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Technology and truth a walker


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Technology and truth a walker

  1. 1. Subversive culture shift.
  2. 2. Digital Natives and Immigrants Children are born into a rapidly developing technological society. The language associated with it is native to them. Oldies speak with “thick” accents.
  3. 3. Effect on culture Visual/ image based society Decentralization of authority Sense of community has changed to engagement in an isolated environment Instant gratification Time poor Narcissism – world as audience
  4. 4. Christian Education? What technologies do we embrace? Are they neutral/ good/ bad? Technology: Death of Education but growth of learning (Stephen Heppell) Chalk/ slate; quill/ paper; pencil; biro; computers 3 Rs being replaced by 3 Es: Exploration; Expression; Exchange
  5. 5. Worldview As educators we need to be part of the shaping of our cultureSO...“common grace”BUT..Creation/ Distortion/ Redemption/ Recreation
  6. 6. Cultural shift Technology shapes culture is not just a product of it Comes with hidden seductions – informationism, narcissism Introduction of telegraph, making communication faster than physically humanly possible has changed the character of society into ‘one neighbourhood’
  7. 7. Idolatry Take a good thing and make it an end in itself; an ultimate thing Intimacy of human contact becomes voyeurism Loss of ability to discern between value/ valueless Knowledge about rather than knowledge of Access is more important than understanding Everything is being decontextualised: from real, physical experience to virtual
  8. 8. Truth or truthiness? Defined as what we wish were true, not necessarily what is factually true. Children have moved from a thick world of context consisting of several layers to a very broad but superficial (thin) one. i.e. Social networking. Immediate, image based digital society How can we be good digital citizens? High view of truth based on God’s word Recognition and discussion of distortions present in culture, technologically based or otherwise Community/relational basis of God’s creation Beware of floating along with current trends, rather be a beacon of God’s standards and love in a fallen world.
  9. 9. Technology in the classroom Engagement Differentiation Research Presentation ESL language dictation and interpretation IWBs, IPads, laptops , classroom computers WHY? Do our reasons reflect a Godly or worldly perspective? (consumerism, covetousness, keeping up with other schools in the area??)
  10. 10. Ongoing Staff Discussion What is Biblical teaching, what isn’t? How do we ensure our methodology and classroom management reflect Christ? What do we purposefully include in our programs that challenge the current view of self? Is our curriculum content arranged in such a way as to facilitate a logical reflection of a Creation/Fall/ Redemption paradigm? Can our curriculum be arranged differently to include ‘thick’ contextual and cultural issues that are true to Biblical truth but still cover necessary content?
  11. 11. Classroom Pedagogy Involve human interaction and relationship building activities, cooperative learning situations, celebrate and use individuals’ gifts and talents to produce differentiation in activities and assessment tasks? Include real experiences in everyday teaching, showing the interrelated nature of the world? Restorative nature of God within the community of relationships? How do we counteract the isolationist and superficial nature of the culture shift?