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Chi diversity presentation 7 2012

Diversity Training by Celebrating Humanity International.
+27 79 643 4457.

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Chi diversity presentation 7 2012

  1. 1. Copyright CH Trust. Humanity DiversityInterventions.CELEBRATING HUMANITY INTERNATIONALAuthors, Diversity Speakers and Communication, Diversity Management, Team Building, Team ConflictResolution Specialists.At the level of respect, all people are equal. A & B Moore – 079 643 4457Brian Moore – Arthie Moore –
  2. 2. Copyright CH Trust. Greetings!Molweni, Goeie dag, Good day, Guten Morgen, Sanibonani, As salaamu alaikum, Avuxeni, Thobela, Lotjhani, Ndi matsheloni, Kusile, Hola, Dumelang! Ola, Howdy, Kia ora, Bonjour, Habari gani,Bhotani, Ni hao ma, Konichiwa, Shalom, Namaste,Vannakam, Hola, Ndaa, Muli-uli, Mangwanani, Muli-shani, Walale po, Mwabuka buti, Mwuli bwanji, Heita, Namaskar, Kemcho,Yassou, Namaskarum, Haribol, Narayan, Howzit, Ciao, Dobra jutra, Peace, Gday, Dobri den and the top of the morning to you!
  3. 3. Copyright CH Trust. Standing at a Crossroads. Businesses and organizations that are under pressure totransform their teams, are often challenged by the wealth of “solutions” offered, by companies. Some are great - and many are doomed to failure. If you are about to choose a diversity programme,your team is at a crossroads of danger and opportunity. The danger lies in choosing the wrong interventions. This can bring divisions and discontent. The right choice will bring huge opportunities to build individuals, teams and the company, whilst reaping great rewards, together.
  4. 4. Copyright CH Trust.Diversity Interventions Required “Diversified environment, where all employees are valued, and feel the same about their workplace.” “Put people together in a way that will have them bouncing ideas off each other, befriending each other, and taking care of each other, and suddenly they are coming to you, not with gripes and problems, but with solutions and great ideas.” Richard Branson, in his book, “Business Stripped Bare.”
  5. 5. Copyright CH Trust. challenges to building diversityunderstanding and opportunities“Diversity and Inclusion” is sometimes a challenge to older established uni- cultural teams. Any form of change is often rejected.Traditional “Diversity training” is often seen as a threat to the status quo.Any top-down intervention is often far less effective than a participative process.Intellectually learned diversity skills often do not “stick.” What is remembered is more “interesting” than a working skill.Multi-diverse team members often hang out with their own “groups.” This serves to “confirm who they are”, and does little to grow them.” Without active diversity understanding, teams cannot fully work together, nor can they connect effectively with their diverse clients.
  6. 6. Copyright CH Trust.Opportunities to expand through understanding Diversity.The right interventions have the effect of:-Reducing team and management stress.Removing conflict, gossiping, and back stabbing from the workplace.Improving professionalism, productivity, communication, interaction and accountability.Expanding markets, increasing profits whilst enjoying the journey! Positive change comes through willing people. Teams that delight in their work environment will love change and continuously seek opportunities through the diversities – of your team, clients and suppliers.
  7. 7. Copyright CH Trust.Some Expected Outcomes strong environment of mutual respect.Open, clear and effective communication and interaction skills.Effective understanding of people, cultures, traditions, religions, commonalities and uniqueness.Accountability, ownership and responsibility for self, team and organisation.Environment of solution-finding and praise.Understanding attitudes and their effects on relationships.Conflict resolution skills to prevent challenges within business and home relationships.Leadership skills and understanding, to motivate, and get the best out of teams, colleagues and clients. United, motivated and professional teams and teamwork.
  8. 8. Copyright CH Trust. the Level of Respect All People are equal! A & B Moore 2001 Namdeb Diamond Mining Corporation’s General Manager - Chris Sivertsen “Arthie and Brian and their whole team really live their message; they truly walk the talk. And the message “At the level of Respect, all People are Equal” is such a powerful one, a message that appeals to all employees in every company. They personally touched every person who attended their Diversity Training sessions, and this facilitated each of us to get emotionally and conceptually closer to our colleagues. ” (2500 people trained)Eskom Ltd – Ellisras (Feedback after 15 months)- “”Communication, respect andownership improved from all sides by 100%.The respect between different race groups has been restored and some of thepeople who were negative have changed so much that they have been promotedto higher positions with greater responsibility.”
  9. 9. Copyright CH Trust. Testimonial – International and South African Team On behalf of the U.S. Consulate General in Durban, I write to extend our appreciation for an unparalleled experience in cultural sensitisation and team- building! The 2 day session made our diverse team stronger and more supportive of one another.This (team building) was by far the most meaningful and effective in fostering good communication, mutual respectand a strong spirit of cooperation amongst our multi-cultural staff. Jill Derderian - Consul GeneralAn unparalleled experience in cultural sensitisation and team-building!
