Stotras for boys and girls


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Stotras for boys and girls

  1. 1. *BHAJA GOVINDAM OF ADI SHANKARA* BHAJA GOVINDAM, BHAJA GOVINDAM GOVINDAM BHAJA MUDHAMATE SAMPRAAPTE SANNIHITE KALE NA HI NA HI RAKSHATI DUKRINKARANE Worship Govinda! Worship Govinda! Worship Govinda! Oh ignorant man, When the time to go is near, the rules of grammar, which you are trying to cram and master, will not protect you. Verse 1: DINAM-API RAJANI SAAYAM PRAATAH SHISHIRA-VASANTOW PUNARAAYAATAH KAALAH KREEDATI GACHCHATYAAYUH TADAPI NA MUNCHATHYAASAAVAAYUH Day and night, evening and morning, winter and spring, come again and again! Tim rolls on; life is spent; yet the wind of desire does not leave him. Verse 2: AGRE VAHNIH PRISHTE BHAANUH RAATHROW CHIUBUKA-SAMARPITA-JAANUH KARA-TALABHIKASHAS TARU-TALAVAASAH TADAPI NA MUNCHATYAASHAAPAASAH With a fire in front of him or the sun behind, huddled with his chin on his knees at night, he begs for food with only his bare hands. He lives under trees, yet the noose of desire does not leave him. Verse 3: YAAVAD-VITTOPAARJANA - SAKTHAH TAAVANNIJA-PARIVAARO -RAKTHAH PASCHAAD DHEEVATI JARJARA-DEHE VAARTHAM PRICHCHATHI KOPI NA GEHE As long as he is able to earn money, his relatives remain attached to him. Later, when he dodders with his decrepit body, not even the people in his own house ask for news of him. Verse 4: JATILO- MUNDI LUNCHITA-KESHAH KAASHAAYAAMBARA- BAHU-KRITA-VESHAH PASYANNAPI CHA NA PASYATI MOODHA HIUDARA-NIMITAM BAHU-KRITA-VESHAH With matted locks, a shaven head, or plucked hair, clad in many ways with ochre-dyed clothes, such fools can see but they do not see (the Truth). They are dressed in these different ways only for the sake of their stomachs. Verse 5: BHAGAVADGEETA KINCHIDADHEETAA GANGAA-JALA-LAVA-KANIKAA PEETAA
  2. 2. 2 SAKRIDAPI YASYA MURARI-SAMARCHAA TASYA YAMAH KIM KURUTE CARCAM If one has studied the Bhagawad Gita, even a little, or drunk the tiniest drop of the waters of the holy Ganges or only once worshipped Murari, what can Yama (the lord of death) say about him? Verse 6: ANGAM GALITAM PALITAM MUNDAM DASANAVIHEENAM JAATAM TUNDAM VRIDHDHO YAATI GRIHEETWA DANDAM TADAPI NA MUNCHATYAASHAAPINDAM When the body has drained, hair turned white, and a toothless mouth, the old man walks supporting himself on a stick, yet the meat of desire does not leave him. Verse 7: BAALAS-TAAVAT- KREEDAA- SAKTHAH THARUNAS-TAAVAT- THARUNEE- RAKTHAH VRIDDHAS-TAAVAT- CHINTHA-MAGNAH TASMIN BRAHIMANI KOPI NA LAGNAH In childhood, one is engaged in play; in Youth, one is attached to a young woman; in old age, one is burdened with anxiety; but no one is ever concerned with Brahman. Verse 8: PUNARAPI JANANAM PUNARAPI MARANAM PUNARAPI JANANEE- JATARE SAYANAM IHA SAMSAARE BAHU-DUSTAARE KRIPAYAA(A)PAARE PAAHI MURARE Born again, dying again, sleeping once again in a mother's belly - here in this endless ocean of samsara (the world), which is difficult to cross, protect me by your grace, O Murari. Verse 9: PUNARAPI RAJANI PUNARAPI DIVASAH PUNARAPI PAKSAH PUNARAPI MASAH PUNARAPYAYANAM PUNIRAPI VARSAM TADAPI NA MUNCATYASAMARSAM. Another night, another day, another two weeks, another month, another half a year, and another year (all pass by), yet the passion of desire does not leave you. Verse 10: VAYASI GATE KAH KAMA-VIKARAH SHUSHKE NEERE, KAH KAASAARAH NASTE DRAVYE KAH KASARAAH PARIVARO GYNATE TATWE KAH SAMASARAH When youth is gone, where is passion? Where the water dries up, can there be a lake? Where wealth is lost, where are one's relatives? When the Truth is known, where is this world?
