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Chi conflict pamphlet 6 2012 a4 v4


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Swiftly build professionalism, ownership, respect, teamwork and accountability in your team whilst removing team conflict!

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Chi conflict pamphlet 6 2012 a4 v4

  1. 1. Remove Conflict and Build your Diverse Teams! Speakers, writers, facilitators and consultants. Inspirational Woman at Work - Arthie Moore and former Dusi Peacemaker - Brian Moore have many years of South African, African and International experience in removing conflict, developing professionalism, communication, understanding and respect - within diverse teams. Do you need? Some of our clients. Professional, respectful & accountable Assmang Chrome, Bank of Zambia, Depts. of teams to work effectively as cohesive units? Tourism, Foreign Affairs, Economic Development A safe creative environment for building & Transport Eskom Ltd, UKZN, SACD, First trust, relationships and pro-activity? National Bank, Monte Casino, Namdeb Diamond Mining Corporation – Namibia, Reuters, Standard Open and Clear communication at all levels? Bank, Tanker Services, Council for Medical To build leaders and reduce the need to Schemes, The National Consumer Commission, continuously manage your team Times2 Academy – RI, USA, Transnet, University To clear underlying conflict? of KZN,University of Quinnipiac – CI, USA. People who are self motivated, feel valued US Consul General - Durban. & understand their diverse team members? To achieve greater productivity & results? Chaired Learning World Conference – Hong Kong. Presented at World Diversity Conference – Do you have any of these challenges? London. Poor team work, or departmentalism. Workplace disputes. Testimonial. Negativity and arguing. "There were times when attitudes were so Gossiping & backstabbing. hard and fast that I thought it would be an Unacceptable results. impossible task to create teams within groups Personality, culture and/ or diversity of people that we were working with. Brian conflicts. and Arthie with incredible insight and genuine Excessive absenteeism. humanity were able to find the chink in the Misunderstandings and mis- armour and break down barriers that had communications. been built for decades. Lack of professionalism and accountability. Sue Hall and Associates Celebrating Contact us for a personal meeting, or Humanity personalised quotation. International. Cell: +27 79 643 4457/ +27 72 439 4220 Level 4 BEE. Fax: +27 866 746 310 50% Woman owned. Johannesburg and Durban. Will travel anywhere! Diversity Management, Communication, Transformational Team Building & Team Conflict Resolution Specialists. Fun, Non- threatening, Effective and Sustainable Exhilarating Learning Methodologies."On behalf of Team US, from the U.S. Consulate General in Durban, I write to extend our appreciation for and unparalleledexperience in cultural sensitisation and team-building! This was by far the most meaningful and effective in fostering goodcommunication, mutual respect and a strong spirit of co operation amongst our multi-cultural staff. " Jill Derderian - United States Consul General - Durban