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We M/s Nayab pest Control Services has been rendering the following services very effectively on competitive rates since 1988, having a large network in the country.
We have got Quality Certificate ISO 9001:2008
We have state of the art equipment & machinery, skilled staff working under the supervision of Entomologists (Scientists dealing with insects), Horticulturists and Civil Engineers in the mega cities like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Faisalabad and Multan.

Environment and Human safety
The chemicals being used are of special nature and formulations. These are registered for use in residential premises and public places by WHO (World Health Organization) and the Diapronil has also been experimented by Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services USA and Department of Entomology, University of Virginia USA.These chemicals are odorless, colorless and non irritant ;very safe for Human being and environment friendly.

Our Main Services
• Termite and Rodents (Rats) Control
• In House/Out door Fumigation/Fogging and IRS services
• Garden/Lawn spray and Plant Nutrition
• Landscaping , Green House and Farm House Services
• Water Proofing & Tracking Security Systems

Our Products
Termite Control Fumigation/Fogging Rodents (Rats) Control
Diapronil –TC (USA) Garsal (UK) Geothrin (Mayshia) Master pallet (Germany)
Fiprocide & Cloprid-TC (KSA) Delta Force & Project (KSA) Tiger Powder (Holland)
We are also dealing in Thermal/ULV Fogging Machines sales and services.

Our Valued Clients
Government Organizations such as Armed Forces, Local/Foreign Banks and various corporate sector organizations. We also provide such services to Embassies, Educational Institutes, Hotels, Restaurants, Wedding Halls, Hospitals, Factories, and Cattles/Poultry Farms, Food Grain Stores and Warehouses.

Distribution and Registration
We are importer in Pakistan for Saudi Delta Company, Saudi Arabia. Our Company is registered in Department of Plant Protection, Quarantine Services, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock (Govt.of Pakistan), General Sales Tax and Income Tax Departments.
Our company is recognized by National Pest Management Association (USA), Canadian Pest Management Association Canada, British Pest Control Association (UK) and Chamber of Commerce.

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Nayab Pest Control company presentations

  1. 1. COMPANY PROFILE International Memberships
  2. 2. CONTENTS About Us Why Us Main Services Pest Control Services Pest Control Equipment Our Products Safety for Humans & Animals Quality Certificates
  3. 3. About Us Our company established in the year 1988. We believe in best quality services. We have well trained team. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified company. Our service find wide application areas. Our company recognized by  National Pest Management Association (USA),  Canadian Pest Management Association,  British Pest Control Association (UK)  Chamber of Commerce.
  4. 4. Why Us? Skilled workforce. Organized project management system. Reliable and timely execution of services. Premium quality pesticides and chemicals used.
  5. 5. MAIN SERVICES Termite Control Fumigation Rodents (Rat) Control Garden & Lawn Treatment Landscaping Green Houses Farm Houses Services Water Proofing, Heat Proofing & Roof treatment.
  6. 6. Fumigation Services Green Houses Rodent Control Landscaping Termite Proofing Water Proofing
  7. 7. Pest Control Services Fogging Treatment General Pest Control Services Termite Control Pre Construction Termite Control Post Construction Rodent Control Services Mosquito Control Services Dengue Mosquito Control Services Bed Bugs Treatment Garden Treatment Services
  8. 8. Pest Control Equipments Fogging Machines Spray Pumps Glue Rat Boxes Glue Rat Board Rat Ultrasonic Machines Rat Catchers/Traps Fly Ribbons Electronic Rat Catchers & Feeder Boxes Pest Glue Board Lamps & Zipper Lamps
  9. 9. Products Termite Fumigation Rodent (Rat) Diapronil 2.5/SC (UK) Garsal (UK) Rat Killer Perfect Block (Poland) Fiprol-5/SC (KSA) Geothrin (UK) Rat Killer Perfect Paste (Poland) Fiprocide-2.5/SC (KSA) Project EC (KSA) Metal Rat Bait Station (Poland) Delta Force (KSA) Clopride-20/SC (KSA) Ascyp Kombi (Poland) Rat Feeder (Poland) Delta Cap PBO (Poland) Master Pellets (Germany) IMIFOG (Poland) Glue Traps Penta 250 FS (Poland)
  10. 10. SAFETY FOR HUMANS & ANIMALS These chemicals are of special nature and formulations, which are registered for use in houses and public places by W.H.O.(World Health Organization) EPA, (Environment Protect Agency) and Public Health. These chemicals are very safe for environment and human beings. These chemicals are also Odorless, Colorless Non-Irritant Highly effective, friendly environment.
  11. 11. VALUED CLIENTS We are providing pest control services to: •Government organizations •Armed Forces Messes Buildings •The Bank of Punjab, Habib Bank Limited •Allied Bank Limited, National Bank of Pakistan •MCB Bank LTD, Bank Alfalah, ZTBL, UBL, SCB. •Embassies, Hotels, Restaurant, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Food Factories & Pharmaceuticals Companies etc.
  13. 13. Thank You International Membership Head Office 119-Ali Block New Garden Town Lahore, Pakistan. Tel: +92-42-35842856-57 Fax: +92-42-35840723 Email: Http//: