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Using email keynote 2010


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Using email keynote 2010

  1. 1. email
  2. 2. What do we use email
  3. 3. Step one Go to Click on the link on the home page it says: click here for Tallis lab email
  4. 4. Step two type your username here to start with, everyone’s click password is password here
  5. 5. Step three type your password again enter the squiggly letters click to prove you are not a here computer
  6. 6. Step four choose English U.K. enter the squiggly letters to prove you are not a computer click here
  7. 7. Step five click on settings
  8. 8. Step six click on accounts
  9. 9. Step seven click on change password
  10. 10. Step type in password eight think of a new password it must be easy to remember type your new password in again click here. Your new password is set