hr final project on mobilink GSM


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hr final project on mobilink GSM

  1. 1. HRM Mobilink PakistanPresented To: Mam. Mehwash NazPrepared By: M.Farhan JavedClass: MBA 3 rd
  2. 2. ContentsBrief Introduction Of OrganizationIntroduction of HR DepartmentKey Functions Of HR DepartmentRecruitmentSelection
  3. 3. About MobilinkSubsidiary of Orascom Telecom CompanyStarted Operations in 1994Market Leader Having more than 30% market ShareVisionMission Statement
  4. 4. Vision & MissionVision To become leading telecommunication Service Provider By offering Innovative communication solutions to our customers.Mission To be unmatchable communication system in Pakistan that provides best value to its customers, employees, business partners and shareholders.
  5. 5. Organizational Hierarchy President and Vice President Chief Information V.P H.R, CEO Marketing Officer Administration Rashid Bilal Munir Tariq Rashid Ali Raza Mehdi Khan Sheikh Vice President & Head of Vice President Vice PresidentBroadband Business Division. Corporate Affairs Customer Care Mustafa Peracha Agha Qasim Irfan Akram
  6. 6. Products & Services GPRSMobilink Indigo SMS MessagingMobilink Jazz Chat ServicesMobilink Blackberry Dedication ServicesMobilink Game Mobilink InfinityMobilink PCO
  7. 7. Major Departments Finance Department Information Technology Customer Services Department Department Commercial Department Human Resources Department Administration and Legal Affairs Technical Department Internal Audit Department Government Relation Department
  8. 8. Total Strength Of EmployeesOver all: (Total 4500)Top Managers 75Middle Managers 750Line Managers 3675Employees are Structured in Five Layers comprising Associates, Specialists, Managers, Directors and Chief Officers
  9. 9. Key Functions of HRM Department HRM Career Compensation Planning DevelopmentRecruitment/ PerformanceDecruitment HRM Management Training/ Selection Orientation Development
  10. 10. HR PlanningOur People are our greatest assets.Current & Future assessmentRequirements of each departmentWhat positions to fill and how to fill
  11. 11. Recruitment Policy Objectives Policy Guidelines Methods Of Recruitment Internal Recruitment External Recruitment
  12. 12. HR Practices & MobilinkSources Of Recruitment Internal Advertisement Advertising Head hunters/executive Search Organizations Walk in Candidates College and Universities
  13. 13. Recruitment ProcessIdentify VacancyJob Analysis Prepare Job Description Prepare SpecificationAdvertisement of a Job VacancyWeb based advertisementPreliminary Contact with potential job candidatesInitial Screening to create a pool of qualified applicants
  14. 14. General Conditions Of RecruitmentEducation (Academic /Professional)ExperienceProfile and Psychometric TestsInterviewsReferences
  15. 15. Selection ProcessCompleted Job ApplicationsInterviews Testing Initial Screening Panel and Series of Interview In depth Selection Interview Background ChecksPhysical Examination
  16. 16. Conditions For SelectionHiring RequestInformation regarding suitable candidatesLead-timeAdvertisementsSuitability of the CandidateReference checkssign a contractOn Selectiona) Interview Evaluation form b) Passport size Photos. c) Any other special clause.d) References. e) Copies of degree f)application form f) Copy of N.I.C.g) Bachelors and above only and copies of experience certificates.
  17. 17. Hiring AuthorizationsThe Hiring Committee will beFor Managers & Above For all other grades a) Chief Officers/VPs a) Directors b) Manager Staffing b) Manager Staffing
  18. 18. Selection (Contd.)APPOINTMENT LETTERSThe letter of appointment will be signed byFor Directors and Above a) VP Human Resources & Administration OR b) President. (In specific cases)All other grades a)Manager Staffing/Regional Manager b)HR
  19. 19. Selection (Contd.)Job Offer Welcome Position/Title Authority Duties and Responsibilities Starting Date, Normal Working Hours Starting Salary Benefit Package Probationary Period
  20. 20. Career DevelopmentMobilink provides career development opportunities to all employeesAll positions of grade level “AssistantManager” and above are internallyannouncedCandidates are promoted tohigher level if qualified
  21. 21. Learning OutcomesHRM Mobilink PakistanHR PlanningRecruitment PolicySelection Process