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Work In


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Cloud based attendance system with mobile apps (iPhone and Android Phone) to get employees to clock-in and clock-out with location data and also optional message to employers.

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Work In

  1. 1. “It’s hard to manage attendance of lot of interns. Too cumbersome to use pen and paper.” “My workers are meeting with client, but I don’t know really he is going there.” “We are just start-up, don’t have resources for expensive attandence machine”
  2. 2. Wo r k I n
  3. 3. Cloud-based attendance system by using mobile apps to clock the time with empoyee’s current location data. Wo r k I n
  4. 4. Employer Employees Mobile AppsWeb Admin Created by LSE Designs from the Noun Project Created by Royyan Wijaya Created by Makarenko Andrey from the Noun Project Employer can see the attendance in daily, weekly and montly view. He also can export the monthly report. By having the data, employer can give rewards to employee accordingly. Employee can clock-in and clock-out weather work in specific places or meeting with clients. The app does not track at all time. Just sending the location when clock-in and clock-out.
  5. 5. @iRekaSoft Key Features • Easy to Setup • Attendance Report with GPS Coordinate and Employee’s Messages • Millenials Friendly • Timesheet / Payroll Export • Reliability + Stability • Data Encryption
  6. 6. Preview
  7. 7. Created by LSE Designs from the Noun Project Employer
  8. 8. Employees
  9. 9. You have successfully Clock-In!
  10. 10. Created by LSE Designs from the Noun Project Employer
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  12. 12. Whatsapp 016 337 3081 Email Website