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5 Steps to integrate digital channels into 2017 pharma business plans.


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Stepwise thought process to understand how can you leverage digital channels to promote your brand

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5 Steps to integrate digital channels into 2017 pharma business plans.

  1. 1. 5 Steps to integrate digital channels into pharma business plans.
  2. 2. Introduction Digital Marketing has created exciting business avenues for pharma business plans- o A Multichannel marketing strategy doesn’t mean including email capabilities in your plans. o The Key is to coordinate and blend your online and offline interactions such as sales call, an email, webinar and much more. o If coordinated well, multichannel marketing will help you re-define relationship with your customers. These points should give you some motivation to incorporate multichannel marketing into your business plans.
  3. 3. STEP # 1 Understand what information your customers want and how do they want it. For example would they be interested in- o An E-mailed PDF summary with key takeaways of an event? o An SMS update about the latest guidelines? o Online cases being posted weekly? o Some specific channels that you should consider, such as- o Emails o SMS o Webinars o Websites o Videos o Online Doctor Networks START WITH YOUR CUSTOMER
  4. 4. STEP # 2 Determine what would be the right product strategy based on your product stage. A few questions to ponder over- o Are you trying to differentiate your product from your competitors? o Are you trying to launch a new product? o Are you trying to increase scientific awareness around your molecule? Choose approach on the basis of your domain. o Primary care product- broad range of market reaching channels. o Speciality/Niche product- a narrower approach Channel strategy is defined by the underlying objective that you are trying to achieve. IDENTIFY YOUR PRODUCT STRATEGY
  5. 5. STEP # 3 Once you have identified the customer and product needs, you should select the right mix of channels- o Offline channels- Sales calls, Meetings, Print materials, Samples etc o Online channels- e-Detailing, mobile apps, websites, emails, social media etc Success of multichannel marketing depends on clarity with respect to channels- o Pilot and test new channels before rollout. o The insights from pilots will let you identify the right online channel for improving overall customer engagement and satisfaction. SELECT THE CHANNELS
  6. 6. STEP # 4 Success for online campaigns can be defined through o click through rates o views/ impressions o Overall reach of the campaign. o Likes /helpfuls o Shares Important factors while integrating online and offline channels- o Customer feedback o Cost effectiveness Success also depends on whether you have chosen right content for right channel. For eg- transferring your detailing aid into an email for an online campaign will not work. Make sure you tailor and adapt your communication to your channel. TAILOR AND MONITOR OUTCOMES
  7. 7. STEP # 5 o Ensure that your team has the right skill sets to design and implement a multichannel marketing strategy o Plan a training session for the brand managers to help them understand digital channels. o Collaboration between digital and marketing teams in- house will be key to a successful strategy. EVALUATE TEAM SKILLS
  8. 8. CONCLUSION  Calculate ROI from the chosen channels before presenting Business plan to management for approval  Demonstrate the cost effectiveness of multichannel marketing to the management. Once this is done, approving your business plan should be a no-brainer to your CEO/CFO.  Again, remember that we are not moving away from the traditional marketing channels – just augmenting them with digital channels.
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