential to believe in purrishment in The It is in the punishment in the grave. The primary Qur'aanic it is in the account of Pharaoh and his evidence for pharaoh and his kin. "Tlte Fire; they are exposed to it morning and disbelieving kin. "The ue exposed to it morning and evening; and on tlte day wlten tlte Hour is established, (it will be said): Enter tlte houselwld of Pharaoh into tI,e severest punishment." nnil lhe when the Hour is established, (it will he the household of Pharuoh into the severest punishmenl," Soorah Ghafir (40): 46 This verse versei is s quite qui tee explicit xpl ici t that thatt the he punishment punishmentth they ey are arer receiving eceivingi is s prior pr ior to the Day of Judgement Judgenre't i.e. during the life in the grave There is is also also abundant evidence in the authentic Sunnah, sunnah, such as the following Hadeeth; The Prophet once orrce passed by two graves and said, said, "These two two parsons ore torfured for a major sin ovoid). One of psrsons are being tortured not for a major sin (to aVOid). One of them never saved himself hinself from from being sorled soiled with with his his Urine, urine, while while the the other used to spread tales (fo to make make enmity enmity between between people)."people). "Tlte The Prophet then a leaf of a date-palm tree, split it into (pieces) Proplret took green palm and fixed Tlrey O Why have yorr done lle "f hope that their punishment night one on each grave. They said, "0 Allah's Messenger! Why you so?" He replied, 'T hope that their punishment might be lessened till these (the pieces of the leaf) become dry. ,$ till these fhe pieces of the leaf) become Narrated by Zayd ibrr ibn Thabit +,. -t;'~. As Allalr's Allah's Messenger i€ ~ was going with tus towards Najjar. lris i t slried he He us the dwellings of Banu an-Najjar. While riding his pony, it shied and nearly fell off. He found four. five or six graves there. He said: "HWhich Which of of you knows knows about about those those lying lying in in fhe the graves?" graves.;)" Someone said, "1 do." Thereupon he Holy Prophet) said, HIn what state did they die?" He said. "They died as polytheists:' He said, HThese people are passing thro!Jgh the ordeal in the graves. If it Sonreone l do," (the "fn what sfate did they die?" They died as polytheists.'' said, "These are through the ordeal in the graves. ff it 'Cof lected in Sahih al-Bukhori,lEng. Trans,) vol. 5, Hadeerh no. 7j0 h Collected in Sahih al-Bukhari, (Eng. Trans,) vol. 5, Hadeeth no. 730 7 Collected in Sahih A/-Buklwri (Eng, Trans.) vol.2, Hadceth no.454. 8 Collected in Sahih a/-Bukhari, (Eng. Trans.) vaLl, Hadeeth no.217 & Sahih Mlls/i/ll ? Collected in Sahih .41-BukharilEn[. Trans.) vol.Hadceth no.8 Collected in Sahih al-Bukhari, tEng. Trans. ) vol. l, Hadeeth Zl7 & Sahih lluslint 19 l 9
  22. 22. uErc were mt not for for the the fact fact that you rculd would stop bwying burying (your dcad) dead) in thc the A,groves rvvcs if you head heard the tormcnt torment in the grava, grave, shich which I hear, f I should should have cerfainly certainly made made you listen fo to it." Then turning his face towards us, he said, 'MSeek Saert reftge refuge in Allah fron from the torment of of Hcll.' Hell" They said, o'rile "We seek refuge in Allah from the torment of Hell". Hc He said, said. '&MSeek ck rcfugc refuge in Allah from from the torment torment of fhc the aravei grave~ Thcy They said, said. "We scck seek refuge in Allah from the torment of the grave". He said. said, 'MSeek 9cek rcfugc refuge in Allah from from turmoil- turmoil, its ifs visible and invisible (QSpects)". aspcts)'. They said, "We seek refuge in Allah from turmoil and its visible and invisible aspcctse". aspects9 He said, 'ficck ... MSeek rcfugc refuge in Allah from from the thc turmoil of the Dqijal'. Dajja/~ They said. said, ""We We seek seek refuge refuge in in Allah Allah from turmoil turmoil of of