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Craft difficutly, cost, and time legend


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This list rates the difficulty of the crafts we mention in the presentation and more. The highlighted crafts have write-ups and walk-throughs on the "Share Your Programs" google doc, found here:

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Craft difficutly, cost, and time legend

  1. 1. Craft Legend Each craft is rated in three categories: expense, difficulty, and time investment. Craft expense is based on a 20 person program. Craft difficulty is based on the tools and techniques involved in the craft. Time investment is divided into two categories and will be denoted like this: “Q-F”. The first is preparation time and the second is the time it takes to complete one iteration of the craft. So, a craft with a label of (C,M,Q-F) is cheap, moderate in difficulty, quick to set up, and fast to complete. Expense Difficulty C = Cheap ($0-$10) S = Simple (5 and up with little to no assistance needed) M = Moderate ($11-$25) M = Moderate (12 and up with some assistance for younger) E = Expensive ($26 and up) H = Hard (12 and up with much assistance and supervision) Time Investment Prep-time Craft Time Q = Quick (immediate to 20 minutes) F = Fast (5 to 10 minutes) M = Moderate (20 minutes to an hour) M = Medium (11 to 30 minutes) I = Involved (hour or more) L = Long (More than 30 minutes) Highlighted crafts have write-ups at the “Share Your Library Programs” google doc: Unhighlighted crafts will be added as time goes by. 1. Cubees (C,M, Q-F) 2. Altered Books (M,M,M-L) 3. Gocks (C,M,Q-L) 4. Bottle Cap Magnets (M,M,M-M) 5. Hemp Jewelry (M,M,Q-M) 6. Moss Garden Terrariums (M,S,Q-F) 7. Tie-dye (M,M,M-M) 8. Bleach Stencil Crafts (C,M,M-M) 9. Koi Nobori (C,S,I-F) 10. Finger Puppets (zombie, monster, or otherwise) (C,M,M-L) 11. Lava Lamps (M,M,Q-F) 12. Beanbag Creatures (C,M,Q-M) 13. Duct Tape Craft (M,M,Q-M) 14. Guitar Pick Pendants (M,S,Q-M) 15. Not-a-Shrinky-Dinks (M,S,I-F) 16. Cupcake/Cookie Decoration (M,S,Q-F) 17. Mug Cake! (M,M,M-M) 18. Candy Sushi! (C,S,Q-F) 19. Bubble Making and Bubble Painting (M,S,Q-L)
  2. 2. 20. Hydro Bracelets (M,M,Q-M) 21. Rainbow Leis (C,S,Q-M) 22. Egg Carton Creatures (C,M,M-L) 23. Scratch-Painted CD Magnets (C,S,Q-F) 24. Shaving Cream Marbled Paper Paintings (M,M,Q-M) 25. Twirled Paper Crafts (M,H,Q-L) 26. Rubber Duckie Decorating (M,S,Q-M) 27. Twilight Cubee Craft (C,S,Q-M) 28. Deconstructed T-Shirts (C,M,Q-L) 29. Candy Strands (M,S,Q-F) 30. Snow-Covered Ornaments (M,M,Q-M) 31. Cookie Cutter Candles (E,M,Q-M) 32. Snow Globes (C,S,Q-F) 33. Sand Paintings (E,S,Q-L) 34. Happy Can People (C,S,Q-M) 35. Pumpkin Decorating for Halloween (E,S,M-M) 36. Gingerbread Houses (E,S,M-L)