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Information Technology

  1. 1. United Insurance C ompany (Pvt)L td.History: Company was established in the year 1959 and commenced General Insurance business from January, 1960.Insurance companies:Insurance companies may be classified into two groups:Life insurance companies.General Insurance Companies. But Here we are going to discuss the United Tracker System, which is Tracking company of United Insurance.
  2. 2. Introduction:United tracker System is a system, which assistyou to keep an eye on your vehicle at everymoment.It is a system which helps you to locate yourvehicle anytime through Satellite.This System gives you a peace of mind thatwhere ever your vehicle may be, it can be easilytracked.
  3. 3.  United Tracker Company use Oracle Software to maintain client’s complete information. Control Room Use SVTS system to handle all Tracking activities. These Software is connected to main server with the help of VPN(virtual Private Network). VPN is a network which helps you to connect a computer with a private server computer by using WAN.
  4. 4. United Insurance Tracker system main server is in his Head office, which is inNizam Chamber Lahore.Every Branch has its unique ID and Password to connect server computer.Through VPN Branch is connected to main server.Types of server used for this purpose: Dedicated Server (Supported LAN) Multi Services Server (Supported WAN)
  5. 5.  After Insurance with company, a specific number of United Tracker is allotted to Insured as well as Tracker Branch against his motor policy & complete information. The Number which is allotted, is number of Tracker device, which is going to install in specific vehicle. (For e.g. UTR-1387) The Engineers of Tracker Branch, when vehicle is available to them, install the tracker in vehicle, along with a jammer. Both tracker & jammer placed in such a place, that nobody could find them.
  6. 6. How UTS Work:UTS works with a combination of GPS/GPRS and GSMsignals.The signals are provided by the GPS satellites, which coversentire world. The GPS transmitted signals are received by the trackerinstalled in vehicle, which calculates its exact position basedon the info received from multiple satellites.The data is then passed using GSM/GPRS, via cell phoneinfrastructure, to the central UTS server for further processingand collation.
  7. 7.  Control Room use a software, which is called SVTS. SVTS is the software which forms the brain of the system. It connects control room with the vehicle kits, gathers information from them and processes this info. Information coming from the vehicle is viewed over a GIS (Geographical Information System) system which is integrated to the SVTS software. This system enables users to see on a physical map where the vehicle is.
  8. 8. SVTS easily find the exact location of the vehicle through satellite.When any body try to disturb the vehicle Tracker kit, this software send alertson the computer screen of control room, that some one is disturbing thevehicle kit.Vehicle kit is connected to a battery wire, when battery of vehicle goes low,this software sends alerts to control room, that vehicle battery is low. It shouldbe changed, else vehicle kit will go to be off.In case of theft or stolen, by using this software, we can jam the vehiclecompletely, with the help of jammer installed in.To provide emergency service to customers.
  9. 9. At the time of Tracker installment, client define the required area that whenvehicle goes out from that area, client will receive a call from control room, thatyour vehicle is going out from the defined area.If client himself is driving the vehicle at that time he is asked about Tracker ID& Password of vehicle.If Client says he is not driving, and he don’t know about who is driving, controlroom jams the vehicle engine at the spot, through jammer.If vehicle kit is disturbed or battery goes low, the control room contacts theclient to check the specified issue.
  10. 10. Optıonal Features:What is the temperature of Vehicle.Stop the Engine.In Cabin Camera.In Cabin Microphone Connection.
  11. 11. Confusion ? Questions ? ? ?Please Welcom e !