the the Dajjal".Dajjal".10 lo Exemptions ftom Punishment in Gt"ave The Prophets are exempted from the punishment in the The is also exempted from the because the clashing of the above his head was a sufficient trial him. anyone other than a Prophet is liable to be subjected to a squeezing from the grave on her sides. If anyone were to have been saved from it been S.'d ibn Mu'adh .. according Hadeeth :jIi. squeezing is gentle for a and thereafter the and becomes spacious, but it is so severe for disbeliever that interlock. One can protect oneself from the punishment in the grave than the squeezing), by: if Regular repentance; for this one will few any Exemptionfsr om the Punishmenitn the Crave Thc Prophetsa rc exemptedf rom punishmentin grave. T he martyr cxemptedf rom questioning, b ecauseth e clashingo f sword aboveh is headw asa sullicientt rial for However, a nyoneo thert han Propheti s subjectedto squeezingfr om graveo n his or hcr it, would have becn Sa'd # to a of the Prophet *. This squcczingi s gentlef or good believer, a nd thereaftert he grave expands bccomcss paciousb, ut s€verefo r the disbelievetrh at his ribs intcrlock. One can oneself (other ,rfn;' in way have if outstanding outstandings sins. ins. if Martyrdom: being killed in the battlefield the S UartyrAom: while fighting cause Allaah. I Oyingw hile guardingt he frontlineo f the Islaamicl and. S [AL-Mulk] night. S Saying illallaahul-malikul-haqqul-mube1e0n0 times cvery day. ef iris includesa ll calamitiesfa ccdb y Muslims. to SahihM rutin( Eng. T rans.)H adeethn o.6859. 20 of AlIaah. ~ Dying while guarding the frontline ofthe Islaamic land. ~ Reciting Surah 67 [AL-Mulk] every TSaying laa ilaaha iIIallaahul-malikul-haqqul-mubeen 100 everyday. 9 This includes all calamities faced by 10 SDhih Mwlim (Trans.) Hadeeth no.6859.
  23. 23. How Cqn can we help the deceqsed? deceasedf CD over their bodies: O By offering the funeral prayers bodies; This is a communal obligation, such suclr that at least some in the community must perform the prayer over a Muslim who dies, otherwise everyone who was capable of having havirrg prayed over him, but did not do so, is sinful. O rhe Messengeor f Allaah * said. " lo fhings): 6) charity @ a pious (for @ knowledge (2) By doing good deeds which can benefit them: The Messenger of ~ When a man dies, his good deeds come to an end, except for three (things); (j) Perennial charity ~ a child who prays for him the deceased) or ® know/edge (by which people) peopte) benefit after affer him." I tl I Perennial charity, is the person gave (before his death) Perenniacl harity,i s the charity that tlre persong ave( beforel ris for some good cause from which people continue to berrefit all ongoingb asis.s ucha s moneyg ivent owardsa rnasjid.S clrolarsa re consensutsh att he deedc anb enefitf rom our supplicatiofno r thern.a nd from charity given on their behalf, as well as from Hajj Truly, the moment of death is one of the most inrportant one's life. The Shaitanis ever presenat t that time to tempto ne fronr believingi n Allaah. H ence,i t is irnportanfto r us to remains teadfast in ourc ommitmentto theD een,r ightu pt o them olnenwt e "Aur ltearts deviate from the truth have guided us, grants ffiercy from yoa llrc Grflntor."'' Differencbee tweenth e Deatho f a Believear nda Disbeelfv er. There is irr faced by a Believer lt ibn Azib went with ft in funeral we inner chamber had prepared yet, * facing tlre Qiblah, atterrtively. his lrand rvith rvhich alternately to the lreaven he said 'Seek from the torment of fhe Then he "O verily f seek refuge in You from grave)' He repeatedit three tirnes,t hen 'Verily fhe servanf ledving world and entering nexf, from desrcnd to him - their faces white " Col lectedi n SaheehM usl im (Eng. T rans. )Hadeethn o.4005 't soorah lmran (3): 2 l benefit on an ongoing basis. such as money given towards a masjid. Scholars are in consensus that the