  10. 10. Copyright CH Trust. Diversity Conventions  Ancestral beliefs. Clarity.  Attitude. Business Protocol.  Body Language. Culture.  Body Space. Communication styles.  Customs. Decision-making process.  Dress. Etiquette  Drink. Festivals.  Education. Generation.  Family Structures. Language.  Food. Logic.  Funerals. Nationality.  Greetings. Planning and Control.  History. Values and Principles.  Individual Diversity. Personalities.  Position. Thinking Styles.  Proverbs. Traditions.  Religions. Ubuntu/ Duty.  Time Work Styles.  Upbringing. Work Culture.  Weddings. At the level of respect, all people are equal! A & B Moore – 2001.
  11. 11. Copyright CH Trust.Challenges to building Professional, and United Teams.
  12. 12. Copyright CH Trust. is not only what you know – butwhat you can learn from each other. We add to each other!
  13. 13. Copyright CH Trust.Sustainable Celebrating Interventions Workplace programmes ◦ Primer. ◦ Internal Diversity shows. Interactive Facilitated Programmes ◦ Diversity Management. ◦ Team Building. ◦ Team Conflict Resolution. In-house diversity Interventions Diversity Shows ◦ Diversity displays. ◦ Competitions. ◦ Food, Music, Language, Traditions. Follow-up programmes Support and Backup. Regular In-house meetings to maintain professional and unified teams.
  14. 14. Celebrating Humanity Copyright CH Trust. SustainabilityThe PrimerPrize-driven pre-processes that involve team members open up communication & learning.Programmes and Follow-up ProcessesFacilitated sessions and in-house processes maintain the momentum, the understanding and effectof initial interventions. Ongoing email and telephonic support. Coaching upon request.Departmental Celebrating Humanity ChampionsVolunteers per department and division-lead programmes to ensure long term learning anddiversity experiences.Interdepartmental Celebrating Humanity CompetitionsDiversity Experiences include plays, cultural days – food, dress, traditions, religions, holidays,exhibitions.Divisional/ Company Celebrating Humanity Shows/ Year end FunctionsCelebrating Humanity International – working with Departmental Celebrating HumanityChampions, setup a venue in all of the cultures and traditions of the team members, client andsuppliers. Events close out with a music, dance and buffet with foods of all diversities.
  15. 15. Copyright CH Trust. Stunning Methodology - Uniting Perspective - All Exhilarating Techniques programs are based in the (ET) are extremely principle - “At the level of Effective, Uniting, Fun & respect - all people are have a long term effect. equal.” Materials, Venue, Meals, The programs focus on “how processes, facilitators and we add to each other” - follow-up form a part of ET. through our uniqueness. Celebrating Humanity Diversity Skilled Facilitators - programs are unique , in the Training/ Diverse, Multi Cultural, Multi focus and in giving delegates Transformational Lingual. Prepared to Learn and life skills that will postively Teambuilding Grow, Powerful, Respectful, impact all areas of their lives. Focused. Culturally & This includes family, social Religiously aware. and work life. ET Specialists. Long Term Sustainability Client, country, province is ensured through the life- and area are researched , long learning and numerous prior to the programs. follow-up processes and Materials and experienced programs. facilitators are developed to Assessments made years be diversity aware and after CH programs show the respectful. Any challenges positive long term effect. are adjusted immediately.
  16. 16. Celebrating Humanity Harvest©Proven, Fun, Exciting, Non-threatening and Long-lasting The Sustainable Celebrating Humanity Harvest© Foundation© Values Circle© Values Circle© Meetings The Gathering© Brief Monthly Meetings - Build Respect and Fun Peer created, to maintain - Understanding Peer-managed, relationships and Teambuild, - Develop Teamwork team code of agreements Assess, - Develop Relationships conduct. Report - Learn about self and Adjust - Learn about others Individual Values Circle. - Transform Attitudes Clearing - Communication Set team up - Share Problems & Answers for the - Praise and Honour Team Commitment 1st Meeting led by following year - Handling Anger & Emotions - Body language- facilitator 1-2 Days. 1 day per team/ 1 year after initial Selected across teams and can include more 1 -2 hours per month. teambuild. departments. than 1 team 1 day per team 1 Year programme of transformation, with free support and newsletters
  17. 17. Copyright CH Trust. Humanity Values Circle© Inkosi yinkosi ngabantu VALUES A leader is only a leader by virtue of CIRCLE© his/ her people Protected by a peer review group Team Name 5 1 & Common understanding Ba se d in CARE The Elders THE ENTIRE TEAM Common accepted & mutually understood2 Interpersonal VALUES for Different Chair & 6 Clearing of past interpersonal Scribe for each positive behaviour & for meeting challenges unacceptable behaviour. Commitment to the team, to the Values Circle and to 5 pillars the individual3 Praise & Honouring members. Understanding 4 Guidance Support All below the level of the Values Circle “law” and all 7 Discipline Team-managed subject to peer praise, through Regular support, guidance and scheduled meetings discipline. Copyright - Celebrrating Humanity International - Eskom Team, from Johannesburg – Ventersdorp – Soweto – EastRand. “What I like the most, is the program which is put in place to sustain the training.”