  3. 3. 3 Verse 11: NAAREE -STHANA-BHARA NABHEEDESAM MITHYA- MAYA- MOHAVESAM YETAN- MAAMSA-VASAADI- VIKAARAM MANASI VICARAYA VAARAM- VAARAM A woman burdened with breasts and (the act of) entering below the navel are frenzied delusions brought on by deceitful Maya. Reflect in your mind again and again that these are only modifications of flesh, fat, and so on. Verse 12: KASTWAM KOHAM KUTA AAYAATAH KAA ME JANANEE KO ME TAATAH ITI PARIBHAVAYA SARVAM ASAARAM VISWAM TYAKTWAA SWAPNA-VICHAARAM Who are you? Who am I? From Where have I come from? Who is my mother, who is my father? In this way, think of everything as meaningless and renounce the world, knowing it to be just a dream. Verse 13: GEYAM GEETAA-NAAMA-SAHASRAM DHYEYAM- SHREEPATI-ROOPAM AJASRAM NEYAM SAJJANA-SANGE CHITTAM DEYAM DEENA-JANAAYA CHA VITTAM Recite the Gita; and the (Vishnu Sahasranama), meditate unceasingly on the form of the Lord of Shri Vishnu, direct your mind to the company of saintly beings, and give money to needy people. Verse 14: YAAVAJJIVO NIVASATI DEHE KUSHALAM TAAVAT PRICHCHATI GEHE GATAVATI VAAYO DEHAAPAAYE BHAARYA BIBHYATI TASMIN KAAYE The people in his house ask his well being as long as there is life in the body, but when the breath has left his dead body, even his wife is afraid of his corpse. Verse 15: SUKHATAH KRIYATE RAAMAABHOGAH PASCHADDHANTA SHAREERE ROGAH YADYAPI LOKE MARANAM SARANAM TADAPI NA MUNJCHATI PAAPAACHARANAM One who enjoys a beautiful woman with pleasure, but look - afterward one's body becomes diseased. Although death is the only refuge in this world, still one does not give up sinful conduct. Verse 16: RATHYAA-CHARPATA- VIRACHITA-KANTHAH PUNYAAPUNYA -VIVARJITA-PANTHAH NAHAM NA TVAM NAYAM LOKAS TADAPI KIM- ARTHAM KRIYATE SOKAH
  4. 4. 4 With his clothes made of cast-off rags from along the road, a monk follows the path that is beyond merit and demerit. Neither you nor I nor this world exist, so why should he grieve? Verse 17: KURUTE GANGAA-SAAGARA-GAMANAM VRATA-PARIPAALANAMATHAVAA DAANAM JNANA-VIHEENAH SARVAMATENA MUKTIM NA BHAJATI JANMA-SATENA One may go where the holy Ganges flows into the sea, observe vows, or give money in charity, yet by themselves these cannot release one without knowledge - even in a hundred lives. Verse 18. MOODHA JAHEEHI DHANAAGAMATRISHNAAM KURU SADBUDHIM MANASI VITRISHNAAM YALLABHASE NIJAKARMOPAATHAM VITHAM TENA VINODAYA CHITHAM (Refrain from Verse 1 to be sung after every verse...BHAJA GOVINDAM, BHAJA GOVINDAM..........) Oh, Fool! Give up your insatiable desire for earthly possessions; be sensible and develop serenity and contentment. Be satisfied and happy with whatever you may earn by the sweat of your brow and whatever has destiny marked for your lot. Verse19: NALINEEDALAGATHA JALAMATITHARALAM TADWAJJEEVITAMATHISHAYA CHAPALAM VIDDHI VYADHYABHIMAANAGRASTAM LOKAM SHOKAHATAM CHA SAMASTHAM The water droplet on the lotus leaf is tremulous and unsteady. So too is life, which is as uncertain. Know the body to be in the claws of disease, which may swallow it at any moment. Life is ultimately nothing but worry, misery and grief. Verse20: KAA TE KAANTAA KASTE PUTHRAH SAMSAROYAMATEEVA VICHITRAH KASYA TWAM KAH KUTHA AAYAATAH TATWAM CHINTHAYA TADIHA BHARATAH Who indeed is your beloved and who indeed is your son? Strange indeed are these family bonds; who belong to you and to whom you belong? Whence did you come, Oh brother! Reflect on the truth of it all. Verse21: SATSANGATWE NISSANGATWAM NISSANGATWE NIRMOHATWAM NIRMOHATWE NISCHALATATWAM NISCHALATATWE JEEVANMUKTHIH