deed can benefit from supplication for them, and and fasting. important moments of Shaitan is present at tempt one away from believing in Hence, it important for remain steadfast our commitment to the Deen, right up to the moment we die. Our Lord! Let not our hearts deviate from tile trutll after you hqve us, grants us mercy from you. Truly, you are tIle Grantor.,,12 Difference between the Deqth ofq Bel iever qnd q Disbeliever. an enormous difference in the experiences after death faced by a and those of a disbeliever. It was reported that al-Bara' ibn Azib said, "We out the Prophet ~ in order to partake in the funeral rites of one of the Ansar. We arrived at the grave, but the inner chamber not been so Allaah's Messenger ji5 sat down facing the Qiblah, and we sat around him attentively. He had a stick in his hand with which he sketched on the ground. Then he began looking alternately heaven and to earth, raising his gaze and lowering it. Finally, he two or three times, 'Seek refuge in Allaah from the torment of the grave.' Then he said, .. 0 Allaah, verily I seek refuge in You from the torment of the grave." repeated it times, then he elaborated, ·Verily when the believing servant is leaving this world and entering the next, angels from the heavens descend to him thei,. faces white 11 Collected in Saheeh Muslim Trans.) Hadeeth no. 4005 I, Soorah al-Imran 8 21
  24. 24. with brighfness hke fhe then burial sheefs scents hin of o brightness like the sun and carrying with them sheets and from Paradise. They sit before him at a distance as far as the see. Then fhe fhe person, srfs af eyes can the Angel of Death comes to the sits at his head and says, ·'0 0 good soul, come out to your Lords forgtveness forgiveness and pleasure." Thereupon the soul flows out of the body like hke the water woter flowing out ouf of the waterskln waterskin and all oll of the fhe angels ongels between the heaven and fhe eorth Allaah's Angel of Deafh barely other ongels take if wrdp rf sheefs. There exudes d scenf like most fragronce of fhe angels ascend with soul, possing the earth supplicate for AlIaah 's blessing upon him. The Death receives the soul in his hand, whereupon the angels it from him and wrap it with fragrant sheets. from the soul a scent /Ike the most beautiful fragrance musk that one could find on the face of the earth. The the never passing a host of angels without fhem ask, 'Who is fhis soul?" "So hearing them ·Who this wonderful soul:r They reply, ·50 and so, the son of and so. so." " Addressing him hin with the best names he was known by In in his earthly earfhly life. Upon reaching the first heaven, the angels'request angels'reguest that it be open for the soul- soul - which is granted granfed. Angels of each ach heaven heoven then accompany the soul until unfil it if reaches the one above it if and finolly finally arrives onives at of the seventh heaven. Then Allaah the Mighty i,tighfy and ond Majestic, fulajestic, says, says. (to the angels) ·'Place Place the fhe record ofMy of tl,ly servant servanf in ''illiyun. illiyun." The persons is then placed In II record in ''illiyun, illiyun, whereupon a command is heard: "return him to fo the earth, earfh, for verily I f have promised mankind monkind that having created them fhem fron from earth, eorth, I f will return them to it, it, yet another anolher time. fime." Then the soul is II returned to earth, arth, back to its its body Verily, the fhe deceased hears the fhe shuffling feet of his companions componions who attended aftended his burial as they turn away and leave hisgrave. his grave. Thereupon two angels, severe In in interrogation, infenogation, come to him, and sitting sitfing him hin up, they begin to ask him questions. guestions. They say, soy, "'lAho Who is your Lord?" He replies, "'Allaah Allaah is my Lord" Lord." They continue, "'Whaf What is your religionr religion?" He answers, "Islam Islan