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The best Diversity Training, Team Building and Team Conflict Resolution in South Africa


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The best in Southern Africa
Diversity Training, Team Conflict Resolution, Team Building
by Celebrating Humanity International

What is Disrespect Costing your Firm?

Respect changes all things.
+27 79 643 4457

Disrespect shows up in many forms:
* Bad attitudes,
* Cultural issues,
* Diversity conflict,
* Personality clashes,
*Mis-communication ,
* Poor teamwork,
and Lost Sales!

How can you lead or profit, when your team does not respect, or understand each other – or their clients?

If your team members have little respect and cannot work together then all of you suffer. We can fix that for you. We have done so for many firms and organisations, since 1995.

Yes! We have transformed teams from totally opposite ideologies and histories, where anger, separation, back stabbing, personality clashes and racism were the order of the day. This means we can quickly make a real change in your workplace.

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The best Diversity Training, Team Building and Team Conflict Resolution in South Africa

  1. 1. Celebrating Humanity International “At the level of Respect and Care – ALL people are equal.” A & BB Moore – 2001. Company overview Central Supplier Database Number MAAA0355053 079 643 4457/ 072 439 4220 Multi-lingual, Multi-cultural and Highly-skilled International Mentors, Public Speakers and Facilitators, of:- • Diversity Management and Training • Transformational Team Building • Team Conflict Resolution
  2. 2. Fresh, New, Exciting & Effective! 1/27/201 8 Whether you need:- 1. Diversity, or Diversity and Inclusion Training 2. Diversity Teambuilding 3. Team Conflict Resolution workshops, we will help you to:- 1. Comply with Labour Legislation. 2. Build understanding, sensitivity, unity, respect and teamwork in diverse teams. 3. Remove and clear conflict in your teams, be it from:- 1. Bad attitudes 2. Cultural issues 3. Diversity conflict 4. Mis-communication 5. Personality clashes 6. Poor teamwork 7. Prejudice 8. Racism The BEST Teambuilding that you ever had!
  3. 3. Where CHI has and will operate. 1/27/2018 All 9 Provinces of South Africa Hong Kong Namibia Swaziland UK USA Zambia Next Countries Botswana Kenya Lesotho Mauritius Mozambique Tanzania Zimbabwe
  4. 4. Background 1995 - 2015 ✓Celebrating Humanity International is the brain child of Brian and Arthie Moore. Brian ran their 1st Diversity course, in 1995 for FNB. Arthie has been an active partner, since 1997. ✓The business started as Mthimkhulu International in 1995, and in 2005 switched across to the Celebrating Humanity International Consultants (Pty) Ltd. ✓Celebrating Humanity products come from years of immersion and experience - through connecting across different cultures, generational gaps, languages, nationalities, races, religions, traditions and education levels. ✓CHI lessons, principles and values are the best of African, Eastern, Western and Southern influences. ✓Arthie and Brian’s path has led them to work with diverse people from across the World.
  5. 5. Some Experiences Arthie and Brian created the Celebrating Humanity programme encompassing the best of all cultural wisdoms. They quickly bridge the gaps that separate people – through their past programming, personalities, stigmas, historical pain and misunderstanding. They have built teams & respect and resolved conflict on mines, in corporate, government, in municipalities, in teams & between shop stewards & Mgt. In learning about people, they have:- • Walked barefoot, up the mountains with the followers of Shembe, broken fast with Jewish people, at Passover and with followers of Islam at Eid. • Eaten Mopani worms with the Tsonga people, attended prayers, funerals, fasts, festivals, weddings and parties with people of every background. • Danced with Zambians, Nama Damara, Hindus, Owambo, Herero and Zulus.
  6. 6. CHI is now 100% Black Woman-owned and Directed, with a Level 1 BEE rating. Recognition: • KZN Top Business Award – Finalist • Top Training Company SA finalist – Skills Universe. • Arthie Moore has been recognised by Graca Machel-Mandela for building Leadership. • She is a Values-based Leadership Specialists and a John Maxwell Coach and Mentor • She is a Rising Star Finalist – 2014 and 2015. • She has been recognised as an Inspirational Woman at work. • Author of Team Conflict Resolution Strategies - Brian Moore received an award from Archbishop Desmond Tutu for his peace-making work in South Africa. (KZN) • And received Natal Colours for Canoeing Administration. • A COMENSA Member. Ownership & Recognition
  7. 7. Projects International World Couriers (UK-H.O.) Synexus Clinical Research (UK-H.O.) ECL – Richards Bay (French-H.O.), MCA and MCC - (USA and Zambian-H.O.), Namdeb Diamond Mines (Namibian and South African H.O.) Toyota Finance (Japan - H.O.) Mining Industry: ➢Namdeb – Namibia Diamond Mine – 2500 people trained. ➢Assmang Manganese (800), Assmang Chrome (250) ➢Rockwell Diamonds – (300) Corporate: FNB, Standard Bank, Nedbank, Reuters, Samsung, MTN, Casino and Hotel Industry: ➢Peermont Group – Thohoyandou, Klerksdorp, Mmabatho, Umfolozi, Gracelands, Emperors, San Lameer (200+) ➢Tsogo Sun – Suncoast Casino(250+), Monte Casino, Golden Horse (250). Government: ➢Gauteng Provincial Legislature – (300+) ➢Ethekwini Municipality - RTI – KZN – UGU Municipality ➢Swaziland – Local Government – Mbabane and Manzini. ➢Zambia – Millennium Challenge Account. Bank of Zambia. ➢South Africa - DWAF/ Dept of Foreign Affairs/ Dept of Environmental Affairs/ National Consumer Commission ➢Schools Open Air – DBN, Settlers Park Primary - PE, Hillside High – PTA, KEPS – JHB.
