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Narrowcast & broadcast


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Narrowcast & broadcast

  1. 1. Broadcast or narrowcast?WHY DO YOU THINK THIS?Anyone Teenseveryone and overAnyone Older mans mostly alsoworldwide a lots about busnessAnyone Manin andengland womananyone fan ofover 12 art
  2. 2. Type of programmes – and some examples… What could you say about the shows on the channel? They have Crime Programme comedy programme They have diy sos and top gear , old comedy they always , gavin and stacey They have repeat and extrem move programme : They show over Come dine wit history channel They have It about home me It all about chelsea people can use britain flower home programme
  3. 3. The channel really for female
  4. 4. Choose 3 channels – and define the target audience – using CARGEL – explaining WHY Look at the programme listingsyou think they are the target audience… to help you and think about the name of the channel 1. 2. 3. Watch Gold Dave Class = all Class = B,C1,C2,D Class = B,C1 , C2, D Age= 15-30 and E and E If people miss Age = 15-60 Age = 18-50 programme can watch Aimed all group All group aimed for because repeat shows male and female male but female also aimed for male and and many repeats watch female Your 3 Channel’s NARROWCAST to A NICHE audience – try to explain what this means Narrowcast means a specific audience either age group or mostly for men or people who like cooking eg – The food channel is for people who like good food , cooking , baking etc. Home shows more repeat than dave. Gold is repeat of comedy shows and older programmes like only fools and horse . This is aimed at people who remember the old programme , a target audience of people aged from young to old.
  5. 5. Why do they show the same Can you think of any other channels What are the strengths andprogrammes day in day out? that narrowcast – to niche audiences weaknesses of a ‘niche’ TV channel? Because it is cheap A niche audience is and they are repeat It is targeted at teenagers strong to it target made by the BBC. and young people who like audience. MTV base BBC & Virgin media hip hop and RNB music . It will have a lot of own uktv. Money is would not appeal to the teenagers and young made from advert older generation so people people watching it . both male and female and However , it only has target audience age 15-25 that type of audience, so they maybe don’t have enough viewers in the daytime when teenagers are at school or work .
  6. 6. To conclude - explain how these channels (DAVE, GOLD etc) appeal to different ranges of audience than the films wehave already looked at - even though arguably they are all “mainstream”. How are they able to do this?(Cheaper, repeats, no production costs) Because these channels on UKTV are on freeview so they are free to watch . Many of the channels show repeats of people favourite programmes . UKTV has a variety of channels for different target audiences . Eg “ Home” for people that like DIY and decorating. Food for people who like cooking it is cheap for UKTV to produce repeats and and rely on money made from adverts. All the channels on UKTV have a wide range of different audience .Some of you should attempt to comment critically - i.e. is a ‘niche’ TV channel a good idea? Why & why not?A niche TV channelis a good idea because it appeals to it target audience. When there isnot much on the main channels most of the niche channels are on freeview . Davechannel appeals to men for programmes like top gear , dragons den etc it would notappeal tomany woman especially younger aged females. Eden channel will only appeal topeople who like gardening , chelsea flower shows and animal documentaies . So there is
  7. 7. THE CHANNELS SHOW THE SAME TYPE OF PROGRAMMES BECAUSE THEY ARETRYING TO APPEAL TO A SMALL AUDIENCE THAT LIKES SPECIFIC PROGRAMMES –KNOWN AS A “NICHE” AUDIENCE. THEY ARE “NARROWCASTING” THEPROGRAMMES TO A NICHE AUDIENCE.DEFINITIONS:NICHE AUDIENCEWhen a TV show (or website or magazine or radio station) is aimed at a person’sindividual interests - they are said to be a “niche” audience. It appeals to a niche orsmall or specialist audience.NARROWCAST To transmit programmes (especially by cable / satellite television) confined to theinterests of a specific group of viewers, subscribers, or listeners, such as businesspeople, or teenagers.This is the opposite to BROADCAST - e.g. Eastenders appeals to a wide audience (ithas 80 year old and 16 year old characters, of different classes and different ethnicgroups) of 8 million per episode - therefore it is “broad”cast. Appealing to a wide(broad) audience.