  5. 5. 5 The company of the good weans one away from false attachments; when attachment is lost, delusion ends; when delusion ends, the mind becomes unwavering and steady. An unwavering and steady mind is merited for Jeevan Mukti (liberation even in this life). Verse 22: MAA KURU DHANAJANAYOUVANAGARVAM HARATI NIMESHAATKAALAH SARWAM MAAYAAMAYAMIDAMAKHILAM HITHWA BRAHMAPADAM TWAM PRAVISHA VIDITWA The pleasures and riches of worldly life are deceptive appearances. Understanding that they are all but a passing-show, be detached and dispassionate, cultivate renunciation and seek Brahman. Verse 23: KAA TE KAANTAA DHANAGATACHINTAA VAATULA KIM TAVA NAASTI NIYANTAA TRIJAGATI SAJJANASANGATIREKAA BHAVATI BHAVAARNAVATARANE NOUKAA Crazy man! Why do you worry so much about your wife and property? Why don't you seek out the Truth? Know that in these three worlds it is only the association with the good and holy that can help you in crossing safely the ocean of life. Verse 24: SURAMANDIRA TARUMOOLA NIVAASAH SAIYAA BHOOTALAMAJINAM VAASAH SARVAPARIGRAHA BHOGATYAAGAH KASYA SUKHAM NA KAROTI VIRAAGAH Who can disturb the peace and happiness of a man if he has the true spirit of renunciation and has controlled his desires, even if he be the poorest, sleeping only in the temple halls and choultries or under trees or on the bare ground and just with a deer skin to cover. Verse 25: YOGARATO VAA BHOGARATO VAA SANGARATO VAA SANGAVIHEENAH YASYA BRAHMANI RAMATE CHITHAM NANDATI NANDATI NANDATYEVA Whether one is immersed in yoga or is reveling in bhoga (i.e., outward enjoyment), whether he is enjoying himself in social company or has retired into solitude, true happiness certainly cannot be his; but who alone is reveling inwardly in Brahman, (wherever he be), he alone will be truly happy and will verily enjoy. Verse 26: TWAYI MAYI CHAANYATRAIKO VISHNUH VYARTHAM KUPYASI MAYYASAHISHNUH BHAVA SAMACHITTAH SARVATRA TWAM VANCHHASYASHIRAADYADI VISHNUTWA In you, in me and everywhere, there is but the one Vishnu. Mistakenly viewing me with a sense of difference, you are ill disposed towards
  6. 6. 6 me. Try to see in all beings only the Vishnu who is your own self. Give up your false and egoistic sense of separateness from other beings. Cultivate a sense of kinship, unity and oneness with all. Verse 27: SATROU MITRE PUTRE BANDHOU MAA KURU YATNAM VIGRAHASANDHOU SARVASMINNAPI PASYAATMAANAM SARVATROTSRIJA BHEDAAJNYANA Do not look at anybody in terms of friend or foe, brother or cousin; do not fritter away your mental energies in thoughts of friendship or enmity. Seeking the Self everywhere be amiable and equal-minded towards all, treating all alike. Verse 28: KAAMAM KRODHAM LOBHAM MOHAM TYAKTWAA TMAANAM PASHYATI SOHAM AATMAJNANA VIHEENAA MUDAAH TE PASYANTE NARAKANIGOODAAH Free yourself from lust, anger, greed and delusion. Contemplate on 'who you are'. Enquire within yourself, who am I? The fools who fail to apprehend the Self are caught in hell-fire even here and now itself and suffer torture. Verse 29: ARTHAMANARTHAM BHAAVAYA NITHYAM NAASTI TATAH SUKHALESAH SATHYAM PUTHRAADAPI DHANABHAAJAAM BHEETIH SARVATRAISHA VIHITA REETIH It is wealth only that causes all harm and brings about one's ruin. Bear this truth in mind always. Know that the pursuit of wealth does not lead one to happiness at all. The rich fear and are even afraid of their own sons. This is the outcome of riches anywhere and ever. Verse 30: PRAANAAYAAMAM PRATYAAHAARAM NITYAANITYA VIVEKAVICHAARAM JAAPYASAMETA SAMAADHIVIDHAANAM KURVAVADHAANAM MAHADAVADHAANAM Regulated breathing and sense control, discrimination between the Enduring and the fleeting, the Eternal and the transient, Japa and meditation, and submerging of the bodily and mental consciousness in the Consciousness of the Spirit, merging oneself into the total Inner Silence -- one must practice these with unrelenting fervor. Verse 31: GURUCHARANAAMBUJA NIRBHARABHAKTHAH SAMSAARAADACHIRAADHAVA MUKTHAH SENDRIYA MAANASA NIYAMAADEVAM DRAKSHYASI NIJAHRIDAYASTHAM DEVAM