  8. 8. Founders 1/27/201 8 Countries & some of the cultures that we have studied or worked with. Chinese Colombian Congolese England French Italian Indian Japanese Namibia Portuguese Russian South Africa Swaziland Sri Lankan Taiwanese USA Zambia Zimbabwean South African Afrikaans Bhuddist Christian English Hare Krishna devotees Hindu Jewish Muslim Ndebele Pedi Sai baba devotees Shangane Shembe Shona Sotho Swazi Tsonga Tswana Venda Xhosa Zulu Other language and groups that we have interacted with. Caprivian, Chewa, Tonga, Herero, Bemba, Lingala, Lozi, Nyanja, Chewa, Shona, Tshiluba,Tumbuka, Nama Damara, Portuguese, Greek, German, Dutch
  9. 9. Some Diversity Issues At the level of respect, all people are equal! A & B Moore – 2001.
  10. 10. Some Challenges to building Relationships in Diverse teams. Belief Systems, Body Language, Communal vs Individualism, Communication Styles, Culture & Traditions, Family Structures, Greetings, Management Styles, Mis- communication, Personalities, Religions, Space, Socialising, Trust, Work and Delivery Focus, Varying Values and Principles. Language,
  11. 11.  FUN!  Music  Respect Building  Relationship Building  Uniting  Humanising  Valuing each other  Problem solving  Clearing  Praise and honour  Experiential Learning  Competitions  Team activities  Testing activities  Games  Stories  Participation Methodology Stunning Methodology - Exhilarating Techniques (ET) are extremely Effective, Uniting, Fun & have a long term effect. Materials, Venue, Meals, processes, facilitators and follow-up form a part of ET. Uniting Perspective - All programs are based in the principle - “At the level of respect - all people are equal.” The programs focus on “how we add to each other” - through our uniqueness. Skilled Facilitators - Diverse, Multi Cultural, Multi Lingual. Prepared to Learn and Grow, Powerful, Respectful, Focused. Culturally & Religiously aware. ET Specialists. Client, country, province and area are researched, prior to the programs. Materials and experienced facilitators are developed to be diversity aware and respectful. Any challenges are adjusted immediately. Long Term Sustainability is ensured through the life- long learning and numerous follow-up processes and programs. Assessments made years after CH programs show the positive long term effect. Celebrating Humanity programs are unique, in the focus and in giving delegates life skills that will postively impact all areas of their lives. This includes family, social and work life. Diversity Training/ Transformational Teambuilding
  12. 12. Programmes & Duration  CHI Experience - Diversity Training. ½, 1 and 2 day.  Sustainable Workplace Conflict Resolution (Team Unity Programme) 2 ½ days. Maintained on Android APP.  Communication ½ to 1 day.  Diversity Events and shows  Speakers  Leadership  Programmes adjusted according to needs, challenges, diversity and area. More info available 079 643 4457
  13. 13. From Conflict to Caring 1/27/201 8
  14. 14. Sustainable Diversity Management/ Team Unity Graphic 1/27/201 8
  15. 15. Arthie Moore Sole Director  100% Shareholder & Co-Founder of Celebrating Humanity International Pty Ltd  Founder of KI Leadership Institute with Values Based Leadership.  Created and facilitate a Leadership for Learners Programme for teenagers.  Facilitator in Transformational Teambuilding, Diversity Training, Leadership Training and Team Conflict Resolution Strategies.  Motivational Speaker and International Facilitator.  Certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach, Trainer, Facilitator, Speaker  Finalist in the Rising Star Awards South Africa 2014 and 2015.  Semi-finalist for Women in Business – Sanlam Awards.  Acknowledged by Mrs Graca Machel Mandela for developing Leadership amongst Women in SA.  Former Honorary Board Member – Diversity Inclusion Online University – USA.  Published in the Communication Section of “Inspirational Women at Work South Africa” - foreword by Oprah Winfrey  Published articles in various Magazines in South Africa ie. O Magazine, Destiny Magazine-SA, Golden Room Online Magazine - London etc..  Interviewed on TV by Felicia Mabuza Shuttle, and on Radio re: Relationships, Diversity etc.
  16. 16. Brian V Moore (AKA Mthimkhulu)  Diversity, Team Building, Communication and Conflict Resolution Specialist  Gifted multi-lingual story teller - with a flair to change people’s lives through humour, laughter and different accents.  Motivational Speaker and International Facilitator of Celebrating Humanity Programmes. Author of Team Conflict Resolution Strategies.  The Peacemaker. Received an award from Archbishop Desmond Tutu for facilitating peace between Canoeists the Community on the course of the Dusi Canoe Marathon. KZN Canoeing Colours for Admin.  GM and Co-Founder of Celebrating Humanity International Pty Ltd.  Founder of  Permaculture Unite. Diversity Training in South  Diversity  Team Building in South  VP PR Speakeasy Toastmasters – Durban  Natal Canoeing Colours - Admin  Business Skills Facilitator. Project Manager - Training - Port Shepstone RDP.  Therapist for Emotional Freedom Techniques.  Published in online magazines eg. Golden Room – London. Toastmasters – On A Point  Prolific Blogger, Author and Poet (Poetry SA)
