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Smartphone healthcare


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Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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Smartphone healthcare

  1. 1. Health Oriented AppsSMARTPHONE HEALTHCARE Muhammad Adeel Javaid
  2. 2. GENERAL
  3. 3. Downloadable App for IPhone, IPad, Androi d Commercial, Ad Supported Features: Symptom Checker Drugs & Treatments Pill Identification Tool Local Health Listings WEBMD
  4. 4.  Mobile Optimized Website (  So you can use it on any device with a browser!  Free; Medline Plus is produced by the National Library of Medicine  Search on:  Health Topics  Drugs  Medical Terms  Also available in Spanish  Tip: On IPhone, I Pod Touch, Add to Home Screen for icon on your device. MEDLINE PLUS
  5. 5. Downloadable App for IPhone, IPad Free Features: Searchable dictionary of over 6,000 definitions provided by the National Cancer Institute LIVESTRONG ENGLISH-SPANISH DICTIONARY OF CANCER TERMS
  6. 6.  Downloadable App for IPhone, IPad, Android, Blac kberry  Free  Features:  RXDrugs – information on thousands of Brands and Generics including interactions and dosing calculators  Archimedes – medical calculator with 200 interactive tools  Outlines in Clinical Medicine – Evidence Based clinical information on hundreds of diseases and symptom-related topics. SKYSCAPE MEDICAL RESOURCES
  7. 7.  Downloadable App for IPhone, IPad, Android, Bl ackberry, Kindle Fire  Free App from WebMD, more oriented toward healthcare professionals.  Features:  Medical news & alerts for 34 specialty areas  Can find, save, and email articles from the app.  Includes drug information on over 8000 drugs  Drug Interaction Checker  Can save searches MEDSCAPE
  9. 9. Downloadable App for IPhone, IPad, Android Free from Weight Watchers Features:  Monitor and track food and activity points  Check point values for favorite foods  Includes social networking functions WEIGHT WATCHERS MOBILE
  10. 10. Downloadable App for IPhone, Android, Blac kberry, and Windows Phone Free for basic version. Maps your workout with built-in GPS, tracking your progress by distance, calories burned, speed, heart rate, etc. RUNTASTIC
  11. 11. Downloadable App for IPad, IPhone. Free Calorie Counter, Diet Tracker 1.1 million foods in database Fast data entry MY FITNESS PAL
  12. 12.  Downloadable App for IPhone, IPad, Blackberry, Windows Mobile.  $2.99 from ITunes Store  Features:  Includes database of food & restaurant items  Personalized Daily calorie intake based on goals  Weight tracking and charts  Can track water intake  Daily reminders to help stay on goal CALORIE TRACKER
  13. 13. Mobile-optimized website: ( ndex.cfm) Free Features:  Search on over 36,000 drugs  Quality information from National Institutes of Health, National Library of Medicine DAILYMED
  14. 14. Downloadable App, available for IPhone, IPad, and Android. Free Features: Includes barcode reader, scan UPC codes and learn about food before you buy. FOODUCATE
  15. 15.  Downloadable App for IPhone, IPad, Blackberry and Android  Free  Features:  Food & calorie tracker with more than 1 million foods in the database  Daily meal plans customized for your goals  Weigh in page that graphs weight and progress over time  Boasts the most detailed weight and calorie reports of any IPhone food tracker  Track calories and workouts in one app. FOOD & FITNESS TRACKER FOR SPARKPEOPLE
  17. 17. Downloadable App for IPhone, IPad Free Features recall information from: FDA USDA CPSC EPA NHTSA RECALLS
  19. 19. Downloadable App for IPhone, IPad, Android, Blackberry, Palm, and Windows Mobile Free download included with Skyscape Features:  Over 200 interactive tools, organized by specialty ARCHIMEDES FREE MEDICAL CALCULATOR
  20. 20.  Downloadable app for IPhone, IPad, Androi d. Free download, commerci al product Features: Can set how length and weight are measured Strong user ratings BMI CALCULATOR
