UNIX introduction


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UNIX introduction

  1. 1. UNIX IntroductionUNIX Introduction and history
  2. 2. Introduction Your trainer…  Title: Network Engineer  Education: Master Degree in Network Engineering, BSC degree in Computer Engineering  Experience : Mcse,Mcitp,MCIT UNIX/Linux trainer.  Contact: thephilosopher10@gmail.com Mob.01113555023 Mohammed Hassan
  3. 3. Introduction ObjectivesBy completing this presentation , you will be able to:  Understand Unix. Its philosophy, different Unix families.  Discover the free world. Different licenses.  Discover Linux. From its history to the application in company.
  4. 4. Introduction TopicsPlan:  Unix. Its philosophy and its history.  From Unix to Linux.
  5. 5. Introduction Unix History and philosophy
  6. 6. UnixPreviewHere’s what we’ll see:  Unix utility.  Unix history.  Different Unix.  Targets of Unix.  Unix philosophy
  7. 7. Unix Unix utility Unix have to: Work 24/24, 7/7. Being multi tasks. Being multi users. Make scientists calculation. Being perfectly reliable.
  8. 8. Unix Unix History Here’s Unix history 1969 1976 1978 1991Creation by KenThompson andDenis Ritchie from Creation of LinuxBell Labs by Linus Torvalds Split between Creation of BSD and type Apple V Unix
  9. 9. Unix History
  10. 10. UnixThe different Unix Proprietary Unix Solaris Sun AIX IBM HP-UX HP MacOS X Apple
  11. 11. UnixThe different UnixBSD - Berkeley Software Distribution  Licensed  3 major branches :  FreeBDS  NetBSD  OpenBSD  Server/Security oriented
  12. 12. UnixThe different Unix ary Un ix are Pr opriet ld for eated and so cr comp uters s pecific (ex ample aris/S PARC) Sol
  13. 13. UnixTargets of Unix According to its design, Unix targets are: Scientist University Army States organization
  14. 14. UnixUnix philosophyPhilosophy of Unix system  Everything is a file  Hard Drive, CDROM drive, CPU …  Task segmentation  A program must be portable  Write code quickly and to share with the community  Correct bugs quickly
  15. 15. UnixUnix philosophyAdvantages and disadvantages of proprietary Unix: Advantages Disadvantages Stability Buy cost High load Resistance Maintenance cost Security Not User Friendly
  16. 16. UNIXQuiz The BSD system is a different Unix system MacOSX is not based on the Unix system UNIX system is a multi-task system UNIX system is a multi-user system
  17. 17. Introduction From Unix to GNU/Linux History and philosophy
  18. 18. From Unix to GNU/LinuxPreviewHere’s what we’ll see:  Open source softwares.  Free softwares  GNU / Linux.  Applications.
  19. 19. From Unix to GNU/Linux Open source softwareThere are two types of software  Binary form  Sources unavailable  Not human understandable  Original form (Source) O  Human understandable  Access to the sources.
  20. 20. From Unix to GNU/LinuxOpen source softwareConcept of Open Source and Proprietary system Open Sources Software – Offer the possibility for the user to access the source code of the application Proprietary Software – Doesn’t offer the access to the source code
  21. 21. From Unix to Linux Free softwareTo be free a software must respect this 4 rules: Free to Free to read the code execute Free to Free to improve redistribute
  22. 22. From Unix to Linux GNU / LinuxFSF and GNU  Free Software Foundation  1984 by Richard Stallman  A Free clone of Unix free  free as in “free speech”, not as in “free beer”  GNU-GNU’s not UNIX  GPL-General Public License  A legal frame for the free software  Actual version : 3
  23. 23. From Unix to Linux GNU / LinuxThe birth of the Linux Kernel  Created in 1991 by Linus Torvalds  Minix clone  Based on concepts and Unix philosophy  Sources available for free on Internet.  A community appeared on internet  Linux is not an operating system
  24. 24. From Unix to Linux GNU / Linux  Very early Richard Stallman convinces Linus Torvalds to put the kernel v 0.12 under GPL license  GNU softwares are then adapted to work with Linux kernel  The Linux kernel and GNU softwares make a true operating system  GNU + Linux Kernel = GNU/ Linux
  25. 25. From Unix to Linux DistributionsWhat’s a distribution A distribution contains often:  A Kernel (sometimes modified).  A software library.  An installation program.  A package manager.
  26. 26. From Unix to Linux ApplicationsThe most used distributions:
  27. 27. From Unix to Linux ApplicationGNU/Linux is used in company for:  Web server  FTP server  DHCP/DNS server  Proxy/Cache server  Firewall  Embeded systems
  28. 28. From Unix to Linux ApplicationsAdvantage and disadvantages de Linux : Advantages Disadvantages Stability No After Sale services Reliability Lack of Knowledge Security Not User-friendly
  29. 29. From Unix to Linux Quizz The FSF was created by Richard Stallman GNU is Linux Richard Stallman created the Linux kernel There are many Linux distributions on the market
  30. 30. From Unix to Linux Stop and Think Do you have any questions ?