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Postwar social changes


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Postwar social changes

  1. 1. Postwar Social Changes
  2. 2. The Roaring Twenties Jazz Age Flappers Prohibition Speakeasies
  3. 3. New Literature T.S. Eliot- The Waste Land Ernest Hemingway- The Sun Also Rises F Scott Fitzgerald- The Great Gatsby Gertrude Stein- prominent Americanfemale writer called these men “the lostgeneration”
  4. 4. The Harlem Renaissance African Americancultural awakening Writers and artistsexpressed culturalpride James WeldonJohnson, Zora NealHurston, Langston
  5. 5. New Science Marie CurieRadioactivity EinsteinTheories of Relativity Alexander FlemingPenicillin Sigmund FreudPsychoanalysis
  6. 6. New Art Styles Cubism Picasso, Braque Abstract Kandinsky, Klee Dada- no sense or truth in the world Arp, Earnst Surrealism- unconscious mind, rejected rationalthought Dali
  7. 7. Dada- Arp
  8. 8. Cubism- Picasso
  9. 9. Abstract- Klee
  10. 10. Surrealism- Dali