  7. 7. 7 Surrender yourself to the Lotus Feet of the Guru; with your senses and mind disciplined, and freed from the shackles of Samsara you will behold the Lord who is seated in your heart. "SEEK GOVINDA, SEEK GOD, BHAJA GOVINDAM", IN THIS REFRAIN COMPRISING OF TWO WORDS, SRI SANKARA, HAS SUMMED UP IN A NUTSHELL AS IT WERE, THE ENTIRE PREACHING OF VEDANTA AND RELIGION FOR THE REDEMPTION OF MANKIND. IT GIVES US THE KEY FOR ENTERING INTO THE REALM OF BLISS, THE ABODE OF GOVINDA AND FOR TERMINATING THE MISERY OF LIFE WE ARE IN AT PRESENT. Vishnu Shatpadi Author: śankarācārya avinayamapanaya viṣṇo damaya manaḥ śamaya viṣayamṛgatṛṣṇām | bhūtadayāṃ vistāraya tāraya saṃsārasāgarataḥ || 1 || divyadhunīmakarande parimaḷaparibhogasaccidānande | śrīpatipadāravinde bhavabhayakhedacchide vande || 2 || satyapi bhedāpagame nātha tavā‌உ haṃ na māmakīnastvam | sāmudro hi taraṅgaḥ kvacana samudro na tāraṅgaḥ || 3 || uddhṛtanaga nagabhidanuja danujakulāmitra mitraśaśidṛṣṭe | dṛṣṭe bhavati prabhavati na bhavati kiṃ bhavatiraskāraḥ || 4 || matsyādibhiravatārairavatāravatā‌உ vatā sadā vasudhām | parameśvara paripālyo bhavatā bhavatāpabhīto‌உ ham || 5 || dāmodara guṇamandira sundaravadanāravinda govinda | bhavajaladhimathanamandara paramaṃ daramapanaya tvaṃ me || 6 || nārāyaṇa karuṇāmaya śaraṇaṃ karavāṇi tāvakau caraṇau | iti ṣaṭpadī madīye vadanasaroje sadā vasatu || Shiva Panchakshara Stotram Lyrics - Shiva Panchakshara Mantra Lyrics Nagendra haraya Trilochanaya, Basmanga ragaya maheswaraya, Nithyaya shudhaya digambaraya, Tasmai 'Na'karaya namashivaya. Mandakini salila chandana charchithaya, Nandeeswara pramadha nadha maheswaraya, Mandra pushpa bahu pushpa supoojithaya, Tasmai 'Ma'karaya namashivaya. Shivaaya gowri vadanara vinda, Sooryaya daksha dwara naasakaya, Sri neela kantaya vrisha dwajaya, Tasmai 'Si'karaya namashivaya. Vasishta kumbhodhbhava gowthamadhi. Munendra devarchitha shekaraya,
  8. 8. 8 Chandrarka vaiswanara lochanaya, Tasmai 'Va'karaya namashivaya. Yaksha swaroopaya jada dharaya, Pinaka hasthathaya sanathanaya, Divyaya devaaya digambaraya, Tasmai 'Ya'karaya namashivaya. Phalasruthi Panchaksharamidham punyam, Ya padeth Shiva sannidhou, Shivaloka maapnothi, Shive na saha modathe. Hanumath Pancharatnam Veethakhila vishayecham, Jathanandaasru pulakamathyacham, Seethapathi dhoothakhyam, Vathathmajamadhya bhavaye hrudhyam. I think about the son of Vayu in my mind, Who is devoid of all desires of enjoyment, Who sheds copious tears of joy, Whose hair stands erect at His thought, And who is the great emissary of the Lord of Sita Tharu aruna Muka kamalam, karuna rasa poora poorithapangam, Saajeevanamaasase manjula mahimana manjana Bhagyam. All my life I yearn to see that Hanuman, Who is the good fortune of Anjana, Whose face is as red as the rising Sun, Whose glances are full of the mercy, Who brought back the dead in the battle, And whose fame is great. Sambhara vairi saradhigamambudala vipula lochanadhaaram, Kambu gala niladishtam bimba jwalithoshta mekamalambhe My only refuge is Hanuman, Who had reddish lips like the Bimba fruit, Who is the enemy of the arrows of Manmatha, Who has broad eyes like lotus leaves, And whose neck is like a conch. Dhoorikrutha seetharthi, prakati krutha Rama Vaibhava spohoorthi, Daritha dasa mukha keerthi, puratho mama bhathu Hanumatho Murthy. Let the form of Hanuman, Which drove away the sorrow of Sita, Which made known the prowess of Rama, And which destroyed the fame of ten headed Ravana, Shine before me. Vanara nikaradhyaksham, dhanava kula kumudha ravikara sadruksham, Dheena janavana dheeksham pavana paka ambuja madraksham. I Saw Lord Hanuman, Who is the result of penance of God of wind, Who is the leader of all monkeys,
