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Construction Project Management of 20 Storied Building


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Construction Project Management of 20 Storied Building

  1. 1. Scheduling in Construction Project Management of a Twenty Storied Building Ensure Safety and Quality While Maintaining Time and CostBy, Mufazzal Hossain Reg. No: 09205046 Md. Ariful Islam Md. Sahidul Islam
  2. 2. What is Construction Project Management? Construction Project Management (CPM) is the process of accomplishing the goal of completing a structure efficiently and effectively within the desired time by maintaining the cost and quality of work through the managerial phases which are planning, organizing, leading & controlling.
  3. 3. Scheduling in Project Management In Project Management scheduling is the listing of a project’s milestones, activities and deliverables, usually with intended start and finish dates.
  4. 4. Activities in a Construction Project Gathering the general requirements, Site work, Concrete work, Masonry work, Metal works, Wood and plastics work, Thermal and moisture protection, Doors and windows fittings, Finishes, Specialties, Equipment, Furnishings, Special construction, Convoying systems, Mechanical works and Electrical works According to CSI (Construction Specifications Institute) format, the necessary activities which are needed to be done in a construction project are:
  5. 5. FactorsAffecting the Scheduling in PM Resource Allocation, Budget, Duration, Desired Quality and Effectiveness and efficiency of the materials and equipments used.
  6. 6. Figure: Gantt Chart for a 20 Storied building. (Note: Applicable if sufficient amount of labors, equipment, materials are provided, if Portland Cement is used and if the working hour is not more that 8 hours.)
  7. 7. Exceptional Measures • Exceptional measures that can be taken to reduce the time to complete a twenty storied building within a shorter time are; Use of High Performance Concrete, Use of UV curing method, Use of steam curing method, Increasing working duration up to 24/7 Increase numbers of site engineers up to at least 3 people.
  8. 8. References • • ring/curing.html  Information provided by: Charles Balina, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University. • concrete/6095/ • Project Planning Management for Engineering and Construction  By, Garold D. Oberlender, Ph.D., P.E. Professor of Civil Engineering, Oklahoma State University.
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