What is SharPoint 2013?


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What is SharePoint? Is it a web site?! Is it an online collaboration tool?! Is it a project management software?! Is it a business intelligence tool?! Then what is SharePoint in real?

SharePoint is a business collaboration platform that can be customized to fit the business’ needs.

Microsoft has been updating the SharePoint versions over the years to enhance its functionality and features, the latest vision is SharePoint 2013.

Are You an IT Student, an ASP.NET Developer, A SharePoint User, Software Project Manager…? And do you want to know what SharePoint is? You are mostly welcomed to join the online webcast.

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  • Newly established group (4 months) connecting people, increase the level of maturityWe are 15 SharePoint professional, everybody is welcomed to join us in all over UAE.This is our first event, we will have more events & and we urge everybody to participate.Like our Facebook page to keep posted.
  • This session about answer in brief “What is SharePoint?” and learn some common definitions (let me know what is unclear definition that I said. E.g. Portal)Who this session is for: (Information workers, IT Pros, Web Manager, Developers, Students, end users)Next step (Session) will talk more about SharePoint Administration Overview to allow you getting startedYou need read and practice a lot to be SharePoint engineer (SP not difficult but it’s huge)
  • In 2001 Jeff Teper decide to build this platform based on other server productsSharePoint Build based on Portal and CMS concepts from other old productsSP 2007 $1.3 billion a year in revenue (Carve Point)SP 2010 a lot of enhancements include Public web site focusSharePoint Online is a customize SharePoint Server2013 is future
  • As we sew in previous slide – this wide range of functionality makes it difficult to defined SharePoint.It’s many things to many organizations: file share, shared calendars, intranet, content management (enterprise and web), repository, workflow, line of business application, contact management (CRM), employee management, help desk, case management, and more, to name a few.Build on ASP.NET : consultants, ISVs and developers liked SharePoint because it ‘meant never having to say no to a client’.  (For me I imaging SharePoint as I imagine ASP.NET; both have the same target “Build any Web-Base Solution”)SharePoint is a platform rather than a software applicationOther definitions: “SharePoint 2013 is a collaboration platform for customized Web services.”“SharePoint is a business collaboration platform that can be customized to fit the business’ needs”
  • In short, SharePoint Foundation represents the core content storage and collaboration features ofSharePoint. It is the ideal edition for teams and small organizations looking to improve on their abilityto work with one another in a secure, easy-to-use, collaborative workspace.SharePoint Server includes the more advanced features that can be implemented within theenvironment.Our demos will be on SharePoint Online
  • Web Browsers: HTML5 for full supportWeb Design Tools: Dreamweaver for SharePoint UI design!Open Source: Tons by SP community3th party: most of biggest IT companies (IBM, HP, Koufax, ) provide one or more product to manage SharePoint or build base on SharePoint. Also there is companies work just by build SharePoint products (Acvboint, lintix)
  • Title and LogoRibbonNavigationSite SettingContent
  • Navigate home page elementsSite sitting & site content Features
  • Our example will be on Team site to target Collaboration & Portals solutions
  • Here we will talk how to add site and apps to out sites, not how we build it.We will talk about OOTB features.
  • Type of sites
  • Create Team SiteAdd Documents Library App
  • What is List  recordsWhat is Library  FilesWhat is App  Web-Parts and Actions (Forms, …..)
  • Create Announcements List – Add two contact (New Parking area, employee dress code)Create Custom Document library - Add five contact with categoryAdd App (Banner Part App )
  • Change logo and Tile
  • We built site & List then we managed settings. Now let’s organize these stuff and it’s contents.Site: by pages & navigationPeople: manage users and groupsApps: organize contentTheme: by add device channelsWe will talk about Site pages & list views
  • A Web Part is a Microsoft ASP.NET server control that serves a particular purpose, such as displaying data from a spreadsheet or streaming stock quotations from an online Web service. Web Parts are inserted in Web Part zones on Web Part Pages. Web Part zones are containers for Web Parts that group and organize Web Parts and provide a set of properties that configure the Web Parts in that zone. Web Part Pages consolidate data and Web content through Web Part zones to create dynamic information portals.
  • For example, you can create views of the files in a library that apply to a specific department or the items in a list that were created by a specific person. Views are available for the list or library you create them in.Each list or library has at least one view, based on the type of list or library and how it was configured. In the browser, you can modify these views and create new views. For example, a task list includes several views, such as Due Today and All Tasks. You can modify these views, for example, by changing how the items in a list are sorted. You can also create new views that show only incomplete tasks.
  • The benefits of sharingIt’s true that SharePoint Server and Office 365 provide powerful tools for storing documents, posting messages, and creating sites. But of equal importance is how social features can bind these tools together in ways that allow an organization to tap its collective knowledge.As you share ideas, sites, and content, others can obviously benefit from what you know and what you’ve found. Perhaps less obvious is that when you share information, you position yourself for making new discoveries and learning from others as they respond to what you’ve shared.
  • Search box every where (when add App, list view, site …)
  • Lest navigate home page elementsCreate Team SiteAdd Documents Library App
  • Basic levels - 101
  • What is SharPoint 2013?

