Mountain Social Program Guide


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A detailed description of the Mountain Social Media Summit program, sponsors, and speakers

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Mountain Social Program Guide

  1. 1. Program Overview
  2. 2. Conference Overview Master Class Keynote Addresses Breakout Sessions Un-Conference Come listen to 5 outstanding Participate in up to 8 10 of our speakers will host keynote addresses from different break out sessions. One-on-One Master Classes nationally recognized social These sessions focus on the in their disciplines. Get up close media experts & practitioners pragmatic realities and & personal with industry thought implementation of one of the leaders to discuss your projects, four P’s – Personas, Profits, problems, & opportunities Projects & Profits 10 Slides on a ‘P’ Video Contest Great Food In 3 Minutes Mountain Social is hosting a On Sunday morning attendees will Unlike a lot of social media short-form video competition. have the opportunity to share their conferences, Mountain Social Entries are limited to 90 seconds comments on one or more of the understands the value of a and the footage/commentary must 4 P’s of Social Media – good meal. Included in your be shot during one or more of the Personas, Problems, Profits & Projects. registration is our Friday Night Conference activities. This contest Build your personal brand by sharing social event as well as your focuses on the best use of your insights and expertise with breakfasts, lunch, & dinner. SmartPhone / iPhone video all of the conference attendees Come enjoy some fine composition. Judging is Saturday Mountain Cooking at Mountain night after dinner and the winner Social. gets an iPod Nano
  3. 3. Saturday, September 12th Conference Guide 7:30-8:30 Breakfast & Registration Welcome & Opening Session 8:30-8:45 Jon Gatrell Naked in a Sauna 8:45-9:30 Michelle Vandepas Break 9:30-10:00 Coffee, Juice, Biscuits, etc. Market Problems 10:00-11:00 Chris Carfi Learning Markets, Enhancing Your Brand and 11:00-11:45 Improving your position with Social Media Dan Greenfield 11:45-1:00 Southern BBQ Lunch
  4. 4. Saturday, September 12th Conference Guide 1:00–2:00 Afternoon Break Out Session #1 Social Media Therapist: Presence, Monetizing Social Media Personas & Authority John Mecke Sarah Dopp Implementing a Social Green Trends in Social Media Media Marketing Strategy Sandra Cummins Stephen B. Smith 2:00-2:30 Break – Coffee, Sodas, Cookies, etc. 2:30-3:30 Afternoon Break Out Session #2 Large Audiences Won’t Trust, Reviews and Readership Make You an Expert Rob Sutton Mark Resch Social Media Problems: Facilitating Collaboration The Business Need for Sustainable Businesses Sherry Heyl Ofra Tessler & Galit Levin
  5. 5. Saturday, September 12th Conference Guide 3:30-5:30 Master Class Un-Conference Come discuss the topic of your choosing with one or more of our speaker-experts •Jon Gatrell •John Mecke •Chris Carfi •Sandra Cummins •Sherry Heyl •Ofra Tessler / Galit Levitin •Mark Resch •Stephen Smith •Dan Greenfield •ZeroG Creative Dinner 5:30-7:00 Platinum Sponsor Keynote Address (To Be Announced) Video Contest Judging 7:30-8:30 Winner gets iPod Nano from one of our Sponsors 8:30- ??? Socializing, Networking, Star Gazing, etc.
  6. 6. Sunday, September 13th Conference Guide 7:30-9:00 Breakfast Panel Discussion: Social Branding & Execution 9:00-10:00 Jon Gatrell and others to be announced 10:00-11:00 10 Slides on a ‘P’ in 3 Minutes Come share your insights on Personas, Problems, Profits & Projects Platinum Sponsor Keynote Address 11:00-12:00 To be announced Feedback Session on the Mountain Social Experience 12:00-12:30 Emily Gatrell 12:30 Adjourn
  7. 7. Sponsors & Speakers
  8. 8. Our Speakers Sponsors Platinum Watch this space Watch this space For updates coming For updates coming soon soon Watch this space Watch this space Sponsors For updates coming For updates coming Gold soon soon Sponsors Silver
  9. 9. Our Speakers Jon Gatrell Chris Carfi Sarah Dopp Michelle Vandepas Sherry Heyl Sandra Cummins Mark Resch Ofra Tessler Galit Levitin John Mecke Stephen Smith Rob Sutton Dan Greenfield
  10. 10. Chris Carfi Christopher Carfi is an entrepreneur and is currently the CEO of Cerado, Inc. Cerado was founded in 2002 to provide software and services that enable businesses, organizations and associations to better connect and understand their customer and member communities. His blog, The Social Customer Manifesto, is a “Top 25″ marketing blog, and has won numerous other awards including “Top CRM Blog” in 2005 and 2007. He is also an active contributor to the ProjectVRM, based at the Berkman Center at Harvard University, which focuses on improving customer- vendor relationships and is creating tools to equip individuals with tools of both independence and engagement. Prior to co-founding Cerado, Chris was a product marketing executive at Extricity, a provider of B2B integration services. He also spent nearly a decade at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) as a manager at Andersen’s Center for Strategic Technology in Palo Alto, California. Chris grew up in Chicago, holds an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University, and a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Northwestern University, and currently lives in the Bay Area with his family.