  17. 17. The CHI Magic 1/27/201 8
  18. 18. 2 Months after 1½ day CHI Workplace Conflict Resolution
  19. 19. Namdeb Diamond Mining Corporation’s General Manager - Chris Sivertsen “Arthie and Brian and their whole team really live their message; they truly walk the talk. And the message “At the level of Respect, all People are Equal” is such a powerful one, a message that appeals to all employees in every company. They personally touched every person who attended their Diversity Training sessions, and this facilitated each of us to get emotionally and conceptually closer to our colleagues. ” (2500 people trained) Eskom Ltd – Ellisras (Feedback after 15 months)- “”Communication, respect and ownership improved from all sides by 100%. The respect between different race groups has been restored and some of the people who were negative have changed so much that they have been promoted to higher positions with greater responsibility.” Namdeb Diamond Mine
  20. 20. Testimonial – International and South African TeamOn behalf of the U.S. Consulate General in Durban, I write to extend our appreciation for an unparalleled experience in cultural sensitisation and team-building! The 2 day session made our diverse team stronger and more supportive of one another. This (team building) was by far the most meaningful and effective in fostering good communication, mutual respect and a strong spirit of cooperation amongst our multi-cultural staff. Jill Derderian - Consul General An unparalleled experience in cultural sensitisation and team-building! US Consul Testimonial
  21. 21. We decided to use Celebrating Humanity as our provider for Diversity Training – in the Cape, KZN and Gauteng provinces. And what a good choice that was. Arthie and Brian Moore are absolutely amazing people who are able to bring out the best in people. The manner in which they present the training is really practical and uplifting. Our 411 employees thoroughly enjoyed the manner in which the interaction took place. What a pleasure to hear the positive feedback from the employees. Some wanted to attend the training again! We found that employees who never really had contact with one another were able to get first-hand information about one another as well as glimpse the world in which they live. I would recommend Arthie and Brian for any training that involves getting people to understand one another as well as one self. The positive energy they bring into a room is electrifying and certainly makes all attendees come alive. This training has really had a positive impact on all our employees and it shows within our company family. Should a company make use of Celebrating Humanity, there will only be a positive outflow from contact with this amazing provider. JANINE CROCKER - HR ADMINISTRATOR (16th July 2012)
  22. 22. 1/27/201 8 The Celebrating Humanity programme and Diversity Experiential Training were extremely beneficial for the Synexus Stanza team and management. The assignments were spot-on to create team unity, learning about communication styles, different cultures as well as the identification of problems and learning how to support each other. This programme has changed behaviours and I am convinced that with time I will see an impact on the revenue and contribution from this centre. Kind regards Sanet (May 2015) Dr Sanet Aspinall | Managing Director Synexus Clinical Research SA (Pty) Ltd | 178 Watermeyer St | Meyerspark | Pretoria | 0184
  23. 23. Diversity Teambuild for Educators and Support Staff 1/27/201 8 Good afternoon Brian (9 February, 2017) I just wanted to give you feedback on the course you gave recently. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved the hands on activities and that so many aspects of diversity were covered in a fluid and relevant manner. I was very impressed. Have a good day further. Carrie Viljoen Vice Head King Edward Preparatory School, Johannesburg, South Africa
  24. 24. Recent Speaker Testimonial Brian V Moore - 2nd highest evaluation of all speakers. Reference for Brian V Moore at PMA Conference - Cape Town International Convention Center 12-13 August 2015 "Brian Moore conducted a session for the PMA Fresh Connections: Southern Africa Conference entitled "The Value of Diversity in Leadership". How did it go? - The room was packed with approximately 120 people. - Not one person left during the presentation (despite the time of day). - Nearly one-third of the audience stayed around to talk with Brian despite another session starting. - Evaluation of a 4.53 on a 5 point scale…2nd highest evaluation of all speakers. Brian is a skilled presenter, engagingly funny, and spot on with his advice and insights. Thanks again, Brian. Let me know if you have any questions. My best, Margi Prueitt PMA Foundation Executive Director | PMA Senior Vice President