    1. 1. Are You an IT Student? What is An ASP.NET Developer? SharePoint? By Muawiyah Shannak, SharePoint Architect, MCC, A SharePoint User? Wednesday 3-Apr-2012 A Software Project Manager?6:00 PM to 8:30 – [GMT+4] Do you want to know what SharePoint is?
    2. 2. www.uaesharepoint.orgwww.facebook.com/uaesharepoint@UAESharepointwww.linkedin.com/groups/UAESharePoint-4759377
    3. 3. • Webcast & Slides will be available in our YouTube channel.• Q&A  Ill answer general questions at the end of webcast  You can ask specific question related to the topic demo direct after the demo  Extra questions to uaespug@live.com
    4. 4. Overview SharePoint Key DiscoveOrganize Share Build Manage r
    5. 5. 2001 2003 2007 2010 2013STS 1.0 SPS 2003 WSS 3.0 Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Microsoft SharePoint Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 FoundationSPS 2001 WSS 2.0 MOSS 2007 Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013
    6. 6. • Not an programing Language• Not an applications, or suite of applications like word or• outlook SharePoint is a platform rather than a software• application is a collection of most used web-based SharePoint solutions SharePoint is a server platform for building almost any web-based functionality imaginable.
    7. 7. • Web Browsers• Microsoft office suite (Client and Web)• SharePoint Designer• Visual Studio• Web Design Tools• PowerShell• Others: Open Source, 3th party
    8. 8. Sites, People, Apps and ThemeBuild Manage Organize Share Discover
    9. 9. BuildSites, People, Apps and Theme
    10. 10. • Out-OF-The-Box: in SharePoint OOTB represents the components and features shipped with the product• Custom: • Custom WSP & Apps
    11. 11. PortalHR Finance Media Center Search blog News Photo Gallery
    12. 12. Lists Librarie Apps s
    13. 13. ManageSites, People, Apps and Theme
    14. 14. • Users and Permissions• Look and Feel• Web Designer Galleries• Site Actions• Site Administration• Search
    15. 15. General Settings Permissions and Management• List name, and navigation• Versioning settings • Delete this list• Advanced settings • Save list as template• Validation settings • Permissions for this list• Rating settings • Workflow Settings• Audience targeting settings • Information management policy settings• Form settings • Enterprise Metadata and Keywords Settings • Generate file plan report
    16. 16. OrganizeSites, People, Apps and Theme
    17. 17. • Site pages are pages that are created, edited, and customized by end users.• Site pages come in two types: • A standard page contains text, images, Web Parts, and other elements. • A Web Parts page contains Web Parts in Web Part zones• Web-Part: Enable author to customize a SharePoint page to display content or business data from many sources on the same page
    18. 18. You can use views to see the items in a list or library that are mostimportant to you or that best fit a particular purpose
    19. 19. ShareSites, People (Ideas), Apps (Contents)
    20. 20. Social computing features inSharePoint Server and Office 365allow you to share ideas, sites, andcontent with people in yourorganization.
    21. 21. DiscoverSites, People, Apps
    22. 22. Personalized search resultsbased on search history withRich contextual previews
    23. 23. Discover
    24. 24. • Office 365• SharePoint 2013 Instillation and Configuration• App of SharePoint (Development)• SharePoint Learning Plan• SharePoint Branding (UI Design)• End User Deep Dive