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Tips on acting auditions

Want to be an actor? Read it carefully.

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Tips on acting auditions

  1. 1. Tips on Acting Auditions Sitting on the other side of the table is something that is considered oxygen for an actor. It not only provides best knowledge of the industry but also makes sure that the exposure becomes vast than ever. It also makes an actor realize that most of the people who call themselves actors do not belong to this clan and the group in reality are very small as talent is a very small part of the game. There are very few actors that ever sit in the seat of producer or director so it is advised to follow the below mentioned tips to ensure a successfulbeginning: 1. Never take the last number Casting and all the related processes are never easy to perform. At the end of the day the casting team becomes grouchy, tired and wants to go home. The early actors not only grab the full attention but the team also compares them with the coming actors which makes the selection easy. Having said that it is never recommended to take one of the last spots as it will leave no room for the casting team to compare the talent with others. 2. Followthe 3C’s It is one of the best formulas which has been developed over the period of time and has helped tens of thousands of struggling actors in gaining their dream spot. By three C’s comfortable, charismatic and confident is meant. Acting auditions are just like job interviews where a person needs to make sure that the attention is grabbed. These 3C’s will also help the actor performing in a 1000 seats theatre and it is a known fact that gaining attention is never possible without the 3C’s that are mentioned. Indulging casting team is an art and to master it adoption of these 3C’s is very important. 3. Never pretend It is one of the gravest mistakes that make the directors and the casting teams unhappy. If the script or the sides have not been memorized then it is never advised to pretend and fail. Most of the directors would be happy to see a paper in actor’s hand to hear the material rather than just making them believe that the actor tried to memorize the script and failed. Secondly nothing should be added if the script has been memorized successfully. The casting teams are very experienced to point out if the actor is doing so and it is considered as time killing leading to failure.