  9. 9. 9 Who is similar to the Sun God to water lily, To the hoards of Rakshasas, And who is he protector of the suffering humans. Ethath pavana suthasya stotram, Ya patathi pancha rathnakhyam, Chiramiha nikhilan bhogan bhukthwa, Sri Rama Bhakthiman Bhavathi. He who reads these five gems, Which are the poems of praise of, The son of God of wind, Would become a devotee of Lord Rama, And would enjoy his life for a long time. Sri Annapurna Ashtakam Lyrics – Nithyaananda kari,Varaa abhya karee, Soundarya rathnaakaree, Nirddhotahakila ghora pavaanakaree, Prathyaksha Maheswaree, Praaleyachala vamsa pavavakaree, Kasi puraadheeswaree, Bhikshaam dehi, krupaa valambana karee, Mathaa Annapurneswaree. Naana rathna vichitra bhooshana karee, Hemaambaradambaree, Mukthaa haara vilamba maana vilasa, Dwakshoja kumbaan dharee, Kasmeera garu vasithaa ruchi karee, Kasi puraadheeswaree, Bhikshaam dehi, krupaa valambana karee, Mathaa Annapurneswaree Yogaanandakaree ripu kshyakaree, Dharman artha nishtaakaree, Chandrarkaanala bhasa maana laharee, Trilokya rakshaa karee, Sarvaiswarya samastha vaanchithakaree, Kasi puraadheeswaree, Bhikshaam dehi, krupaa valambana karee, Mathaa Annapurneswaree Kailaasaachala kandharaa laya karee, Gowree , umaa sankaree, Kaumaree nigamartha gochara karee, Omkara beejaksharee, Moksha dwaara kavata patana karee, Kasi puraadheeswaree, Bhikshaam dehi, krupaa valambana karee, Mathaa Annapurneswaree Drusyaa drusya vibhootha vahana karee, Brhmaanda bhando dharee, Leelaa nataka suthra kelana karee, Vijnana deeptham guree, Sree viswesa mana prasaadhana karee, Kasi puraadheeswaree, Bhikshaam dehi, krupaa valambana karee, Mathaa Annapurneswaree
  10. 10. 10 Urvee sarva janeswaree bhagawathee, Maatha krupaa sagaree, Venee neela samaana kunthala dharee, Ananda dhaneswaree, Sarvanandakaree bhayaa shubhakaree, Kasi puraadheeswaree, Bhikshaam dehi, krupaa valambana karee, Mathaa Annapurneswaree Aadhi kshaantha samastha varna nikaree, Shabho tribhaava karee, Kasmeeraa tripureswaree trilaharee, Nithyaamakuree sarvaree, Kamaa kamksha karee janodhaya karee, Kasi puraadheeswaree, Bhikshaam dehi, krupaa valambana karee, Mathaa Annapurneswaree Devee sarva vichitra rathna rachithaa, Dakshayanee sundaree, Vama swadu payodhara priyakaree, Sownhagya maaheswaree, Bhakthaabhishtakaree, sadaa shubhakaree, Kasi puraadheeswaree, Bhikshaam dehi, krupaa valambana karee, Mathaa Annapurneswaree Chandrakaanala koti koti sadrusaa, Chandramsu bhimbaan dharee, Chandrakaagni samaana kunthala dharee Chandrarka varneshwaree, Maala pustaka pasasangusa dharee, Kasi puraadheeswaree, Bhikshaam dehi, krupaa valambana karee, Mathaa Annapurneswaree Kshatrathraanakaree, mahaa bhayakaree, Mthaa krupaa sagaree, Sakshaan mokshakaree sadaa shiva karee, Visweshwaree sridharee, Daksha krundha karee niraa mayakaree, Kasi puraadheeswaree, Bhikshaam dehi, krupaa valambana karee, Mathaa Annapurneswaree Annapurne sadaa purne, Sankara praana vallabhe, Jnana vairagya sidhyartham, Bikshaa dehee cha parvathy. Mathaa cha Parvathy Devi, Pithaas cha Maheswara Bandhawa Shiva Bhakatamscha, Swadesho Bhuvana Trayam.