  11. 11. Sarah Dopp Sarah Dopp is a social media practitioner and developer who actively blogs on identity issues, the impact of perception driven interactions, and the importance of community. While not exactly in those words, these are the types of topics covered at Dopp Juice, her blog. Sarah has been blogging and building websites for over ten years. Her clients include Chevron, Jiffy Lube, Hyperion, Seton Pediatric Hospital, BlogHer, and Cisco, among others. She’s the founder and editor of Genderfork, as well as a co-founder of both The Writ and Boffery. Sarah is also an experienced performance poet and co-host of a monthly open mic. Simply put - Sarah Dopp is a change agent. She likes social media, web development, project management, consulting, writing, editing, creativity, change, spoken-word poetry, fresh squeezed juice, and keeping her hair remarkably short. She lives in San Francisco.
  12. 12. Michelle Vandepas Michelle is a frequent speaker and active social marketer. As a published author on Holistic Marketing and a practicing social media market her session will provide insights on the challenges and successes in leveraging social media as a central channel. Michelle is a Doctor of Divinity and a Reiki Master. She is also an Entrepreneur and co-founder of Divine Purpose Unleashed and founder of ‘Conscious Destiny‘. These companies focus on enhancing Creativity, Consciousness, Integrity, Purpose, Passion and Intuition. An entrepreneur, Michelle has formed a variety of companies: Retail, Manufacturing, Medical, Training, and Service. She was voted ‘Young Careerist of Colorado’ in ‘Business Professional Women’ magazine and ‘The Gazette Telegraph’ listed her in ‘Women to Watch in the 90’s’. Her book, ‘Marketing for the Holistic Practitioner‘ was first released December 2003 and has been turned into a Holistic Spiritual Marketing practice that she shares with her clients. Married since 1981 Michelle and husband Bob have fostered ten children. Michelle’s also wrote ‘Two Empty Bedrooms’, a book which chronicles the experience.
  13. 13. Mark Resch As an industry analyst, researcher and former CEO of Creative Commons, Mark was definitely someone who we all wanted to provide a futurists views on content, personas and identity. Mark’s successful projects, most recently, has earned his projects to be highlighted on CNN and Valleywag. In his own words, here is what mark has to say on his Haystack profile: “Working on projects that I’m passionately interested in has given me a nicely checkered past. Mostly I work with companies (from Fortune 100 to startup) envisioning how they might evolve using emerging technologies to expand their business. Often, I accept vaguely defined assignments, and make sense of the opportunity by triangulating from the creative perspectives of business, technology and culture. I have experience and familiarity with: the emerging new media community, mobile and wireless communication, online and ecommerce business methods and models, interactive systems that use technology like a medium”
  14. 14. Jon Gatrell Jon’s a technology marketing and pragmatic speaker. Jon previously has been a university lecturer and geographic researcher. Currently Jon and his family live outside Atlanta just a little bit. Jonathan Gatrell is a social marketer, writer and frequent conference speaker on emerging technology trends and how they impact markets. Jon has published numerous articles on demand, supply and product management for both online and traditional publications. Jon has presented globally at over 50 conferences in somewhere around 10 countries. Jon actively blogs on product marketing, supply chain stuff and branding. You can keep up with what Jon’s working/doing on Twitter (@spatially) or at Spatially Relevant.
  15. 15. Sherry Heyl Sherry is a social media and technology consultant and a community leader for technology in Georgia. Sherry Heyl is the Chief Strategy Officer for Concept Hub (formerly What a Concept!), the first social media agency in the Southeast. Her responsibilities include business development and collaborating with clients to develop online communities of raving fans by integrating streaming video, blogs, podcasts, RSS, and virtual worlds into communication plans for B2B, B2C, Non-profit and Higher Education organizations. Sherry has been recognized as a thought leader in social and collaborative technologies and trends through invitations to speak for many varied associations, conferences, and private events. Sherry was a key organizer of SoCon07, the first Social Media un- conference in Metro Atlanta and on the planning committee for SoCon08. Sherry is the Chair of the Technology Association of GA Enterprise 2.0 Society, on the Interim Board of Directors for the Social Media Club and on the National Advisory Board for KSU Communication Department.