  21. 21. Downloadable App for IPhone, IPad Free from The National Institute of Health’s National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute Features:  Can toggle between English/Metric measurements  Includes normal ranges NHLBI BMI CALCULATOR
  22. 22. Downloadable App for IPhone, IPad Free Features:  Monitor pulse by tapping the screen or counting heart beats  Calculates heart rate zones and where which zone you are in  Works with heart rate straps, eliminating the need to count your heart beats. HEART RATE MONITOR BY LOGYOURRUN
  24. 24. Downloadable App for IPhone, IPad Free Features:  Calculates 10 year Cardiovascular Disease Risk, based on:  Age  Cholesterol level  Blood Pressure  Smoking STAT FRAMINGHAM HEART AGE
  25. 25. Downloadable App for IPhone, IPad Free Features: Provides a convenient way to log, graph, and store glucose readings. GLUCOSE BUDDY
  26. 26. Downloadable App from National Breast Cancer Foundation Free Features: Content to help users learn more about the condition Hear stories from women Ask questions BREAST CANCER: BEYOND THE SHOCK
  27. 27. Downloadable App for IPhone, IPad Free Features:  Track asthma symptoms, triggers, pea k flow, medications  Visualize asthma activity on a color graph  Map PFM to severity zones  5 star user rating ASTHMA MD
  28. 28.  Downloadable App available for IPhone, IPad, Android  Free  Features:  Monitor moods on six pre- loaded scales, anxiety, stress, dep ression, brain injury, post- traumatic stress, general well-being  Custom scales can be built  Can add notes to document daily events, medication changes and treatments. T2 MOOD TRACKER
  30. 30.  Downloadable App for IPad, or available as mobile optimized website: (http ://apps.usa .go v/ce nt ers - for -disease -con tro l -a nd- pre v en t ion /)  Free from Centers for Disease Control  Features:  Data & Statistics  Information on diseases & conditions  Disaster safety  Environmental health  Healthy living. CDC APP
  31. 31. Downloadable App for IPhone, IPad, Androi d Free Features: Mapping of disease outbreaks near you HEALTH MAP MOBILE
  32. 32. Downloadable App for IPhone, Android, Blac kberry, and as mobile optimized website ( Features:  Information on preparedness  Contact information for FEMA  Where to go for help FEMA APP
  33. 33.  Downloadable App for IPhone, IPad  Free App Developed by American Association of Poison Control Centers  Features:  Free, confidential access to poison control experts  Keeping the app on hand means never having to worry about where to find the number in an emergency. POISON CENTER HELP
  34. 34. Downloadable App for IPad, IPhone Free Features: Real-time, location- specific reports Current air quality Air quality forecasts for ozone and fine particle pollution EPA AIRNOW
  35. 35. Downloadable App for IPhone, Android, Bla ckberry, and as a mobile optimized website ( Free Features: UV Index Air quality ratings wherever you are. UV INDEX FROM EPA
  36. 36. OTHER
  37. 37. Downloadable App for IPhone, IPad, also accessible from your web browser. Free Features: Securely store files online. Share files with other users DROP BOX
  38. 38.  Downloadable App for IPhone, IPad, Android.  Free  Also available as a Mobile- optimized website: h t t p : / / m . w u n d . c o m / c g i - b i n / f i n d w e a t h e r / g e t F o r e c a s t ? b r a n d = m o b i l e & q u e r y = 3 7 9 2 0  Features:  Users can set up their own weather station, to add their readings to the Weather Underground network.  Over 22,000 personal weather stations report data  Interactive Wundermap  Temp, ‘feels like’ temp, wind speed & direction, humidity, dew point, visibility, pressure, gusts and severe weather covered. WEATHER UNDERGROUND
  39. 39. Note: Not an App Search engine designed specifically for apps https://www QUIXEY
  40. 40. Mobile-optimized website Free from Directory of US Government Apps TIP: Browse this for mobile apps USA.GOV MOBILE APPS DIRECTORY