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How to Lead a Meeting in Any Culture Brilliantly & Positively!


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This presentation will help you in understanding the need of meeting along an easy introduction as well as guide and tips on opening and Lead a Meeting in Any Culture Brilliantly & Positively!

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How to Lead a Meeting in Any Culture Brilliantly & Positively!

  1. 1. HOW TO LEAD A MEETING! (Intl. Professional Bachelor - 2015) Computer Networks & Telecommunications – WINS ; Communication Skills University Joseph Fourier – Institute University Technology – Université Grenoble Alpes – Mr. Muhammad Chaudry (Twitter: @loveland012) 18-11-2015
  2. 2. HOW TO LEAD A MEETING! An Overview: •Usually assembly or Gathering •Two or more people •By chance or an arrangement •Peculiar purpose to discuss one or many matters •Formal or Informal ..but often it is formal.
  3. 3. HOW TO LEAD A MEETING… Four (04) ‘W’s & it’s sequence Why – Necessity & Agenda Who - Audience (Living Brain) When -Time & Duration Where -Venue & Menu
  4. 4. Paybacks of MEETINGS! Visions & Miracles
  5. 5. THE IMPORTANT ‘P’S OF DO’S Present do’s • Asymmetric Information • Stay focused on Goals • Participant list along Title, name, designation, & establishment & signature Post do’s • Minutes of Meeting • Discussion & Results • Changing & Objectives • Decision & Disputes • Lesson and Conclusions • Actions or Rearrangements Pre do’s Agenda, invitation, Schedule, venue & menu booking along event management things..
  6. 6. Ethics of Meeting ADEQUATES • Wander off topic • No Chewing Gum • Don not Complain! • Bring a water Bottle • Appropriate seating • Talk Decently & Carefully • Raise hand or push for light TIPS • Be Punctual • Be prepared • Well dress up • Eat Moderately • Silent imachines • Record meeting minutes Morals Following landfills will really make your meeting productive..
  7. 7. Opening of A MEETING… Start-up: Initiate with Agenda Thanks for cooperation & feeds Compliment & appreciation An Intros AIM! Some meetings are stressing and pressurising so following orders will definitely help in opening the meeting, positively.
  8. 8. Kind of Meetings Stand-up On/Off Site Productive EfficientComfortless Startup Deployment Arrangement Onshore/Onsite Offshore/Offsite Kick Off
  9. 9. Classifications by Agenda Diplomacies Plans Growth JVs Reforms Discussions Legal/Tax Public or Gov Operations Progress Decisions Action Items Loss/Bid out Overcomes Conclusion
  10. 10. Examples & Analysis • A meeting typically with an illicit purpose. • A gathering of riders and hounds before a hunt begins • An organised event at which a no of races or other athletic contests are held
  11. 11. Conclusion
  12. 12. Bibliography List • Forbes on Leadership features the following: 5Ways to Lead a Meeting: Make 30 Decisions in 30 Minutes. ways-to-lead-a-meeting-make-30-decisions-in-30-minutes/ • Wiki Helps on understanding the following: Meetings &Track and field. • Conflict resolution education explains on the followings: how to use class meetings. eting_attributes.html • Google on Bibliography structures the following: Bibliography format for websites. bih=566&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0CAYQ_AUoAWoVCh MI4cK_ysv_yAIVBTwUCh2f5gH8&dpr=1.1#tbm=isch&q=bibliograph y+format+for+websites
  13. 13. A Short Demo Agenda: Wins 10th Anniversary Quorum: Wins 2015 Students Time: Wed 18-11-2015 by 9:30 Location: Communication Skills Class Seating: Rectangle + Agenda distribution • Meeting notes +Time Keeping • Participant list along signatures • Meeting Minutes & Compile Email
  14. 14. Hall of Think Tanks Manager: Professor Manon Valla Organiser: Mr. Muhammad Time Keeper Facilitator Mr. Michael Mr. Francis Contributor Scribe Mr. Yonathan Mr. Federico Attendants 1 Attendants 2 Mr. Harrold Mr. Marc Attendants 3 An Expert Mr. Jimmy Mr. Louis Coordinator: Ms. Arianna
  15. 15.