AAG FS10 Partnering Deck (No Prices)


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Maketing Deck for AAG | IFA Franchise Summit

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AAG FS10 Partnering Deck (No Prices)

  1. 1. Franchise Summit 10’ Allied Athlete Group is a private membership club that offers consultation and lifestyle enrichment programs for professional athletes worldwide. Allied Athlete Group partners with other professional and executive organizations to create synergistic relationships that generate educational, investment, networking and branding solutions to enhance the lifestyles of its members both during and after their sports career. www.alliedathletegroup.com
  2. 2. Life is about patterns and pattern recognition. Over my football career I have gained a strong awareness of pattern and repetition within the sports arena. Every year athletes go through the same ritual. We train, we prepare and we play; only to do it all over again the following year. We all train hard and heighten our raw skills in the offseason but the successful athletes are the ones that can translate ability into skilled and controlled play on the field. The link that allows this to happen each season is the Playbook. The Playbook represents a tried and tested instrument that allows us to connect our skills and instincts to a strategy grown through decades of evaluation. Pattern break. When we are in the business world the playbook disappears, the structure is lost. We scramble, gamble and build our businesses off of raw skill and emotion. They fail. We fail. Time to reconnect to that playbook. Time to connect our competitive spirits, marketability and capital to platforms that allow us to play to our strengths. Franchising provides that playbook. Time to reconnect and succeed. - Michael Stone CEO – Allied Athlete Group
  3. 3. Franchise Summit 10’ The Summit: The 1st annual “Allied Athlete Group Franchise Summit” is primed to become a landmark event, when it comes to exposing athletes to viable business opportunities within the franchise world. IT WILL NOT BE A LARGE SCALE EXPO. The summit will The Reason: be an intimate opportunity for a small group of brands and athletes to connect. Partner(s): The Partnership: The International Franchise Association Hosting Committee: Stan Friedman - (CEO) ACI Franchising LLC. The Schedule: Nick Powills – (CEO) No Limit Meda Consulting Kay Marie Ainsley – (Managing Director) Michael H. Seid & Associates, LLC Geoff Hill – (VP) Roark Capital The Goal: Dates: July 12th – 14th The Call to Location: Action: Atlanta, Ga (Specific location available upon request) Next Steps:
  4. 4. Franchise Summit 10’ The Summit: The Reason: The statistics are alarming. 8 out of every 10 NFL athletes are financially strained 2 years after retiring from the game. The Partnership: Why: Poor Investment Decisions. The Schedule: Wealth before knowledge on how to manage wealth. Many athletes pursue start-ups which usually fail in general. The Goal: Facts: Only 15% of new businesses have a chance of survival. The Call to Action: By comparison, 80% of franchise based businesses have a chance of success. With proven business models and efficient operational methods, franchises offer solid case Next Steps: studies for creating long-term wealth. Executed successfully, we can help many professional athletes cross their personal financial rubicons.
  5. 5. Franchise Summit 10’ The Summit: The Reason: The Partnership: Allied Athlete Group in partnership with The International Franchise Association will seek out interested franchises from a variety of industries to participate in the summit. We are seeking a maximum of 5 brands to participate within the summit. This will The Schedule: provide a diverse structure with the intimacy of an elite college classroom. Sponsoring franchise brands will be provided 2 hotel rooms and a time alloted for a instore discovery session. The Goal: AAG will reach out to its network to draw a qualified and captive audience of professional athletes. Our plan is to allot 20 to 30 slots for the first athletes that The Call to Action: register for the franchise summit. Next Steps:
  6. 6. * This schedule is an initial buildout for the 3 day summit. I may be ammended based on circumstances . Franchise Summit 10’ Monday, July 12th , 2010 The Summit: 1pm – 6pm Registration and Hotel Check in | Athletes and their families check into their hotel rooms and register for the Summit. This is an opportunity for franchises to make their The Reason: initial introduction to the arriving athletes. 6pm – 7pm Welcome to Kickoff Dinner The Partnership: A dinner that emphasizes why we are here. Junior Bridgeman will deliver the keynote speech of the night. He retired from the NBA after 10 seasons in the league. Post professional The Schedule: athletics, Junior has become one of the premiere franchisees in the nation. His portfolio consists of 250 Wendy’s and 113 Chili’s restaurants. Junior is an advocate of athletes The Goal: succeeding in franchises and will hold a micro-internship at his company, Bridgefoods to further educate the athlete and their involvement within the franchise world. The Call to Action: 7pm – 7:45pm Round Table Panel Discussion | Athletes that currently own franchises. This panel will be composed of people that the Next Steps: group can relate to. 7:45pm – 8:30pm Introduction to the Franchises | Allow each franchise executive to introduce himself and open a brief moderated conversation.. A Coliseum Enterprises Event * Junior Bridgemans attendance is yet to be solidified.
  7. 7. * This schedule is an initial buildout for the 3 day summit. I may be ammended based on circumstances . Tuesday July 13th, 2010 Franchise Summit 10’ 8:00am Shuttle Departs The Summit: 8:30 – 9:30 Off – Site Franchise Visit “Franchise 1” Breakfast Discovery The Reason: 9:30am Shuttle Departs 10:00 – 11:00 Off – Site Franchise Visit “Franchise 2” The Partnership: 11:00noon Shuttle Departs The Schedule: 11:30 – 12:30 Off – Site Franchise Visit “Franchise 3” Lunch Discovery The Goal: 12:30pm Shuttle Departs 1:00 – 2:00pm Off – Site Franchise Visit “Franchise 4” The Call to Action: 2:00pm Shuttle Departs Next Steps: 2:30 – 3:30 Off – Site Franchise Visit “Franchise 5” 3:30pm Shuttle Depart for the Hotel 4:00pm – 6:00pm Break 6:00pm – 7:00pm Legal and Financial Dinner: Hosted by our Financial and Legal Partners.
  8. 8. * This schedule is an initial buildout for the 3 day summit. I may be ammended based on circumstances . Franchise Summit 10’ The Summit: The Reason: The Partnership: The Schedule: Wednesday July 14th, 2010 The Goal: 8am- noon Athlete Outing (optional)| A perfect time for the franchises to build rapport with the athletes in attendance. By pairing athletes with the executives of the represented brands, we The Call to Action: offer a true rapport building exercise that will allow the two to interconnect in a relaxed setting. Since many deals are made on the golf course, this may be one of the more Next Steps: important activities of the summit.
  9. 9. Franchise Summit 10’ The Summit: The Reason: The Partnership: The Schedule: The Goal: The mission of the “Allied Athlete Group Franchise Summit 10’” is to provide an educational platform for athletes interested in franchising. Allied Athlete Group is committed to providing its members with opportunities that will maximize their ability The Call to Action: to create generational wealth. In addition, our goal is to see the participating franchises succeed in expanding their brands with a highly sought after demographic. Many of our members have the capacity to be multi-unit owners and achieve wealth Next Steps: that is proportionate to their current salaries for a much longer time period. In essence, our goal is to connect two parties that compliment each other and create a platform for annual growth.
  10. 10. Franchise Summit 10’ The Summit: The Reason: The Partnership: The Schedule: The Goal: The Call to Action: Next Steps: For More Information Phillip Boykin | pboykin@alliedathletegroup.com | 866.378.1813 direct 404.983.7701