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Cyber crimes Challenges in Global and Oman


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The presentation which covers the latest threats in Cyberspace and ongoing cybercrimes challenges to the investigator's in Global and Oman.

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Cyber crimes Challenges in Global and Oman

  1. 1. Cybercrimes Challenges in Global and Oman Eng. Mubarak Al Hadadi Muscat COMEX 2018 25th April 2018
  2. 2. Topics to be cover 1. Latest Threats in Cyberspace 2. Ongoing Cybercrimes Challenges to the Investigator's 3. Future
  3. 3. Ransomware • Ransomware WannaCry attack • latest cyber threat and the largest in the history of the Internet • After the DYN DDoS attack on October 21, 2016. • On May 12, 2017, this ransomware attack is widely spread in several countries, such as Russia, Ukraine, US and Taiwan. • This malware also spread to other countries, affected by these attacks is growing to this day. • Infected more than 200,000 organizations • 150 countries.
  4. 4. Threats in Cyberspace o Ransomware, o Reaper, o Denial-of-service (DDoS), o Data theft, o Hijacking
  5. 5. IoT Reaper Botnet  Forming right now to create a cyber-storm  Has already infected a more than million of devices in the network  Detected by netlab 360 CheckPoint
  6. 6. Reputation Risk  Social Channels hacking (spam &malwares)  Journalistic reporting  Online brand theft & fake social accounts  Fake job offers  Online bad reviews
  7. 7. 2. Ongoing Cybercrimes Challenges to the Investigator's Financial Frauds o Credit/Debit Card Frauds o Fake Online Shopping Sites & Apps o Fraud Calls o Bitcoin
  8. 8. Hacking & Phishing o Fake offers through email & phishing websites o Fake tenders/purchase orders targeting companies o Fake verification emails o Social media hacking
  9. 9. Blackmailing • Social Engineering • Video Calls with unknown person • Sharing information details with strangers
  10. 10. Ransomware Information o More than 45,000 Products averaging o More than 6,300 Dark web o For $10 anyone can launch Ransomware
  11. 11. VPN • Anyone can change IP with free VPN's • Hide the identity (Mask) IP Address • Wifi theft by strangers Encryption • Failed to unlock devices • Apps to track Changing to Technologies • Adopting to updates and trends
  12. 12. Future In 2020 more than 20 Million IOT devices will be connected online. • Social Media Forensic • Device Forensic • Malware Analysis • Memory Forensic • Cloud Forensic Challenges • Large Scale worldwide • Time consuming • IoT • Cloud • Encryption
  13. 13. What needs to be done  Awareness & Training  Procedures and Regulations  Online branding & risk monitoring  Adopting industrial revolution  ICT Specialized court
  14. 14. Thank you @mubarakalhadadi For more information: call: +968-95304300