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Back to school night 2013


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Back to school night 2013

  1. 1. 2012-2013
  2. 2.  Parents and teacher as a team: Parents are a child’s first and most influential teacher.  Fair and consistent expectations and consequences  Effort  Respect  Classroom Dynamic: Learning should be serious and fun.
  3. 3.  Study skills, reading, spelling, writing, grammar, math, computers, social studies, science, and enjoyment of learning  Responsibility - taking responsibility for actions/consequences, be on time, turn in work on time, working out social problems, participation, doing homework  Directions / Communication - written and oral  Independence - doing homework, bringing needed materials to school, and social interactions
  4. 4.  Concentrating on writing across the curriculum.  Using informational text in reading.  Emphasis on multiple methods in mathematics.  Focusing on conceptual understanding of mathematics.
  5. 5. Reading  Treasures  Various core literature books  Silent Sustained Reading  Book Reports  Oral Presentations  Read Alouds  Vocabulary  Small group instruction
  6. 6. Writing  Opinion Pieces  Informative/ Explanatory Texts  Narratives  Clarity and Focus in writing  Writer’s Workshop  Publishing pieces using technology  Research Projects
  7. 7.  Students create interactive math notebooks of important concepts and terms.  Addition and Subtraction Facts:Students MUST know these by now. Math will be VERY difficult if they are not proficient  Multiplication & Division Facts: Practice on a Daily basis  Decimals, Fractions, Algebraic thinking, and Geometry Math
  8. 8. Earth Science Planets and space Weather and climate Life Science The Human Body Physical Science Atoms and molecules Science
  9. 9. Branches of the government Early explorers Settling the colonies The American Revolution The Constitution Westward expansion 50 State Capitols
  10. 10.  Physical Fitness Test  Run  Push ups  Crunches
  11. 11. Reading Log (PARENT SIGNATURE): 30 minuts 5x a week 1 paragraph response Vocabulary/Spelling Contract(PARENT SIGNATURE ): 1 vocabulary and 1 spelling assignment every night: Math: 1 sheet a night Unfinished classwork assigned as homework. Missing assignment sheet goes home on Fridays.