Communism spreads in east asia


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Communism spreads in east asia

  1. 1. Ch. 30, sec. 3
  2. 2.  After WWII, Chinese Civil War Communist vs. Nationalists Communists won, led byMao Zedong Reasons for Communist victory Popularity with peasants-land redistribution Ended oppression fromlandlords Decreased taxes on the poor Chinese Communists conquerTibet in 1959
  3. 3.  Chinese govt. discouragedBuddhism andConfucianism Govt took property fromlandlords and businessowners Some Chinese middle classcitizens were opposed tothe communist revolution Beaten, sent to labor camps,killed Built dams and factories Collectivization- poolingpeasant land/labor toincrease productivity
  4. 4.  1958-1960 Mao-Zedong’s program to increaseoutput and productivity Urged people to increase farmingefforts Set up communes “Great Leap” failed No individual incentive Less production Famine 55 million starved to death 
  5. 5.  1966- plan to purge China of“bourgeois” tendencies Encouraged younggenerations to experiencerevolution Red Guards Groups of teens Attacked those considered“bourgeois” “little red book”- Quotationsfrom Chairman Mao Zedong
  6. 6.  China and Soviets wereloose allies Mistrust, border disputes 1960- Soviets withdraw allaid to China U.S. saw the opportunity touse china to isolate theSoviet Union 1971-Allowed China toreplace Taiwan in the UnitedNations 1979- U.S. set up formaldiplomatic relations withChina
  7. 7.  Open your book to p. 802-803 Look at the series of maps at the bottom of thepage
  8. 8.  Read War Comes to Korea and Two Koreas onp. 803-805 and answer the following questionsin your notes: What types of governments did North and SouthKorea have? What countries supported either side? Who was Kim Il Sung? Who was Syngman Rhee? Why did China get involved in the Korean War? Compare/Contrast the economies of North andSouth Korea.