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Changing student email passwords


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Changing student email passwords

  1. 1. Changing Tallis Lab email passwords
  2. 2. Go to and click the link to take you to Tallis Lab email page
  3. 3. Enter username. For students this is first letter of their first name and their surname as it appears on the register. So Nobby Stiles would enter nstiles into the username panel. For new users the password is password. The first time they log in they will need to complete squiggly letters
  4. 4. You should now be in your inbox All staff have admin privileges. Get you! Click on “Manage this domain”
  5. 5. Type the name of the student you are looking for into the dialogue box Click “Search accounts”
  6. 6. Click on the name of the student you are looking for
  7. 7. Click on “Change password” to change student’s password