  16. 16. John Mecke John is the Managing Director of a corporate development advisory firm based in Atlanta. John Mecke is the Managing Director of DevelopmentCorporate, a corporate development advisory firm based on Atlanta. John is active in helping technology organizations maximize their value through mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and other strategic initiatives. He is also an executive leader of the ANSI ASC X12 EDI standards group. He is also a frequent blogger on technology company related public equity, private equity, and venture capital topics. He is also an active researcher in how organizations can monetize their social media activities. You can follow John on Twitter (@DevCorporate) or visit
  17. 17. Sandra Cummins Sandra is the founder of Southeast Green. Southeast Green was launched in the Fall of 2007. The mission of is to promote a sustainable economy by linking the consumer to the resources and services available in the Southeast green industry and business community. Before starting Southeast Green, Sandra worked in the music industry as a sales and marketing account manager. Originally from Chicago, she graduated from Georgia State University in 1990. She enjoys living in the Atlanta area because of the abundance of outdoor activities that are available.
  18. 18. Ofra Tessler Ofra is the President of the Green Chamber of the South Founded in 2008 in Atlanta, Georgia, the Green Chamber of the South supports the growth and success of sustainability in businesses and encourages innovation and adoption of clean technology. We are a non- profit organization. The Green Chamber of Commerce facilitates connections and collaboration between companies, government, NGOs and the community, supporting the growth of green companies. Our vision facilitates the success and growth of green businesses and establishes a hub for green commerce in the Southeast. Ofra Tessler has a BA and MA in Environmental and Occupational Health and spent most of her working life in the software industry. After years in software development, customer service and training, she created the Green Chamber out of the conviction that businesses will be the drivers of change and will play a fundamental role in creating a sustainable world.
  19. 19. Galit Levitin Galit is the Vice President and Co-Founder of the Green Chamber of the South Galit Levitin has M.S. in Analytical Chemistry and PhD in Electrochemistry from Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. She spent most of her working life in performing cutting edge clean technology research; has multiple scientific publications, issued patent and patent applications. She found her passion in promoting Green Chamber of the South, and she strongly believes that the sustainable future can be insured only through collaborative efforts of business, government organizations, and 2008 in Atlanta, Georgia, the Green Chamber of the South supports the growth and success of sustainability in businesses and encourages innovation and adoption of clean technology.
  20. 20. Stephen Smith Stephen is a leader in the industry with proven dedication to pursuing social media as a career. He is an active graduate of SOBCon and will provide insights into setting goals meeting them and achieving more. Stephen Smith starting blogging about productivity in 2006 and became one of the more popular of the “GTD Bloggers” with his site, Productivity in Context. Looking to turn it into an actual business and stop working for “the Man”, Stephen attended internet marketing conferences and dove headfirst into research on this topic. After two years of extensive research and practical experience Stephen has turned that goal into a reality - working for himself, running an Internet Marketing/Social Media consulting business from wherever he happens to be. Stephen is an alumnus and presenter at the annual SOBCon conference in Chicago, IL and co-founder of the Work.Life.Creativity forum ( ). You can follow Stephen on Twitter (@hdbbstephen) or visit for more information.
  21. 21. Rob Sutton Rob brings an interesting take to the conference - rapid success in not only his blog, but his passion - mountain biking! Rob founded Mountain Biking by 198 as another outlet for his passion for the sport, but also as a way to capture its progression over time. The blog covers product reviews, bike reviews, industry news, riding tips, ride reports and anything else related to his obsession. Mountain Biking by 198 has grown rapidly in a very short period of time to have several thousand readers. MTG is now essentially one of the leading blogs in the industry and has reviewed nearly $50,000 in product with transparent and authentic views on products.
  22. 22. Dan Greenfield Dan Greenfield is principal of Bernaise Source Media ( ) a media consulting practice that blends the power of new and traditional media to manage corporate reputations and build brands. Formerly, he was vice president of corporate communications at EarthLink, a national Internet service provider (ISP). Greenfield’s blog, Bernaise Source examines the impact of social media on corporate communications, marketing and the Atlanta technology community