Dayo year 11


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Dayo year 11

  1. 1. Broadcast or narrowcast?WHY DO YOU THINK THIS?
  2. 2. Type of programmes – and some examples… What could you say about the shows on the channel? All channel should have subtitle all the time everyday. All channel show Dly sos disaster load repeated. houseThey have old police andcrime in post. There will be few Glomar girl comedy show onThere have repeated all live and go onover again also it boring laugh dailyall the time Food have money food program to watch and come Dave have about Gardeners world dine with me on food channel business on it that Animal Man vs. Food would aims men to watch that channel Watch have some bit Like top gear and movie watch on sky TV Gavin and Stacey my family
  3. 3. Choose 3 channels – and define the target audience – using CARGEL – explaining WHY Look at the programme listingsyou think they are the target audience… to help you and think about the name of the channel 1. 2. 3. Your 3 Channel’s NARROWCAST to A NICHE audience – try to explain what this means
  4. 4. Why do they show the same Can you think of any other channels What are the strengths andprogrammes day in day out? that narrowcast – to niche audiences weaknesses of a ‘niche’ TV channel?BBC and virgin media own UKTV they rely Aljazeera is narrowcast and a niche A niche channel is strong to the targeton money from advert they show a lot audience as it is only of interest to Asian audience that it attracts as people allBBC repeat to save money. people and Muslims have different interest. It is weak because it will only ever have a certain amount of viewers so viewing number will never be high like BBC1 or ITV.
  5. 5. To conclude - explain how these channels (DAVE, GOLD etc) appeal to different ranges of audience than the films wehave already looked at - even though arguably they are all “mainstream”. How are they able to do this? (Cheaper,repeats, no production costs)Some of you should attempt to comment critically - i.e. is a ‘niche’ TV channel a good idea? Why & why not?
  6. 6. THE CHANNELS SHOW THE SAME TYPE OF PROGRAMMES BECAUSE THEY ARETRYING TO APPEAL TO A SMALL AUDIENCE THAT LIKES SPECIFIC PROGRAMMES –KNOWN AS A “NICHE” AUDIENCE. THEY ARE “NARROWCASTING” THEPROGRAMMES TO A NICHE AUDIENCE.DEFINITIONS:NICHE AUDIENCEWhen a TV show (or website or magazine or radio station) is aimed at a person’sindividual interests - they are said to be a “niche” audience. It appeals to a niche orsmall or specialist audience.NARROWCAST To transmit programmes (especially by cable / satellite television) confined to theinterests of a specific group of viewers, subscribers, or listeners, such as businesspeople, or teenagers.This is the opposite to BROADCAST - e.g. Eastenders appeals to a wide audience (ithas 80 year old and 16 year old characters, of different classes and different ethnicgroups) of 8 million per episode - therefore it is “broad”cast. Appealing to a wide(broad) audience.