is my religion. religion.'They They proceed with the questioning, quationing, saYing, saying, "'l,Who l/ho IS rs thiS ths man II that has hos been sent to you?" your He responds, "'He He is the Messenger tl'lessenger ofAllaah. of Allaah." II Finally, Finolly, they fhey ask osk him about obouf his deeds, to fo which he replies, "'f I read Allaah's Allooh's books and ond believed beliered In in it. it.' II Upon the fhe believers answering these questions, guesfions, a voice is heard henrd in the heaven, saying, "'lAly My servant servonl has told the truth, frufh, so clothe him In in the clothing clothittg of Paradise, spread spredd for him hin the furnishings of paradise, and open for him a window with wilh a view ofParadise. of Poradise.' " Thereupon a breeze of fresh f,.esh air engulfs him and ond frogronce, fragrance, while the expanse exponse of his grave is expanded exponded before him as far as the eye can con 22
  25. 25. see. oppeors beforc o nan sith a *onderful face and see. There appears before him a man with wonderful face dressed in beoutiful beautiful clothes, enittitg emitting a splendid fragrcncc. fragrance. Hc He says StJys to fhe the soul, "Rejoice Rejoice at the neus news which will gladden you! you! Rcioica Rejoice at Allaah's pleasure pleasure and Paradise, whose joys joys ond and delights nevcr never etd. end. This is the day you uere were promised.' promised • The deceosed deceased says fo to him, '"And And who are you?, for for your face face bears glad tidings!" tldingsr The person dnswers, answers, '"f r represanf represent your deeds: by Allaah, AI/aah, lve I've always known you to be guick quick in obedience to Allaah AI/aah ond and slow to His disobedience. filay May Allaah AlIaah anard award you wifh with good.' good. • Then a door to Paradise is openec/, and door to fire whereupon, it is said to him the Hellfire), "This have been your final abode hod you disobeyed AI/aoh, it been exchanged for this other abode (/~e. Paradise).· sees what is in the Paradise, he exclaims, "My Larc/, hasten arrival of that Hour so that r may be joined with my family and wealth. • There upon it is said to him, "Rest tranquillity. • Allaah's Messenger .. "When the servant about to leave this world and enter the next, severe, descend to him from the Heaven - thei,. faces block carrying with them coarse cloth from sit distance as an eye can see. the Death sitting at the head of the disbeliever and says, "0 foul Come out to the anger and wrath of Lord" disbelievers body is overcome by terrible fear and wont to deliver itself up), whereupon the Angel of Death like multi-pronged skewers being yanked with them the arteries and nerves. Upon thiS, IS every angel between the heaven and the earth inSide the heaven. Then the doors of the to every single guard at these doors beg AI/aah this carried up in front of him and wrap with coarse cloth. from it the foulest odor that could be found the face the earth. They ascend with it, never host being askec/, "Who is this ugly soul.'" "So ofso andso. " Using the worst nome he was world When they arrive at the lowest heaven, they request that it this soul, but the request IS denied At this time Allaah's Messenger ~ recited the following verse: "Ami w/wever ascribes partners wit" AlIaa", it is as t"ough as "e "as fallen from tlte sky, sue" t"at birds snatcll him lip or tile winds tllrow !lim to a remote place. " [Surah Hajj (22): 31] lo Pdradise opened, a fo is opened, soid fo hin (regarding 'This would finalabode had Allaah, however if has obode (i.e. Paradise).' When the soul saes whaf fhe Parodise, 'tVy Lord, hasfen the arriwl thaf thaf f ioined fonily ond my wealfh.'There soid fo hin, 'Pesf in tronguillity.' Aflaalr's Messenge.r& continued, 'When fhe disbeliever sertnnl is fo ledva enler nexf, angels, powerful and scvere, fo fhe - their black and clofh Hell. They sif before him at a di.stonce con Then Angel of