  18. 18. Copyright CH Trust. Humanity International  Level 4 BEE Provider, 50% Woman-owned and run.  Over 20 years experience in Training Project Management, Communication, Diversity Management, Team Building, Communication and Team Conflict Resolution.  Arthie Moore – Inspirational Woman at Work. Recognised by Ms Graca Machel – Former 1st Lady of Mocambique - for developing Leadership amongst Women in SA. Published contributor to the book, “Inspirational Women at Work.”  Brian Moore, born in Zambia, grew up in SA, speaks a number of African languages and was “adopted” by a Zulu Chief - Inkosi Bhengu from KwaNgcolosi, Ndwedwe. Peacemaker - he received an award from Archbishop Desmond Tutu for bringing peace between the canoeists and communities along the course of the Dusi Canoe Marathon. Author of Team Conflict Resolution Strategies. Provincial Colours – Canoeing Administration.
  19. 19. Copyright CH Trust. Clients include:- Assmang Manganese and Chrome (800 delegates). Daimler and Mercedes Benz SA (1000 participants). eThekwini Municipality Diversity Project. (Included a Train-the-Trainer project.) Namdeb Diamond Mining Corporation (2500 people). Tsogo Sun (800 delegates). Bank of Zambia. Beekman Super Canopies Connecticut State Troopers. (USA) Discovery Health. Eskom Ltd. First National Bank. eThekwini Municipality MAN Truck and Bus Facilitators Rennies Cargo Terminals. SA Bureau of Standards. SA Container Depots. SASOL. Standard Bank. Transnet UCT. Daimler/ Mercedes Benz Diversity Team
  20. 20. Copyright CH Trust. Recent Feedback (Team Unity Programme) The programme is an asset to the development of people and South Africa. You have an excellent program and really is focused on bringing work teams together, resolving issues and helping them move forward positively. It is fun. I laughed my heart out. I learned a lot more about myself and what has affected me over my work and personal career, the personality sessions was a real eye opener to me. This team building focused for me on how people “work” and how they would like to be treated. What I enjoyed the most was the interaction between levels of the organisations. And the discovery of yourself in other people’s eyes. It is a very useful as a tool for understanding people and also discovering how little one knows about other cultures and customs. It is a totally new angle on “teambuilding”. Cultural dimension really brilliant. What I enjoyed is that an easy, open and relaxed environment is created. It is a well balanced programme – theory and fun – activities. It has been very informative, understanding how other people’s personalities are and so to deal with an individual according to their personality. The programme was not boring at all, well presented, the fact that facilitators understand different cultures, especially Africa culture with where we are coming from as South Africans.
  21. 21. Diversity Training Feedback (WC, KZN, GP) 16 July 2012 As a company we decided to use Celebrating Humanity as our provider for Diversity Training – in the Cape, KZN and Gauteng provinces. And what a good choice that was. Arthie and Brian Moore are absolutely amazing people who are able to bring out the best in people. The manner in which they present the training is really practical and uplifting. Our 411 employees thoroughly enjoyed the manner in which the interaction took place. What a pleasure to hear the positive feedback from the employees. Some wanted to attend the training again! As a company we found that employees who never really had contact with one another were able to get first-hand information about one another as well as glimpse the world in which they live. I would recommend Arthie and Brian for any training that involves getting people to understand one another as well as one self. The positive energy they bring into a room is electrifying and certainly makes all attendees come alive. This training has really had a positive impact on all our employees and it shows within our company family. Should a company make use of Celebrating Humanity, there will only be a positive outflow from contact with this amazing provider. Yours faithfully JANINE CROCKER – HR ADMINISTRATOR Beekman Super Canopies (Imperial Group)
  22. 22. Copyright CH Trust.Why Choose Celebrating Humanity  Our clients are our best reference. Over 30 years  Your needs, are our top priority.experience in the training field.  We design our interventions and content, to suit your needs.Diverse facilitation teams.  CHI has the resources, experience and background to facilitate projects - large or small. Local &  Celebrating Humanity programmes are proven to International succeed. successes in:- Mining, Police,  We focus only on our areas of specialisation. Manufacturing, Technical,  We are proven experts in our field. Corporate,  We study, experience and learn the backgrounds of our Govt. & clients, their people, their clients and their environment. Parastatals.Culturally Aware &  Our backup, follow-up, after-care and support is of the People focused. highest order.  We would love to work and grow with your teams!
  23. 23. Copyright CH Trust. you! Shukrun! Baie dankie! Danke schön! Enkosi! Na khensa! Ndi a livhuha! Siyabonga! Shukuriya! Ke a leboga! Ke a leboha!