Deofh arrives, and siffing fhe fhe '0 you soul. your Lord.' The soul inside the tercible (ond does not wanf fo deliver itsetf uil, uhereupdn Deofh violently pulls it out nulti-pronged heing out of the wool- tearing with fhen fhe orteries lJpon this. the soul is cursed by ond edrfh and by those inside fhe fhe heaven are closed fo him, and every singh Allaah that fhis soul not be carried front hin ond urap it coorse There emits from if fhe foulest fhat on fhe foce of fhe urth. wifh if, passing a hosf of angels without asked, 'Who soul?" They reply, '5o and so, the son of so and so.'l)sing name known in this world. When fhey fhe lowesf thaf if be open for fhis soul. fhe requesf is denied. At this time Allaah'sM essenge*r recitedt he followingv erse: 'Anrl whoever ascribesp flrl,ters with Allnnh, it is as though as he hnsf allen from the sky, such lhnt hirds snotclt him up or the winds throw him to a remote place." 23 [SurahH aj j( 22) :31] 23
  26. 26. Then he * commented, 'Verily (when fhe is refurned fo its the dcceascd hars the of they turn a*oy his grove. Then tso arEels, severe in interrogation, fhcy fo guestion hin, 'l{ho your Lord?" 'Oh! Oh! f don't lorou.' They by oskitg 'What is your religion?' He answers, 'Oh! f don'f knou7' 5o they dsk, 'Then )/ou say fhis you, il4uhammed?' Again he says 'Oh! Oh! f f heard people tolking abouf him-' Then it is said, 'You did not nof rud!' voice fhe heavm is hedrd, 'He 5o ploce the and open fhe fhe fire." The hof hin upon him, unfil - the rib of one side fo interfwine ofher. fhere appears to him d mdn on foce ond clofhing ond exudtng a odor, soys, 'Tidings doy which |rou were promised!* The deceosed 'And you, too; your is a pretends evil." The person 'f reprasent your wrcked Alloah f hove alwoys known you fo obedtence guick disobedience Him. Allaah you u,ith evil!' is deaf, and is catying senf deceosed. ff fo o mounlain it, would disinfegrote into wifh o uhich turns him into Allaah origiml whereupon he ts struck o fime. shriek uith such violence thaf it is heard alt mankind and Then beddirEs of ore spreod 'Lord n3 MayA llaahg iveu sD eathw trilsitn t tres tateo f lslaam '' he fl commented, "Verily (when the soul is returned to its body), the deceased hears the sound of his companions footsteps as they turn away from hisgrave. two angels, come to him, and sitting him up, they begin to question him, "Who is Lord'r He replies, ·Oh! I know. " continue asking him, "What religion?" ·Oh! Oh! I don't know.'" So ask, "Then what do you soy about this man who was sent to Muhammed.')" "Oh! OM I don't know I only heardpeople talking about him." "You know and you did not read!" Thereupon a from the heaven heard, "He has lied! So spread out for him a place from fire for him the window to the fire. " fearing hot winds of Hell engulf him while his grove closes in crushing him until his ribcage is broken by force - causing to intertwine with the ribs of the other. Then there a man with an ugly face and ugly clothing and exuding foul who says, •Tidings of evil for you, for this is the day for you promisedl " deceased says to him, 'And too,' for face that evil " rejoins, 'T represent wicked deeds. By Allaah I have always to be slow in obedience of Allaah and quick in to May reward with evlll " Then one who dumb blind and carrying an iron rod is sent to the deceased If he were to strike a mountain with it, the mountain disintegrate rubble. He strikes the deceased with a blow, which dust. returns the deceased to his original form, is a second time. This causes him to with that by all the creation except from Jinn. a door to the fire is opened, and beddings fire are spread out for him, whereupon he cries, "Lord do not establish the Hour. ,/3 May Allaah give us Death whilst in the state of Islaam 1.1 Related by Sahih al-Bukhari. 24
  27. 27. ae|lrjf C,t ),tc C,Jrd4f ilfil{g F+,a;JrnqJl; 'J:S. .. -':: - "oil • 'I ,- . _. r - -:. , - .